Chapter 181: The Truth is Revealed

“Young Lady Wan’er, what is the meaning of this?! I’m trying to tell everyone a story here. Is there a need to make such a big fuss?” Bai Luochu’s expression remained unchanged and Feng Wan’er started to panic.

Once the elder looked at the situation, he understood that Feng Wan’er had probably done something in the dark. She was the daughter of the Phoenix King Valley Master and everything she did would affect the Phoenix King Valley’s reputation. She wasn’t someone who would settle things through the peaceful route… She was the one who suggested recruiting Luo Chu into the Phoenix King Valley. However, now that Luo Chu was here, she drew her sword and got ready to attack. It was clear she was out for revenge… Seeing as how the Phoenix King Valley had already sent out the recruitment letter, they couldn’t back down.

The elder had no other way but to stall for time. “Young friend, why don’t you speak to this old one privately. If someone in my Phoenix King Valley wronged you, I will punish them accordingly. The Phoenix King Valley is a prestigious and orthodox sect. Some things can’t be said out loud. It is best to not cross my bottom line.”

The elder was obviously threatening Bai Luochu, but she had already made up her mind to speak of the truth.

“It is best not to cross your bottom line? Haha, what a joke. Back then when Young Lady Wan’er asked someone to throw me into the Bestial Battle Arena, did she think about your bottom line?”

Bai Luochu’s words immediately caused an outburst.

“What? Feng Wan’er looks like a fairy but she is so sinister!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, they say that it is easy to know a person but hard to recognize their true nature. I didn’t think that the Phoenix King Valley could produce such a degenerate offspring. She is even the daughter of the Valley Master…”

“Vicious beauty... These words are perfect to describe her. Luo Chu can’t even cultivate. What a pitiful girl.”

More and more people gathered around the contest stage and they pointed and cursed at the members of the Phoenix King Valley. Feng Wan’er’s current expression was extremely unsightly. When the Phoenix King Valley Elder saw Feng Wan’er’s expression, he understood that she was definitely the one at fault. Were they not in public, he would’ve immediately meted out her punishment.

“Everyone, please keep quiet for a moment. I’m not done yet. All of you are too noisy and you might miss out on what I am about to say.” When Bai Luochu heard the clarmoring crowd, she infused spirit qi into her voice as she yelled out.

In an instant, everyone became quiet. When Bai Luochu made sure everyone was paying attention to her, she secretly transmitted a message to Feng Wan’er. “Listen up. You are a main character in my story.”

Bai Luochu revealed a sly smile towards Feng Wan’er.

“This has to be told from when the late Emperor was still alive. Everyone should know that my father was the former military general. My parents sacrificed themselves to rescue the late Emperor. As he wanted to remember my parents’ loyalty, the late Emperor betrothed me to the Third Prince. After the Emperor took over the throne and the Third Prince entered the Phoenix King Valley, the engagement was forgotten.”

“I, Luo Chu, dare to swear an oath to the heavens that I have never hoped for the day I would marry His Third Highness. All I wanted was to live a peaceful life. However, Feng Wan’er came looking for me after learning about the engagement. She suggested for me to pull out of the engagement and because I wasn’t willing to do so, she became angry. She got someone to throw me, a person who was unable to cultivate, into the Bestial Battle Arena as a human slave.”

“Wasn’t it all because you weren’t willing to withdraw from the engagement with Wuchen?! If you were willing to do so, why would I get someone to throw you into the Bestial Battle Arena?!” Feng Wan’er was still unresigned as she counted Bai Luochu’s accusation.

“Shut your mouth! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” When the elder saw that Feng Wan’er still wanted to challenge Bai Luochu, he immediately snapped.

“That’s right, if I withdraw the engagement, I wouldn’t need to suffer so much...” Bai Luochu started to sob and a mournful expression appeared on her face. “Young Lady Wan’er, you are the prestigious Young Lady of the Phoenix King Valley and you will never experience the miserable fate of an orphan in the general’s residence. After losing my parents, everyone cursed me and said that I was a jinx who caused their death! Among the various aristocratic clans in the capital city, any one of them could stomp on me. How was I going to suggest anything to the imperial clan? Putting aside the fact that His Majesty would execute me for disrespecting him, how would people look at me? How would I face everyone after such humiliation?!”

Comments broke out in the crowd after Bai Luochu spoke.

“Sigh. That is true. As an orphan of a declined noble clan, it is impossible to go against the wishes of the imperial clan.”

“Feng Wan’er is just a spoiled brat who doesn’t know the hardships of the world. Fancy that the Phoenix King Valley is always speaking of cherishing the common folk. The Valley Master isn’t even able to educate his own daughter…”

“She is just a child… If she tried to withdraw from the engagement, how many people would drown her in their spit?”

Bai Luochu heard the comments and lowered her head. A sneer appeared on her face. I guess adding more fuel to the fire won’t hurt.

“That’s not all… After escaping from the Bestial Battle Arena, I concealed my identity so that she wouldn’t be able to find me. However, she managed to learn of my identity as Divine Physician Bai and she secretly tried to assassinate me during the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. It was so obvious she wanted me dead. Now that they called me here, how could she give up her chance? Young Lady Wan’er didn’t try to stop the Phoenix King Valley from recruiting me as she is probably thinking of killing me silently when I enter the sect. As long as I join, you can say whatever you want, right?”

The discussions were getting increasingly intense and the Phoenix King Valley Elder couldn’t endure it any longer. He had no choice but to pacify Bai Luochu. “Our young friend doesn’t need to worry. I will return and carry out a proper investigation. If this is true, I shall return and give you a proper explanation.”

Even though that was what he said, the elder was thinking of covering it up after he returned. When the matter died down, everyone would forget about it.

“I shall wait for Elder’s investigation patiently.” Bai Luochu politely cupped her hands and bowed.

Bai Luochu knew that the elder was trying to stall for time. He wanted to turn this mountain into a molehill and squash the molehill after some time. That way, there would no longer be any problems. As for Bai Luochu’s objective, she only wanted the news to travel into the Emperor’s ear. After this episode, the old emperor would have to reconsider his decision about Pei Wuchen and Feng Wan’er’s marriage.

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