Chapter 178: Invitation from the Phoenix King Valley

In his mind, he thought that Feng Wan’er was really a fool. Other than that man, she had nothing else in her mind. However, because of her status, he had no choice but to explain his plan enthusiastically to her.

“Junior sister’s words are incorrect. Bringing this person right under your nose in the Phoenix King Valley is just the first step. The second step is to quietly eliminate her.”

“Think about it, the Valley Master is also anxious about the wedding between you and His Third Highness. Seeing how the Valley Master dotes on you, he will definitely help you to quietly eliminate this calamity of a woman. Moreover, the Phoenix King Valley can hide the reason behind her death. We will announce to the outside world that Luo Chu is an incompetent fool who lost her life during a night hunt. She was eaten by a beast during a mission and even if someone wants to investigate, they won’t be able to.”

Feng Wan’er carefully thought about the meaning behind his words and felt that his suggestion was reasonable. She immediately agreed.

“But... what can we do to make Luo Chu willingly enter our Phoenix King Valley?” After Feng Wan’er agreed to the suggestion, a headache assaulted her as she didn’t know how they were going to implement the plan.

“That is the easy part. Since she isn’t going to take the initiative, we can look for her. Junior sister just has to go and talk to the Elder today. You should say that Luo Chu has good medical skills and even the Green Flame Eagle likes her. We can kill two birds with one stone this way. After all, the Green Flame Eagle was supposed to belong to us. If she joins our Phoenix King Valley, won’t we obtain the Green Flame Eagle as well?”

“What if... what if she doesn’t agree?” Feng Wan’er had a new concern.

“Junior sister doesn’t have to worry. Senior brother has seen too many of such people. They might act noble and virtuous. but they are just angling for fame. If you don’t believe me, you can think about it carefully. Isn’t there a lot of official and noble clans protecting her recently? Previously when she was still residing at the First Prince’s residence, there were plenty of officials and nobles who went looking for her. They even offered her huge sums of money. For us to look for her and invite her into our Phoenix King Valley, she has to agree no matter what! If she doesn’t agree, she will be failing to appreciate our kindness. Just the public’s opinion on the matter will be enough to pressure her to death. If it really doesn’t work, we can lure her in with benefits. Won’t we be able to tempt her with the promise of clearing her meridians and allowing her to cultivate? As long as we lure her into our Phoenix King Valley, we can torture her however we want. Why will we still be afraid of her?” The feminine man spoke with faith.

“Senior brother’s words make sense! I will go and look for Elder now!” Feng Wan’er immediately ran out. The large rock in her heart seemed to have been lifted and Feng Wan’er was like a bird who flew out of the birdcage.

After Feng Wan’er pestered the elder for the entire night, that elder finally agreed.

As a result, on the next day, Bai Luochu received the invitation card from Phoenix King Valley. “We heard of Divine Physician Bai’s legends and there is a saying, ‘Knowing someone by their reputation cannot be compared to a meeting in person.’ Two days later, at 9am, we cordially invite our young friend to the Phoenix King Valley’s selection stage.”

Bai Luochu became suspicious and she didn’t know what they were up to this time. She decided to spare some time to visit the Remote Paddy Inn in order to discuss things with Ying Lan.


It was 7am in the morning right now and Bai Luochu started her cultivation for the day. By the time Cai Ling delivered breakfast, Bai Luochu was done cultivating for the day. Pei Qingfeng had just woken up and he was served by a manservant from the general’s residence.

During breakfast, Bai Luochu took the opportunity to brief Cai Ling on the medicine she had prepared for Pei Qingfeng. How could Pei Qingfeng not understand that Bai Luochu was going to let Cai Ling stay in this courtyard to take care of him while she went out to handle those her so-called proper business?

“Why are you going out again?” Pei Qingfeng wasn’t able to hold himself back and a question popped out of his mouth.

Bai Luochu was startled by his question and she was at a loss. She obediently replied, “I have some business to attend to. Do you need me to get you anything?”

Pei Qingfeng felt that he was acting like a grumbling housewife right now. As for this ‘husband’ of his, she didn’t know that she was being targeted by the ‘red apricot’ outside.

I don’t even know what she does outside. She better not be using this reason to confide in the person she admires… This Lu Wenshu is really annoying. Didn’t he disregard all worldly matters? Why is he paying so much attention to Luo Chu? Doesn’t it feel like he is trying to bring home a bride?

Pei Qingfeng could only try to persuade Bai Luochu, “Say, aren’t you a young lady? Why are you always showing your face in public? Are you trying to ruin your reputation?”

Bai Luochu didn’t know if she had stepped on Pei Qingfeng’s tail, but the words coming out of his mouth seemed to be thorny. It was still early in the morning but he was already looking for trouble. Since that was the case he shouldn’t blame her for being too direct.

“Is our Second Prince’s brain damaged? You are the one shamelessly staying in my residence. If you want to talk about reputation, your reputation should be the one affected, right? Moreover, whenever I go out to handle proper business, I head out with Divine Physician Bai’s identity. As a physician, do I need to bother with the gender issue?”

Pei Qingfeng was stumped and he replied weakly, “I’m just being concerned for you… I am afraid that you will be kidnapped by some villains when you are outside. Why are you so defensive?”

Bai Luochu looked at the Second Prince in front of her who was acting like a spoilt child. She couldn’t endure it any longer and she left without eating her breakfast.

But as soon as she took half a step out of the door, she couldn’t help but turn back to instruct Cai Ling. “Take care of His Second Highness. If he is feeling bored, let him go fill up some words on his folding fans.”

Cai Ling quickly acknowledged.

Bai Luochu left and traveled without rest until she arrived at the entrance of the Remote Paddy Inn. When she walked through the entrance, the innkeeper thought she was a customer. After realizing she was Bai Luochu, he gestured towards her and invited her into Ying Lan’s study room.

When Bai Luochu arrived at the study room, she noticed that Ying Lan was busy with something. Her arrival shocked Ying Lan, but he didn’t rush to keep the things on the table.

Bai Luochu placed the Phoenix King Valley’s invitation card on the table and pushed it towards him. “Today, the Phoenix King Valley delivered an invitation card to me. They want me to appear at the contest stage two days later. I don’t think the situation is as simple as it looks. I want to hear your opinion on this.”

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