Chapter 188: Double First Ranker

“Let’s go. Since we are already here, we should at least do something. You have already thoroughly offended the Phoenix King Valley. Don’t create anymore trouble. Moreover, I am a cripple now and someone has to push my wheelchair.” Pei Qingfeng might be asking Bai Luochu to push his wheelchair, but he had her interest in mind.

Bai Luochu understood what she had to do. It was good for her to take a look as well. She could see what kind of new disciples the Phoenix King Valley recruited. After all, only by knowing oneself and the enemy would one be able to win all battles. She was unable to confront the Phoenix King Valley now, but there was a day where she would fight them head on. It was better for her to start preparing herself.

As Bai Luochu thought about her plans, she pushed Pei Qingfeng onto the practice grounds.

“It has been a round… Is there nothing that catches your eye? As long as you feel that the answer is logical, you should pick it.” When Pei Qingfeng saw Bai Luochu’s grim expression, he felt that her expectations were too high. She is really difficult to please...

In fact, Bai Luochu wasn’t hard to deal with. However, all the answers reflected the Phoenix King Valley’s way of thinking. As a member of the evil dao, how could she agree with their viewpoints?

When she thought about randomly picking an answer, she looked up and found one that satisfied her.

This was a question about alchemy. The theory was completely different from the other answers that were praising the Phoenix King Valley to the high heavens. It was extremely impartial and had started the laws of heaven and earth, to the yin and yang. The five elements were properly described and the classics were quoted to support the answer. After reading through the script, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but say, “Orderly and distinct. The theory is logical, the calligraphy is also great. This will be my choice.” As soon as she spoke, she infused her spirit qi into the special spirit testing stone made by the Phoenix King Valley.

Before Pei Qingfeng could stop Bai Luochu, she had already completed her vote. Pei Qingfeng felt that he had probably wronged her in his past life. He had no choice but to vote for this person as well.

Even after the two of them voted, the light was extremely dim. Bai Luochu even suspected that the spirit testing stone was broken.

Pei Qingfeng saw through Bai Luochu’s thoughts and immediately explained, “This spirit testing stone isn’t malfunctioning. We are the only two people who voted for this answer.”

Bai Luochu was shocked. “Are all these people blind? What is so good about the other stupid answers? They are all copies of the same book. Human wisdom prevailing over nature… what a bunch of crap. Their theories aren’t even firm and they can’t even answer the question. Why are they getting the votes?” Bai Luochu looked around and noticed that some spirit testing stones were so bright they could pass off as a mini sun.

Pei Qingfeng could only shake his head silently. He thought that Luo Chu was slow in regards to relationships. He never expected her to possess such low emotional quotient as well. Pei Qingfeng was helpless and had to explain their actions, “My great aunt... this examination is hosted by the Phoenix King Valley. Even if our votes don’t matter, everyone will use this chance to suck up to the Phoenix King Valley. They are siding with the Phoenix King Valley by agreeing with those answers. Unless someone is a complete retard, they won’t go against the Phoenix King Valley…”

“Are you saying that I am a fool? Of course I am going to choose an answer I like! I’m not going against my conscience by voting for an answer to flatter the Phoenix King Valley.”

Pei Qingfeng’s brows were locked tightly together as he was troubled by Bai Luochu’s behavior. “That is not what I mean. Didn’t I accompany you to act like a fool?”

Pei Qingfeng casted his vote because of Bai Luochu. She already formed a grudge with the Phoenix King Valley and if she did something wrong once again, there was no way the members of the Phoenix King Valley would leave her alone. He had to vote for the same person as well in order to create an excuse for Bai Luochu. After all, he was a prince and the members of the Phoenix King Valley wouldn’t do anything to him. Why is she comparing myself to her?! I’m no fool! Pei Qingfeng felt wronged and a bitter feeling welled up in his heart.

The votes were completed in less than 10 minutes. Some of the people didn’t even look and had immediately cast their votes to the highly regarded new disciples. There weren’t many people who would look through all the answers like Bai Luochu.

After the votes were tallied, an awkward atmosphere filled the grounds. There were actually two individuals who got equal numbers of votes. Pei Qingfeng felt that if he didn’t cast his vote to protect Luo Chu, things wouldn’t turn out this way. In any case, Pei Qingfeng wasn’t going to look for trouble, he wanted to see how the Phoenix King Valley was going to deal with the matter.

It was obvious that the elder was placed in a difficult situation. There were some who suggested another round of tests, but there were others who objected to the delay.

The elder was an intelligent person and after thinking of the consequences, he thought of a solution to raise the Phoenix King Valley’s image.

“Everyone, this old one thinks that this is actually a good thing. In the past, there would only be one outstanding individual. Now, there are two of them. The other disciples don’t seem to be lacking in votes and it seems like our disciples this year are extremely talented! I declare that there will be two first rankers this year!”

There was another round of thunderous applause.

“Those who are unranked don’t need to worry. This examination is just a method to showcase your talents. Everyone will be treated equally back at the Phoenix King Valley. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can slack off. You still have to work hard to keep up with the others. All of you represent the future of the Phoenix King Valley. Do you understand?!”

“We understand! We will not let Elder down!”

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