Chapter 190: Take the Initiative

The elder was shocked when a new disciple of the Phoenix King Valley spoke up.

“Elder, as the first ranker of this disciple selection, I cannot allow things to go on like this. Up till now, no one issued me a challenge. In order to make the event more lively, I would like to take the initiative to challenge someone. What do you think?”

“This...” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was at a loss for words. He had been in the Phoenix King Valley for many years now and never once did a disciple issue a challenge to the guests. According to the long standing rules, if he were to allow this, he would violate the rules of the valley.

“Elder, I don’t see why this cannot work. It has always been people challenging you, but never the Phoenix King Valley challenging others. Let us witness the power of the Phoenix King Valley! Isn’t that the wish of everyone present?” There was a meddlesome person in the crowd who started heckling after the disciple’s suggestion. He was screaming for the elder to accept the disciple’s suggestion, but most of the people in the crowd were familiar with the Phoenix King Valley and didn’t wish to make things difficult for the elder. Even though they had been making lots of noise, there were some of them who felt that the disciple’s suggestion was going against the rules.

The elder was placed in an awkward situation and had no choice but to turn everyone down tactfully. “This old one is afraid that I cannot agree. This doesn’t comply with the rules set by our ancestors. It will be a disgrace to them if we change the rules now. Furthermore, if our disciples injure others, there are some who will say that we are using our influence to oppress the common people.”

Some people in the crowd started to clamor. It seemed as though they weren’t going to let the matter rest if the elder didn’t allow the disciples to challenge others. The Phoenix King Valley Elder was starting to suspect if they were simply here to cause trouble… What are they doing? Are they planning to go against the Phoenix King Valley?

Feng Wan’er’s feminine senior brother saw the situation and immediately said to the Phoenix King Valley Elder, “Elder, why don’t you consider it. This disciple is the son of the Cloud Water Nation’s greatest merchant. His father controls half the Cloud Water Nation’s economy. Why not play along with him? If you continue to reject the suggestion, he might even complain to his father.”

Seeing as the elder was still hesitating, the senior brother continued to push for his agreement. “Elder, you don’t need to think about it anymore. The other sects are looking at us. A challenge is a challenge. It doesn’t matter who is the challenger. With us watching by the side, nothing will go wrong. Even if that child is reckless and merciless, we will still be able to hold him back. Even if we take a step back and allow someone to die, we can punish him in front of everyone and appease him back in the valley. Won’t you be able to provide an explanation either way? No matter what, it doesn’t seem like we are on the losing end. Don’t forget that our Phoenix King Valley has suffered a great loss during the Battle of Thousand Brilliance. How much cultivation resources have we plundered from other sects? With the support of this brat’s father, we will be able to obtain an endless supply of resources! I hope Elder will be able to look at the bigger picture. Don’t lose the opportunity placed in front of us because of some rules set by the older generation.”

The elder frowned slightly and felt that the words were jarring to the ears. However, when he thought it through, he felt that the suggestion was rather reasonable. The rules set by the ancestors had been passed on for a few thousand years. Nothing would change if they didn’t modify it. Since that was the case, nothing was stopping him from making an exception. It would also make the competition much more interesting. Of course, the most important thing was to appease the young ancestor who made the suggestion.

“Since everyone is so passionate, this old one has no excuse to refuse. If I insist on refusing, I will just be disappointing everyone.”

There was an uproar after hearing the response. Apart from those who started the heckle, the rest of the people disagreed. Were they going to change the rules set down by their ancestors just because the brat had a rich father?

Even though he made an exception, he still had to warn the kid. “Kid, you better consider it carefully. Are you sure you want to challenge others?” It was a clear warning for the disciple who wanted to issue the challenge.

In the end, the merchant’s son was a proud and arrogant brat. Since he already had a target to challenge, he wasn’t going to allow his target to leave the practice grounds. Even if he killed his target, his father would be able to solve everything by throwing some money to appease the crowd.

“Elder, I will not regret my decision. We have to show them the difference between a commoner and a member of our Phoenix King Valley.”

“Alright then. Remember, no lethal moves. If anything happens, I will not let you off lightly. The match shall be decided when one party admits defeat. Do not try to show off and strive for victory. Do you understand?” The elder reminded the new disciple.

With hot blood running through his veins, how could the merchant’s son bother with the elder’s warning? A sinister smile appeared on his face and he thought that it was a waste of time for the elder to speak so much.

The new disciples’ gaze were filled with disdain as they looked at how the merchant’s son was behaving so arrogantly. After all, all of them knew how he obtained the title of first ranker. Someone even grumbled, “Number 1 new disciple, number 1 at squandering money. Certainly the first ranked school fees payer.”

It was too bad the merchant’s son was too focused on his target to hear the complaints.

“I want to challenge him!” This young man pointed at a seat in the audience and said firmly.

Bai Luochu looked at his target and she couldn’t control her laughter.

“What are you laughing at? This is the first time the Phoenix King Valley made an exception to the rules. How can you laugh when everyone is so serious?” Pei Qingfeng heard Bai Luochu’s sudden burst of laughter and felt extremely confused.

Bai Luochu raised her brows and explained, “Why can’t I laugh at a clown? You better watch carefully. A good show is about to happen soon.”

Bai Luochu wasn’t the only person to laugh in the crowd. Ying Lan had also burst out laughing. He thought that the Phoenix King Valley had truly declined. Why in the world did they accept such a foolish new disciple? He could have challenged anyone but he picked someone from the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. Well, that wasn’t all. He even had to pick the member whose strength was only second to Ying Lan. Tsk tsk tsk, this guy definitely had sh*t for brains.

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