Chapter 177: Another Malicious Plan

The guard didn’t expect that Pei Qingfeng would be able to see through his thoughts. His attitude changed 180 degrees and he kissed up to his master. “Your Highness, that is impossible. This subordinate is praising your brilliant mind. After all, Young Lady Luo Chu has a special status and if someone malicious is to target and make use of her, she will be in for disaster. Master’s strategy is brilliant and Master has amazing foresight!”

The guard had been serving Pei Qingfeng for many years now… How could a shrewd fox like Pei Qingfeng be unaware of his thoughts? However, he pretended to be convinced and sent the guard away. “Since you think so, hurry up and get to it. As for these things...” Pei Qingfeng tilted his head and looked at the things on the ground, “Why don’t you bring some back?”

How could the guard listen to Pei Qingfeng and bring the items back? “Master, this... isn’t good right?” When Pei Qingfeng heard his response, he almost erupted into a multitude of curses. The guard seemed to have predicted Pei Qingfeng’s reaction and he quickly responded, “Master, listen to my analysis. Young Lady Luo Chu might find it suspicious if I were to bring these items back. Furthermore, I have already calculated the quantity before bringing the things over. They are just enough for you to enjoy your stay in the general’s residence. If you no longer have an excuse to stay here, Young Lady Luo Chu will definitely chase you out. Think about it, you are already close to your objective. What if you can’t obtain the moon and someone else picks up this opportunity? There is a saying, ‘A little error may lead to a large discrepancy.’ If you get kicked out of the general’s residence and Lu Wenshu makes use of the time to get close to Young Lady Luo Chu… won’t you suffer for nothing? All of your efforts will be wasted!”

Hearing how sincere his guard was, Pei Qingfeng was starting to believe him. These were items meant for him to entertain himself. However, they turned into items that brought him endless suffering. When he thought about it, this lass might just turn into someone else’s woman if he were to get chased out of the residence. If that were to happen, it would be too late for him to cry.

“What you say is reasonable. Since that is the case, I shall listen to you. Immediately report back to me if something happens. If something crops up and you can’t deal with it, come here and look for me.” Pei Qingfeng was the one who involved the guard in his master plan. He felt that he had no choice but to go along with the guard’s arrangement.

After the guard acknowledged his orders, he immediately bowed with respect and ran off as though there was oil on the soles of his feet. It seemed as though he was afraid Pei Qingfeng would suddenly change his mind. Hmph, you’re going to be exhausted with all the ancient texts and calligraphy. Treat it as a punishment for forgetting about our brotherhood after falling in love. Since Luo Chu appeared, the brothers who risked their life for you all turned into her bodyguard. The more I think about it, the angrier I become. As a subordinate, I cannot take the anger out on my Master. This is the only way to poke some fun at him...

Pei Qingfeng sneezed again and he wrapped himself up in a thick blanket. He felt rather suspicious and wondered if the weather was turning cold.

Right now, in the general’s residence, Bai Luochu would be protected by Pei Qingfeng. When she left the residence, Lu Wenshu would be her unofficial bodyguard. No one had the opportunity to make a move on her both inside and outside the residence, allowing her to live an unfettered life.

Compared to Bai Luochu’s carefree days, it was the complete opposite for Feng Wan’er.

In the relay station where the Phoenix King Valley were residing at, an ear-piercing sound suddenly echoed from inside Feng Wan’er’s room. Crashes could be heard as things were shattered one by one.

“Oh? What made Junior Sister Wan’er so angry?” The feminine man seemed like a graceful young master who was making fun of the flustered and exasperated Feng Wan’er.

“You have the cheek to ask me that question? When I wanted to move against that slut, you were the one who stopped me. Didn’t you say ‘the Phoenix King Valley’s matter is more important. Seeing as she is close to the Second Prince, the ladies in the capital city will definitely deal with her’. What’s going on now? His Majesty might not have announced to the world that she is Divine Physician Bai, but he didn’t prevent his servants from spreading the news.”

“Originally, Pei Qingfeng provided her with watertight protection. Now, even the commoners adore her. My men couldn’t even approach her! Even if they turned into houseflies and swarmed her, they would be slapped to death with a single strike.”

“What is more infuriating is Lu Wenshu who has been pretending to be a dead monk after the evil dao witch’s death! He never involved himself in worldly affairs and would never approach a woman. Now, he is watching over her like a hawk. What rights does that slut have to attract all these capable men? Is she a Nine-Tailed Fox Demon hidden in a human body? If that is the case, why is she still hanging on to the engagement with Wuchen? She already has so many capable men by her side… Why can’t she let go of Wuchen?!”

Feng Wan’er poured out the grievances she had accumulated in her heart for the past few days. The feminine man’s expression was unpleasant when Feng Wan’er unloaded all her rage onto him. He was about to erupt with anger but he forcefully held it in. “Now that she is so close to so many men, it might not necessarily be a good thing if the imperial clan hears about it. Such a fickle woman can’t marry into the imperial clan, let alone being an official concubine of the prince. If you really want her to die, I have an idea. I wonder if Junior Sister is interested to hear about it.”

“Stop trying to sell a story. Hurry up and say it! If another useless word comes out of your mouth, I’ll head back and ask Father to deduct your cultivation resource!” Feng Wan’er was behaving very arrogantly and didn’t notice the flash of ruthlessness in his eyes.

Feng Wan’er is obviously inferior to Luo Chu… She is even acting as though Luo Chu is the one looking for trouble. If you lose your status as the daughter of the Phoenix King Valley Master one day, I will look forward to your miserable end.

Even though malicious thoughts were flashing through his mind, a radiant smile remained on his face. He said, “If we bring Luo Chu into our Phoenix King Valley, we will be able to keep an eye on her.”

“Are you insane? Why should I allow her into the Phoenix King Valley? So she can create trouble whenever she like? Why are you always coming up with such lousy ideas? Are you trying to anger me to death?” Feng Wan’er’s eyes nearly popped out after hearing his idea. She thought that her senior brother was treating her as a fool. If that was really the case, she would look for her father to discuss about his cultivation resources.

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