Chapter 191: Guan Yue Accepting the Challenge

Guan Yue finally realized that he was being challenged. He had already forgotten all his grudges and after thinking about it for a long time, he finally recalled something. The new disciple who challenged him seemed to have insulted him in the past. In a moment of rage, he called the merchant’s son a degenerate. However, shouldn’t one be aware of their own ability? What gave him the courage to challenge Guan Yue? Was it because of his rich family?

“If you don’t feel like going up, just refuse the challenge. Our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence isn’t some glamourous sect. It’s not worth your while to fight against that person.” Ying Lan saw Guan Yue’s expression of disbelief and assumed that Guan Yue wasn’t in the mood for a fight. He quickly gave Guan Yue a way out of the challenge.

“That’s right, Young Master Guan... With the likes of this person, you will be bringing down your own status regardless of the outcome. If you win, it will be because of an unfair advantage. If you lose, you will be seen as trash.” Meng Luoping chipped in and advised Guan Yue.

“All of you are right. However, if I refuse the challenge, I will be letting our Palace of Brilliance Resurgence down. From what I see, even if I refuse, there is no way he will let me walk away from this place.” Guan Yue was very moved when he saw that all of them were not forcing him to accept the challenge. Even if it meant disgracing the faction, none of them wanted Guan Yue to fall into a trap. It was too bad the merchant’s son wasn’t willing to allow him to walk away.

As soon as Guan Yue spoke, the merchant’s son started to insult him. “Didn’t you look down on me for being a merchant’s son? Take a look at yourself now. The clothes you wear are made from the same fabric as the cloth used to clean the latrines in my residence. How dare you appear before me? Weren’t you supposed to be very impressive? You can’t even enter the Phoenix King Valley and are hiding in your shell now… Are your parents tortoises? How did they give birth to a coward like you?!”

Bai Luochu felt a bad premonition rising in her heart. He was definitely insulting Guan Yue on purpose. Bai Luochu wasn’t worried about Guan Yue’s strength. When she thought about it, Guan Yue had always been proud and arrogant. If his mindset were to be affected by the insults, things would be bad.

Even though the merchant’s son had a bad temper and was an arrogant being, he calculated his every move before challenging Guan Yue. He knew about Guan Yue’s prideful personality and didn’t believe that Guan Yue would take the insults lying down. If Guan Yue would still cower and refuse the challenge, it meant that his judgement was wrong. Such a coward wasn’t worth his time anyway.

Ying Lan knew the meaning behind the merchant son’s actions and he quickly turned to look at Guan Yue. With veins bulging on his forehead and bloodshot eyes, Guan Yue’s face was completely red.

Ying Lan silently shook his head. He was afraid that there was no stopping Guan Yue this time. When Meng Luoping saw Guan Yue’s expression, a feeling of fear washed over him. He tugged at Guan Yue’s sleeves and tilted his head slightly towards Ying Lan.

Ying Lan patted on Meng Luoping’s hand. It was an indication that he was going to handle the matter himself. He turned and persuaded Guan Yue, “Guan Yue, you might be stronger than him, but you are no longer thinking straight. If you recklessly accept the challenge, you will be falling into a trap.”

Guan Yue heard Ying Lan’s advice and he calmed himself down. “I can’t reject the challenge after all the insults he threw at me. He even humiliated my parents. He crossed the line and there is no way I am letting him off.”

“But...” Ying Lan wanted to say something but was interrupted by Guan Yue.

“I know what you wish to say. You don’t need to persuade me anymore. If I win, I will still be a member of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. If I lose, I will return to my past identity as a descendant of a declined aristocratic clan. I will never bring shame onto the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence.”

“You know that is not what I mean.” Ying Lan looked at Guan Yue’s current mental state and felt rather surprised. Guan Yue was painstakingly recruited by his mistress. If he were to suffer such a huge setback now, how was he supposed to explain himself to Bai Luochu?

Guan Yue patted on Ying Lan’s shoulder. He knew that Ying Lan wasn’t someone who focused so much on the reputation of the sect.

“If you already know that I won’t care about the result of the fight, why are you still accepting the challenge?” Ying Lan didn’t give up.

A sinister smile slowly crept up Guan Yue’s face. “Why bother? If his parents can’t educate him, they can’t blame it on me for teaching their child some manners. Of course… I’m going to teach this brat how to behave as a decent human being!”

Guan Yue completed his sentence and flew up to the stage. None of them were able to react in time and by the time Meng Luoqing moved, Guan Yue was already standing on the stage.

Guan Yue still behaved elegantly and courteously. He didn’t start with a sneak attack nor did he start cursing. He greeted his opponent respectfully. “I pay my respects to my opponent.”

When that young man saw Guan Yue accepting his challenge, he laughed heartily. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The cowardly tortoise is finally willing to come out of his shell! Since you are here, don’t even think about walking out of this place alive!”

Before the words left his mouth, the young man had already started his attack. ‘Plop’. Guan Yue didn’t seem to move at all and if anything, he shifted a step to the left. The merchant’s son who issued the challenge fell onto the ground behind him.

Everyone saw Guan Yue straighten his body as he turned to speak to the young man. “There is a saying, ‘There can never be too much deception in war’. I won’t blame you for attacking me suddenly. Consider this a gift. It won’t be so easy from now on and I shall allow you to stand up before making my first move. Some people here might say that I am taking advantage of you if I make a move now.”

Bai Luochu realized that the angrier Guan Yue was, the sharper his words. Every word seemed to pierce into his opponent’s heart...

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