Chapter 185: The Grand Recruitment

“This official son understands.” Pei Wuchen replied and was finally dismissed by the old emperor.

The Phoenix King Valley might have just been humiliated by the imperial clan at the feast, but they still had to prepare for the final day of the selection. After all, it was the most important day of the selection process.

The last day of the Phoenix King Valley’s disciple recruitment wasn’t a time for them to accept disciples. It was a day for the Phoenix King Valley to show off their newly recruited disciples.

It was an important event as there were other prestigious sects present. Initially, the Phoenix King Valley drafted a list of sects they would invite and they used a great deal of effort to come up with the list. It was easy to invite people but hard to decide who to invite. In the list, there were many sects friendly to the Phoenix King Valley. There were also some at odds with them. It wasn’t surprising for the Phoenix King Valley to invite supporters. After all, wouldn’t it be awkward for there to be a stale atmosphere?

The reason behind inviting the sects at odds with them… it was because the Phoenix King Valley was sure that they would cause some trouble at the contest stage. If that were to happen, conflicts would break out and the crowd would be in for a good show.

In the end, the Phoenix King Valley prepared their invitation cards and announced that they would show off their new recruits at the imperial clan’s practice grounds.

How would Bai Luochu miss the chance to mess with the Phoenix King Valley? She arranged for Ying Lan to obtain the invitation card after posing as a supporter. The Palace of Brilliance Resurgence thus found the chance to slap the Phoenix King Valley in the face… Oh, that wasn’t right. They gained the rights to admire the Phoenix King Valley during the gathering.

At dawn the next day, the members of the Phoenix King Valley gathered at the imperial clan’s practice grounds.

Bai Luochu arrived late with Pei Qingfeng and by the time arrived, the members of the Palace Of Brilliance Resurgence were already seated in the audience stand. Bai Luochu didn’t want to expose her relationship with the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence and she silently nodded to her members before looking for her seat.

Bai Luochu looked around and noticed many of the prestigious sects. She thought that the Phoenix King Valley was really taking the chance to show off. Why else would they spend so much effort to invite all these heavyweights?

Bai Luochu was criticizing them silently in her heart. She even questioned their name as the Phoenix King Valley. In her heart, she thought that they might as well change their name to the Peacock Valley since they loved to show off.

As Bai Luochu chided them in her heart, Pei Qingfeng spoke up. “The Phoenix King Valley is really a show-off. They are showing their tails off like peacocks and they even behave ostentatiously. Has their bloodline been diluted to that of a peacock?”

Bai Luochu tilted her head and stared blankly at Pei Qingfeng. She thought that he had transformed into a worm in her stomach. How did he know what she was thinking? Could it be that she had been taking care of him for too long and they were starting to affect each other’s thoughts?

Pei Qingfeng felt Bai Luochu’s gaze and didn’t know what was happening. He tilted his head and questioned her. “Did I say something wrong? They are behaving like a peacock and they call themselves a phoenix. Why are you looking at me like that?”

Bai Luochu realized that she was being rude and she quickly turned away. She replied softly, “It’s nothing.”

When Pei Qingfeng heard Bai Luochu’s reply, the idea of teasing her immediately popped up in his mind. He immediately leaned his upper body over towards her and whispered into her ear, “Luoluo, did you suddenly notice my outstanding attributes? Is there something that attracts you to me? Why are you staring at me?” Pei Qingfeng might be teasing her, but he looked at her with a passionate gaze.

Bai Luochu had never received such treatment before. Her delicate and mellow earlobes flushed red and she realized that she was feeling shy. She thought about how she couldn’t allow the Second Prince to do as he liked and she quickly flashed a smile at him. “In my opinion, someone is messing around, and it’s not me.”

Pei Qingfeng was stunned for a moment and it dawned on him that she was talking about him. He hopped up from his seat and yelled, “How can you say that I’m messing around?”

Bai Luochu didn’t say anything else and looked at Pei Qingfeng with a look of disdain. It was clear that she wasn’t pleased with him and she looked like she was looking at a fool.

As Bai Luochu and Pei Qingfeng messed about, the Phoenix King Valley Elder was extremely busy as batches of prestigious sects started to arrive. He had to exchange greetings with them and also had to arrange their seats. He couldn’t even find the time to seek Bai Luochu out.

Bai Luochu looked around and noticed that the Phoenix King Valley was really capable. They actually invited all the enemies in her previous life. Had it not been because she was too weak, she would’ve killed everyone present.

A short moment later, the members of the imperial clan started to arrive. Even though the feast ended on an unpleasant note, this was still the Cloud Water Nation’s territory. As they were using the imperial clan’s practice grounds, there was no reason to leave the imperial clan out of their ceremony. Bai Luochu had also made use of the Second Prince’s status to enter the site.

“It seems like the Phoenix King Valley is using this opportunity to show off their strength. They are really trying to suppress the other sects… Do you think they know of the Phoenix King Valley’s true intentions?” Bai Luochu asked Pei Qingfeng.

Pei Qingfeng opened his folding fan and acted as though he had seen through the Phoenix King Valley’s actions. “How can the other sects not know of their intention? Those with a good mindset would use this to motivate themselves. Those who are easily provoked would curse the Phoenix King Valley. Furthermore, if they refuse to attend, how will they survive in the world? After all, the Phoenix King Valley’s reputation is too resounding.”

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