Chapter 174: Seeking Forgiveness

Lu Wenshu knew that Bai Luochu hated him to the bone. There was no way he would use his previous relationship with her to approach her. If he were to do so, he might not even be able to catch the edge of her shadow before frightening her off.

He thought of using a completely new reason to look for her. Perhaps the best method was to start from scratch. From the time when they first got to know each other.

“That’s right, forget about the past. That is the best way...” Lu Wenshu muttered to himself as though he was possessed.

It didn’t cross Lu Wenshu’s mind that everything he had done to Bai Luochu was enough for her to hate him many lifetimes over. It was going to be impossible for her to forget the past regardless of how he tried. Before his betrayal, he had already pushed her away from him, to the opposing side. Even though they had been together for many years, as long as Bai Luochu still had the memories of her previous life, it was impossible for them to ever get back together.

Lu Wenshu returned to his courtyard and repeatedly rehearsed his visit to the general’s residence. He really wanted to see Bai Luochu again. After three years of dreaming of her, he was finally able to see her again. No one would be able to remain composed if they were in Lu Wenshu’s shoes.

Lu Wenshu finally thought of an appropriate reason to visit the general’s residence by the next afternoon.

“Mistress, there is a Young Master Lu at the entrance. He is here to ask for forgiveness.” Cai Ling ran to the secluded courtyard and reported to Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu was currently prescribing some medicine meant for nursing Pei Qingfeng’s body. When she heard Cai Ling’s words, she asked with an expression of extreme shock “What did you say? Which Young Master?”

Cai Ling was frightened by Bai Luochu’s abnormal reaction and she stammered, “He said, his family name is... Lu.”

Bai Luochu closed her eyes and knew that this was inevitable. Since she wasn’t able to avoid it, why not face it?

“I will meet him. You will guard His Second Highness since his injury is acting up again. If anything happens to him, report to me at the reception pavilion.”

“What are you going?” Pei Qingfeng who was initially resting on the bed couldn’t lay down anymore. He immediately sat up and asked.

Bai Luochu was already rather flustered due to Lu Wenshu’s sudden visit. Now that Pei Qingfeng suddenly became curious, she somewhat ignored him and replied half-heartedly, “Nothing much. It is just a visit from a guest, I will attend to it.” She left in a rush immediately.

In Pei Qingfeng’s eyes, Bai Luochu looked like she was about to look for a man she admired. Had he not been feigning his illness to stay for a few more days, it was impossible for him to allow that lass to go by herself.

Just as Bai Luochu exited from the courtyard, she caught hold of a manservant and instructed him, “Go and invite the guest at the entrance to the reception pavilion. Inform the kitchen to prepare some tea and snacks.”

After everything that happened, Bai Luochu was no longer a nobody in the general’s residence. Her words held weight and people would actually follow her orders.

After Bai Luochu barked out her orders, she walked quickly to the reception pavilion. She tried to calm herself down as much as she could.

She wasn’t nervous because of the feelings she had for him. Instead, it was because she was afraid Lu Wenshu might recognize her. She no longer had the strength she once possessed. If he were to recognize her, she was afraid she was going to experience the feeling of death again.

Lu Wenshu walked from the entrance to the reception pavilion. On his way there, he saw Bai Luochu’s figure seated in the pavilion. From the way she sat and the aura around her, it really looked like the previous Bai Luochu. Right now, Lu Wenshu was still living in his delusion and he felt that she would rush towards him like she usually did and call out his name with a brilliant smile on her face.

When Bai Luochu heard people moving about behind her, she turned around.

Bai Luochu had to admit that her heart towards him was already dead. However, when she laid her eyes on him, her heart dropped. She didn’t know what to say.

Instead, Lu Wenshu was the one who spoke first as he was excited to meet her again. He didn’t behave indifferently like he usually would. “Divine Physician Bai, I have offended you during your trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. I didn’t expect to accidentally injure your friend, the Second Prince. I am here to ask for forgiveness.”

Bai Luochu remained silent and Lu Wenshu assumed that she was angry about his actions in the Falling Cloud Mountain. He quickly spoke up to explain himself. “To be honest, that Green Flame Eagle was rescued by an old friend of mine. When I heard that people were fighting over it, I immediately went over to protect it. When Divine Physician Bai approached the Green Flame Eagle, I assumed that someone was trying to make a move on it. I hope Divine Physician Bai can forgive me for sending out such a ruthless strike.”

“There is nothing to apologize for. Since you said that it was unintentional, I will believe you. With Young Master Lu’s current status, you wouldn’t go around telling lies. Since you came all the way here, you are my guest. Please take a seat, the tea is getting cold.” Bai Luochu was rather straightforward with her reply. She acted as though their encounter at the Falling Cloud Mountain Range was the first time they met.

Lu Wenshu was feeling a little apprehensive and he couldn’t confirm if the person in front of him was Bai Luochu. He started to probe, “Is Divine Physician Bai not curious about my old friend?”

“That is something completely unrelated to me. If you wish to let me know, you will speak about it.” Bai Luochu’s expression didn’t change at all and it seemed as though she was mocking Lu Wenshu for being annoying.

“The old friend is the person I love the most. I once thought of spending the rest of my days with her. However, I never thought that my arrogance would cause her to lose her life. Since she is no longer around, I will look for her after she reincarnates. I will find her someday, won’t I?”

Bai Luochu could feel his gaze when he spoke about looking for her. However, Bai Luochu’s heart was already dead. It died the moment he betrayed her.

The tea in her teacup didn’t even ripple.

Bai Luochu could see that Lu Wenshu was playing the sentimental card, but he was wrong if he thought that it would move Bai Luochu. “It seems like Young Master Lu is a person deeply infatuated with her.”

When Bai Luochu spoke the word ‘infatuated’, she emphasised the word and it seemed like she was mocking him.

The thought that Bai Luochu wasn’t Divine Physician Bai crossed his mind. However, the last few words exposed her true identity.

Lu Wenshu thought in his mind Luochu, I am willing to drop the treasure sword in my hand. I will choose to embrace you in my arms. Nothing will be able to obstruct us.

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