Chapter 182: A Plot Involving Three Sides

When the Phoenix King Valley Elder heard Bai Luochu’s response, a wave of relief washed over him. He slipped away with the members of the Phoenix King Valley.

When Bai Luochu saw them leave, she didn’t say anything and she simply faced the crowd who were waiting for an explanation. “I’m ashamed of myself. All of you are not related to me but you are all speaking out for me...”

Bai Luochu left immediately without turning back. She didn’t forget to signal for Ying Lan to return to the Remote Paddy Inn. Her gift had already been delivered to the Phoenix King Valley and she wasn’t going to allow them to roll their eyes and leave.


Feng Wan’er was in a completely different situation.

“Kneel down!” The Phoenix King Valley Elder was extremely exasperated. He yelled at her without considering her status. “Did Luo Chu speak the truth today?!”

Feng Wan’er knew that she was in the wrong and she was no longer as confident as before. She timidly replied, “Yes...”

“What amazing behavior! Wan’er, it is fine if you bully and oppress the outer valley disciples normally as no one will bother with the incidents in our Phoenix King Valley. However, this is completely different! You dare to touch someone in the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial city?! Even so, you can’t even finish her off once and for all. Look at the situation now! Her reputation is akin to the sun in the midday sky. She even revealed our secret to everyone present… How do you want your father to face others from now on? What have you done to our reputation?!”

Feng Wan’er was pampered since she was young by her father and various elders. Let alone experiencing such a harsh scolding… She hadn’t even been slightly chided before. Right now, as the elder screamed at her, she became unable to raise her head. Her eyes were red and tears were swirling in her eyes.

The elder felt a little heartache when he looked at her and his tone immediately softened. “After what happened today, even if none of the commoners remember it, His Majesty will definitely learn of your actions. Don’t leave your room these few days and copy several copies of the Heart Sutra. This way, I’ll be able to provide an explanation to those who come looking for trouble.”

Feng Wan’er had no choice but to reluctantly return to her courtyard. She was placed under house arrest and in her heart, her hatred for Bai Luochu deepened.

“Mistress, are you not afraid of the Phoenix King Valley’s retaliation?” Ying Lan couldn’t help but ask as he sat across the calm and steady Bai Luochu. She seemed unflustered as she slowly raised a cup to her lips to take a sip of the hot tea.

Bai Luochu drank a mouthful and replied, “Of course not. Seeing as how the Phoenix King Valley values their reputation, they will definitely take extra care of me. At least until this blows over. Now that I exposed Feng Wan’er disgusting actions, the suspicion will fall on the Phoenix King Valley if anything happens to me. I am confident they will not make a move against me.”

Ying Lan let out a breath of relief as he asked another question, “Mistress, is there something for me to do?”

“Clever.” Bai Luochu praised Ying Lan. “I want the report of our trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.”

“We didn’t suffer any losses during the trip. Apart from one person who has commendable movement skills, everyone is back and ready to be deployed. The only person absent right now is looking for the whereabouts of the eggs.”

Bai Luochu nodded. “Great.”

When Ying Lan thought about how Bai Luochu was making things difficult for the Phoenix King Valley and how she came looking for him in the Remote Paddy Inn, he knew that something was up. What could be so important that she had to look for him immediately after returning from the contest stage?

Then it hit him. Ying Lan realized that the Phoenix King Valley’s selection was about to end and this would mean that they would be leaving the capital soon. If they left, looking for the Green Flame Eagle’s eggs would be harder than ascending the heavens.

“Mistress, are you thinking to...” Before Ying Lan could finish his statement, Bai Luochu interrupted him.

Bai Luochu saw that her secret guard was finally able to think for himself. She laughed and replied, “Haha, not bad. You’re getting better at analyzing the situation. Your guess is right. I wish to make a move on the Phoenix King Valley. Even if we cannot kill every single one of them, we need to take back some interest. On the day the Phoenix King Valley departs, we shall make use of the chaos to strike out at them. They won’t be raising any waves anytime soon and this is the best chance to strike out at them.”

“Is Mistress confident?” After Ying Lan confirmed Bai Luochu’s intention, he asked very prudently.

Bai Luochu tossed this question back at Ying Lan, “It all depends on the intelligence we have on them.”

Ying Lan made a solemn vow and guaranteed. “Mistress can be at ease. This subordinate will send more people to locate the Green Flame Eagle’s egg.”

Bai Luochu nodded and said nothing else.


Bai Luochu was right. After the ruckus at the contest stage, the news reached the ears of the old emperor.

“Is this true?” The old emperor sat on the throne and asked.

De Quan nodded respectfully.

The old emperor closed his eyes and fell into thought. He thought that Feng Wan’er was simply willful and behaved a little arrogantly. It was fine as she was the daughter of the Phoenix King Valley Master. However, he now knew that she was someone who got jealous easily. Not only that, she was extremely ruthless and her methods were vicious as well. How could someone like her marry the Third Prince? If Pei Wuchen were to marry another concubine in the future, wouldn’t the Cloud Water Nation be plunged into chaos because of her? It seemed as though he had to seriously reconsider the marriage.

The old emperor trusted De Quan and would always ask for his opinion.

“De Quan, what do you think about this?”

De Quan understood that the Emperor had an idea in mind and was only trying to assure himself. “Your Majesty, this old servant is slow-witted but I think Your Majesty should reconsider His Third Highness’ marriage.”

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