Chapter 189: Second Round

“Tsk tsk tsk, the Phoenix King Valley is really brilliant at brainwashing their new disciples. What nonsense. After entering the valley, only the inner valley disciples can be considered humans.” Pei Qingfeng commented with disdain.

It was rare for Bai Luochu to agree with Pei Qingfeng. Instead of criticizing him, she agreed with him, “Isn’t that right. Previously, weren’t the outer valley disciples angry because of the unfair distribution of cultivation resources? That was the reason the Green Flame Eagle’s plan was leaked. Seems like the elder hasn’t learned his lesson. The Phoenix King Valley might even be destroyed due to its internal strife. Why are they even segregating these people into so many ranks? These young people are so unfortunate.”

Pei Qingfeng laughed lightly in response, “Ha, why do you seem like an old woman looking at a bunch of kids? You are not behaving like a young lady at all.”

Bai Luochu rolled her eyes at Pei Qingfeng. “Don’t look down on me! Because I wasn’t able to cultivate, I endured bullying and humiliation from everyone around me. I saw through the fickle mindedness of human nature. This huge pie in front of the Phoenix King Valley… How much will be distributed to the new disciples? If it isn’t enough, these new disciples aren’t people to be trifled with. The Phoenix King Valley is bound to suffer.”

Pei Qingfeng enjoyed how Bai Luochu referred to themselves as ‘we’. He found another interesting topic to bring up but was interrupted by the elder. Pei Qingfeng almost ordered the execution of the Phoenix King Valley elder on the spot. He finally found the chance to speak to Bai Luochu properly and the elder had to interrupt them...

“After this short test, the highlight of the day will begin!”

Everyone apart from Bai Luochu were veterans who had attended plenty of disciple exhibitions. They were clear on the event flow and cheers broke out. The atmosphere climbed to the peak and everyone was riled up.

Bai Luochu might have heard about this, but she truly didn’t wish to cheer for the Phoenix King Valley. After all, they were groups of snakes and rats. She leaned back onto her seat and her indifferent expression reappeared on her face. Pei Qingfeng knew the grudge between Bai Luochu and the Phoenix King Valley and he didn’t join the cheers.

“If the written examination earlier was to test our new disciples’ reasoning and knowledge, we are going to test their combat experience next! Our new disciples will shine in the next segment! I declare the start of the second round!”

“The rules of the competition are the same as all the previous competitions. All the participants that have failed the selection previously can issue a challenge to the new disciples who have yet to enter the valley. If they succeed in the challenge, they can replace their opponent. Of course, this is just a competition. No lethal moves can be used and no one is supposed to cripple their opponents. These rules apply to the new disciples and also the challengers. The Phoenix King Valley will have the authority to punish you. Is that understood?”

“This disciple understands!” The new disciples of the Phoenix King Valley stood behind the elder and responded loudly.

“Take a guess, will anyone go and issue a challenge?” Pei Qingfeng tilted his head and looked at Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu’s expression didn’t change and answered calmly. “Definitely. Think about it, how noble is the Phoenix King Valley in the eyes of these people? Even after the trouble I caused, they seem to be unaffected. In the eyes of these people, the strong ones in this world shall be respected, while a weak person like me shall be bullied. People will definitely challenge them with how spoilt Feng Wan’er is as a basis. There are some who still harbor hope and think they will be able to make use of this chance to enter the Phoenix King Valley. There are others who want to find out their weaknesses by challenging these new disciples. After all, with their lives and safety guaranteed, this is a rare opportunity to exchange moves with the disciples of the Phoenix King Valley. If they miss this chance, they will have to wait till the next selection.”

“Haha, good analysis. Since you are so smart, why don’t you act intelligently? You know that it would be useless for you to expose the truth, but you did it anyway. Aren’t you afraid of inviting disaster onto yourself?!” Pei Qingfeng was rather angry when he heard Bai Luochu’s opinion. He felt that she was acting too presumptuously.

“I have my reasons. The competition is starting, why don’t we pay some attention?” Bai Luochu quickly shifted the topic as she definitely couldn’t tell Pei Qingfeng that it was the deal she made with Pei Rumo. If Pei Qingfeng learned of it, it was hard to say if they would flip out at his own brother. The kinship of the imperial clan was already faint, she didn’t want to cause them to face each other with swords fully drawn.

The competition had started and there were countless battles going on. The Phoenix King Valley had separated the practice ground into three sections for the previous examination. Right now, the three sections were still being used. With three exciting matches taking place, everyone’s eyes were glued onto the battles.

As the competition carried on, the momentum started to die out. No one had succeeded in the battle.

In just two hours, no one else was left on the stage.

This situation was very common for the Phoenix King Valley. When all was said and done, if anyone could easily pull the Phoenix King Valley down from their rostrum, it would be a great humiliation.

No matter what, the elder had to offer everyone a chance. “Is there anyone else up for the challenge? Victory or defeat doesn’t matter. If you win, our Phoenix King Valley will welcome you with open arms, if you lose, you can use it as an opportunity to improve. It isn’t very often for such a chance to come by. All my young friends, it is better to be open-minded. You will be able to improve faster and progress in your cultivation.”

He wasn’t wrong, but those who couldn’t afford to lose the match cursed at the Phoenix King Valley for bragging so much.

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