Chapter 186: Opening the Curtains

"What about those experts who moved alone? Why are they gathering around the members of the Phoenix King Valley? They are even having such pleasant conversations... Aren't they lowering their own status?" Bai Luochu still couldn't understand the actions taken by various parties during the gathering. She constantly bombarded Pei Qingfeng with questions and he felt as though his head was about to blow up. "Since you have so many questions about the Phoenix King Valley's gathering, sit down and listen to my story. I will tell you everything you wish to know " Pei Qingfeng closed his folding fan and a rarely seen expression of solemness appeared on his face.

“The Phoenix King Valley’s disciple selection is a major event for them. One can even say that it is a major event involving the cultivation world. Even if the Phoenix King Valley usually does things in a despicable way, they are still one of the Three Great Immortal Sects. Their status is rather prestigious.”

“The Phoenix King Valley’s status in the world is the most important reason and if they refuse to show up, they will be asking for trouble. Also, there is a saying that goes ‘By knowing yourself and your enemy, you will ever be defeated’. All the orthodox sects came here with the same mindset. They are here to look at the standard of the new disciples to see if they will be able to challenge the Phoenix King Valley in the future. How can it be this simple? Can’t they use their brains a little and think about the possibilities?”

“There are several parties without backbone and they are here to admire the Phoenix King Valley. They are here to kiss up to the Phoenix King Valley in hopes of better days. As for those lone cultivators… Their lives are carefree and they are only here to obtain information regarding cultivation resources. The Phoenix King Valley is extremely despicable as they plunder resources incessantly. Apart from the other two Great Immortal Sects, everyone else is their target. The repulsive part is when they act like charitable saints to distribute resources to other cultivators. Most people here want to cling onto the Phoenix King Valley. Of course, those are mostly weak cultivators. For the true experts, they feel that the newly recruited disciples are the hope of the continent. Some of them are even here to seek a successor to inherit their legacy.”

“Do you understand now?”

Bai Luochu might have already heard about the disciple selection process since a long time ago. However, there was another saying that went ‘Seeing for oneself is better than hearing from others’. After seeing how influential the Phoenix King Valley really was, Bai Luochu realized that their reputation was rather prestigious. When Bai Luochu’s spirit was wandering the world, the Phoenix King Valley had indeed gotten even more shameless.

There were more people who arrived at the event and every single one of them was a well-known figure in the cultivation world. Bai Luochu remained calm and collected as she looked at the faction she created, the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence. Ying Lan had brought along ten individuals who failed the Phoenix King Valley’s selection. The silver-haired man was among them as well. To be really honest, they didn’t possess the qualifications to attend this meeting. Bai Luochu had always been a pragmatic person. She wouldn’t undervalue herself nor would she regard too highly of herself. Bai Luochu knew that her Palace Of Brilliance Resurgence still had a long way to go, but they were here to slap the faces of the new disciples of the Phoenix King Valley. There was no problem for these people to deliver a good hard hit to the Phoenix King Valley’s reputation.

When the Phoenix King Valley Elder saw that almost everyone had arrived, he immediately ordered for the gates to be closed. As the host, he walked to the middle of the practice grounds to announce the start of the event.

“It is an honor to be able to invite all of you here today. This old one will thank everyone in advance!” He bowed after speaking and everyone responded with a round of applause. They couldn’t possibly let the elder perform a solo act by himself.

“Today is the last day of my Phoenix King Valley’s disciple selection. According to the rules, we will not be recruiting new disciples today and instead, we will be giving the new disciples a chance to showcase their talents. The practice ground is the first step they will take into the cultivation world. The Phoenix King Valley has been around for a long time and we have been carrying on the tradition of nurturing guardians for this continent. The reason they are here is so that the various seniors can give them some pointers. If they are lacking in some areas, I hope that all of us will be able to enlighten them. This can serve as a kind of motivation for the new disciples as well.”

After hearing the speech, various sects on friendly terms with the Phoenix King Valley started to sing their praises. “Elder is too humble. The Phoenix King Valley is one of the Three Great Immortal Sects. Those who pass the test are naturally outstanding individuals of the junior generation. How can common folks like us give them pointers?”

When the elder heard the praises thrown his way, he was delighted. He responded with a laugh, “Hahaha, we are indebted to everyone’s praises. I hope the exhibition today will satisfy all of you!”

This speech was done brilliantly, but there were still plenty of people who weren’t convinced. The elder didn’t waste any more time and quickly started the exhibition in order to show off the Phoenix King Valley’s might.

The new disciples of the Phoenix King Valley were already eager for their turn. After all, this was the first time they were presenting themselves to the various cultivators on this continent. If they were able to prove themselves, their reputation would soar. Even though fame had its price, if they were to enter the Phoenix King Valley without any achievements, they would be letting down their families and the vast amount of effort poured into them.

“Next, I shall declare the start of the exhibition!” After the words left his mouth, another round of applause broke out. The thunderous applause caused everyone’s heart to surge with excitement.

Pei Qingfeng looked at Bai Luochu and noticed an indifferent expression on her face. “I have to say… you are really audacious for coming to this gathering even after sowing such a deep feud with the Phoenix King Valley. I thought you were going to be interested but here you are falling asleep. If you want to sleep, why don’t you stay at home? Isn’t the general’s residence a much safer place for you to sleep?”

Bai Luochu felt that Pei Qingfeng was really noisy and she glared at him. She didn’t understand why the cold and aloof Pei Qingfeng would be so talkative when he was around her.

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