Chapter 175: Again and Again

“If you are here to apologize, I accept your apology. His Second Highness has already handled everything. If there is nothing else, please leave. His Second Highness still has to rest and I have to take care of him.” Bai Luochu casually picked up a piece of thousand layer cake and stuffed it into her mouth. It was clear she was chasing him out.

It was obvious that Lu Wenshu didn’t want to leave, but he couldn’t shamelessly demand to stay. He quickly brushed Bai Luochu’s words aside and he acted as though he didn’t understand the meaning behind her words. “Is Divine Physician Bai still angry at me? It was unintentional and even His Majesty said it was fine.”

He is acting like this again. After all these years, he is still acting the same way... He just wants to patch up the problem with a fake apology.

Bai Luochu heard what Lu Wenshu said and she was instantly enraged. However, the smile on her face didn’t fade. She gnashed her teeth and said, “His Majesty is His Majesty. Apart from being a father, he is also an Emperor. Does Young Master Lu still not understand? His Majesty said it was fine in order to strengthen the relationship with you. He made use of your guilt in order to pull you closer. I am different. To me, His Second Highness is a close friend and I am the reason he got injured. How can I forgive the culprit so easily?”

“But...” When Lu Wenshu opened his mouth to protest, Bai Luochu slammed her palm on the stone table. She stormed up to him and glared into his eyes.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, Lu Wenshu felt his heart palpitate. Bai Luochu’s pretty looking lips moved as she clenched her jaw tightly, “Young Master Lu might feel that there isn’t a problem with that, but someone else suffered in your place.”

After speaking, Bai Luochu immediately increased the distance between them and spoke as if nothing happened.

“If Young Master Lu still wants to enjoy the snacks and tea, you may stay. If you feel that they are hard to swallow, you may leave. I still need to take care of the Second Prince and hope you can forgive me for being a bad host. Farewell.” Bai Luochu left without even turning around.

“Is he so important to you?” Lu Wenshu asked a question, causing Bai Luochu to stop in her tracks.

After thinking about the consequences, Bai Luochu thought that she should sever all his delusions. She casually replied him with a single word, “Yes.” Before walking out.

Her reply sounded like a clap of thunder in his ear.

Lu Wenshu suddenly felt that the breeze was chilly and so was his heart,

Lu Wenshu sat in the reception pavilion for a long time and he only left after the sun was about to dip past the horizon.

If a single visit doesn’t work, I will come again. If two visits won’t work, I’ll come for a third time. One day, you will belong to me again!

Bai Luochu sneezed out of the blue and Pei Qingfeng felt a sense of worry in his heart. He was afraid Bai Luochu would fall sick due to overexhaustion.

“What’s wrong? Are you ill?” Pei Qingfeng asked with concern.

Bai Luochu shook her head and explained, “It might just be a cold. I’ll drink some warm water.”

“Who did you see earlier?” Pei Qingfeng couldn’t ignore the visitor whose family name was ‘Lu’.

“Lu Wenshu was here. He came to apologize empty handed and didn’t seem sincere at all. I got rid of him after a short conversation. I have lots of things to do right now. I’m not going to waste my time talking to him.” Bai Luochu’s hand didn’t stop as she picked out Pei Qingfeng’s medicine.

Pei Qingfeng glanced at Bai Luochu and grunted, “Heh. I’m afraid someone is chasing him away but is secretly overjoyed in her heart. Tsk tsk tsk, isn’t he someone you admired back then? Why don’t you express your admiration for him properly?”

Bai Luochu suddenly thought of the excuse she used in order to hide her understanding of Lu Wenshu. Now that she thought about it, she dug a huge pit for herself and she managed to bury herself deep inside.

“Why do you sound so sore? Those who don’t know might think that your wife found another man. Your head is filled with too many indecent thoughts for a prince. Is there a reason for me to keep him around? I have lots to do and my head is starting to hurt. Stop interrupting me and allow me to focus on your wound.” Bai Luochu saw Pei Qingfeng’s bitter face and she teased.

Bai Luochu originally thought that it was over but she never expected Lu Wenshu to be so stubborn. He would deliver medicinal ingredients and rare treasures to the general’s residence every other day.

Bai Luochu started off by rejecting them but she didn’t imagine that a disciple of an immortal sect would stand at the entrance of the general’s residence like a hoodlum. He said that if she didn’t accept the gifts, it would be the same as rejecting his apology. Since she wouldn’t accept his apology, he would stand under the scorching sun for an entire day in order to express his sincerity

Bai Luochu initially thought that Lu Wenshu wasn’t being serious. However, he took it for real. He stood in the sun from dawn till dusk. As Bai Luochu didn’t want him to obstruct the entrance of the residence, she had no choice but to accept the gifts.

When Lu Wenshu saw the rare treasures turning into gifts, he walked away happily. There wasn’t a trace of sadness on his face.

Looking at how Lu Wenshu was acting, Bai Luochu shook her head silently and lamented at the fact that there were too many madmen in the world.

“Here. Young Master Lu said these are all for you.” Bai Luochu asked someone to carry the gifts into the secluded courtyard. She dumped everything onto the ground like they were trash and she didn’t even glance at them.

“Did he specifically give it to me?” Pei Qingfeng glanced at the items on the ground and asked.

“Nope. But you’re the only injured one around here. Of course it’s for you.” Bai Luochu frowned slightly as though she couldn’t understand Pei Qingfeng’s question.

Pei Qingfeng wasn’t a relationship numbskull like Bai Luochu and he knew that he was using these gifts to improve his relationship with her.

This simple-minded lass... she might even be sold off without even realizing it.

Pei Qingfeng thought about it in his heart. Seems like I can’t sit around and wait anymore.

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