Chapter 179: It’s a Fortuitous Encounter, not a Disaster

Ying Lan read the Phoenix King Valley’s invitation card carefully. He might not be able to infer anything from it, but his brows were locked tightly together. He didn’t know what the Phoenix King Valley wanted to do to his mistress.

“Why? Is there something wrong?” When Bai Luochu saw Ying Lan’s brows locked together tightly, she thought that there was something fishy with the invitation.

Ying Lan shook his head, “This subordinate is slow-witted and doesn’t know what the Phoenix King Valley is scheming in the dark.”

For a moment, Ying Lan’s study room was filled with nothing but silence. After a long time, Ying Lan finally spoke up.

“Mistress, could it be that Phoenix King Valley saw through your reincarnation? They might be trying to...” Before Ying Lan finished his statement, his meaning was already very obvious. No matter what, the Phoenix King Valley’s invitation was due to their bad intentions.

“I don’t think they know that I’m Bai Luochu yet.” Bai Luochu commented.

Ying Lan’s brows arched upwards and he replied with a question of his own, “Mistress, why do you think so?”

“Give me a moment. Get me pen and paper. I will list down the pros and cons before explaining it to you.”

Bai Luochu wrote her name down in the center of the paper and she started to separate the lists of people and incidents. When she was done, there were lines and remarks everywhere, causing Ying Lan’s head to ache when he looked at the paper.

Bai Luochu took another piece of paper and wrote down three things: 1. Green Flame Eagle, 2. Divine Physician Bai, 3. Luo Chu. Bai Luochu turned the paper around and placed it in front of Ying Lan. When she saw his confused expression, she explained, “After pondering over the reasons and connections, these three reasons on the paper are probably why the Phoenix King Valley is looking for me.”

“Now that my identity as the Divine Physician Bai can no longer be concealed, they should assume that I am the one who abducted the Green Flame Eagle. Seeing as how I snatched the duck in their mouth, they are here to take it back. Furthermore, I am someone who seems like an incredible person in their eyes for making the spirit beast follow me without any effort. They might be thinking of using me to tame the Green Flame Eagle younglings for them.”

“As for the second reason... It is my identity as Divine Physician Bai. The Phoenix King Valley might have caused a serious setback to our temple during the Battle of Thousand Brilliance, but their losses aren’t negligible. Of course they want someone like me to help them refine medicine. Looking at these two reasons, it is no wonder that they sent me an invitation.”

“Then what about the third reason? Mistress is Luo Chu now and Luo Chu is an orphan of the general’s residence. If not because of Mistress’ current status, everyone in the city will dare to make a move against you. Why did Mistress write this reason down?” Ying Lan understood the first two reasons brought up by Bai Luochu but he didn’t understand the third one.

Bai Luochu smiled mysteriously and explained, “This is something I have been hiding from you. I am afraid that you will worry too much. I am more afraid that you will directly look for the culprit to seek revenge. However, this seems like an appropriate time to let you know. The reason why Luo Chu appeared as a slave in the Bestial Battle Arena was because of the Phoenix King Valley Master’s daughter… Feng Wan’er! The owner of this body is a wastrel and she died in the Bestial Battle Arena. It is also the reason I am able to reincarnate into this body.”

“Feng Wan’er… I heard stories about how she behaved in the Phoenix King Valley by using her status as the daughter of the Valley Master. Her behavior was tyrannical but I didn't think that she would be so ruthless and vicious. She even managed to stretch her hand into the capital city of the Cloud Water Nation. Mistress, you must be on guard against her.” Ying Lan finished his statement but suddenly realized something, “Something isn’t right. Mistress, according to your explanation, Luo Chu should be living quietly in the capital city. How did she offend Feng Wan’er?”

Bai Luochu still had a composed expression. After all, this matter had nothing to do with her and she was just occupying another person’s body. She wasn’t able to live with a clear conscience if she didn’t help Luo Chu to vent out her anger.

“I need to tell you another story. Luo Chu’s father was the former military general. Because the general sacrificed his life and his wife’s, he managed to save the former emperor. In order to honor the life-saving grace, the former emperor betrothed the infant Luo Chu to the Third Prince, Pei Wuchen. They were supposed to be married the moment Luo Chu became of age.”

“The Third Prince? Isn’t he the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master?” Ying Lan still had a confused expression but he seemed to have gained enlightenment. “Mistress, I think I understand now. According to your words,Feng Wan’er should be a couple with Pei Wuchen. However, she found out about the engagement and wanted to eliminate Luo Chu in case her position was threatened.”

Bai Luochu didn’t speak and simply nodded.

“Mistress. You are analyzing this problem from an angle that ignores the fact that they might know of your true identity. What if they know that you are Bai Luochu?!” Ying Lan was originally relaxed but worry suddenly overcame him.

Bai Luochu glanced at Ying Lan and shook her head silently. She thought that this secret guard of hers was treating her like a young kid.

“Let me ask you. Does the Phoenix King Valley want to keep their reputation?”

Ying Lan nodded blankly.

“Let me ask you again. Does the Phoenix King Valley always resort to underhand methods?” When he heard this, Ying Lan had a bellyful of resentment and was about to erupt. However, he was interrupted by Bai Luochu before he could say anything. “Enough. I know what you want to say. You want to say that the Phoenix King Valley’s methods are despicable and nasty. That is the reason why you don’t have to worry about them knowing about my true identity. If they knew, they wouldn’t deliver an invitation card to me, nor would they invite me to somewhere in the capital city in broad daylight. If they knew of my identity, they would ask a beggar on the street to deliver the invitation. Moreover, the invitation would be to some place in a deep forest. They would try to eliminate me before I grew strong.”

“But Mistress, the members of the Phoenix King Valley are all treacherous and crafty. If you head over so recklessly, this subordinate is afraid you’ll run into some danger.” Ying Lan knew from the look of his mistress’ face that this ancestor wasn’t here to discuss the issue with him. Instead, she was here to inform him about her decision and he had to prepare himself to deal with the trouble that was about to come.

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