Chapter 173: Whereabouts Found

When Lu Wenshu realized that the waiter wasn’t going to give him the information he needed, he quickly interjected and stopped the conversation.

After some consideration, Lu Wenshu felt that it would be more appropriate if he phrased the question differently. “Does brother waiter know of any Bai clans in the capital city? They should be a pretty rich and well-known clan.”

That waiter muttered for a long time and he thought about how there weren't any Bai Clans that established themselves in the capital city. He immediately responded to Lu Wenshu, “Young Master, this one grew up in the capital city. Normally, my parents never bothered with me and I made my living out in the streets. All my life, I have never heard of a Bai Clan. Let alone a well known one. It might not even be part of the minor clans...”

Lu Wenshu was rather disappointed with his answer. He thought that he would be able to look for Bai Luochu, but all that seemed to be a pipe dream now.

“I have troubled you. You can go back to work now, thank you.” Lu Wenshu might not be able to obtain the information he wanted, but he still spoke politely and in an unhurried manner.

“Why is Young Master so polite? You have paid the silver and I am just doing my part. This one shall no longer disturb the Young Master. If there is anything wrong with the dishes, please let me know.” The waiter bowed slightly and went back to work.

Lu Wenshu picked at the dishes on the table. Even though they smelled great, looked delicious, and tasted amazing, all of it turned into tasteless mush in his mouth. Lu Wenshu’s mind was thinking about the time he spent with Bai Luochu in the past. She would always remember his likes and dislikes, and she would learn to cook his favorite dishes. Even though there were times when she almost burned down the kitchen, those were the times when they created wonderful memories together.

Right now, even though he was eating delicious food, the people around him changed. Lu Wenshu suddenly had a bitter taste in his mouth and he gulped down a mouthful of liquor. No one knew if the bitter taste came from his heart of the liquor.

Bai Luochu... Apart from her innate talents and beautiful features, she was the only person who understood him.

When Bai Luochu first met him, she had once said, “Young Master Lu, you might look refined and courteous when treating others, but that is a polite way of distancing yourself from them. You have a prideful heart and you wish to stand out from the masses. You formed an invisible barrier between yourself and other people in order to keep them away. Am I right?”

In the past, she was still a young and frivolous evil dao witch. She didn’t know that her title would bring about a storm of blood and carnage.

Back when the sect asked him to approach Bai Luochu, apart from the fact that he wanted to maintain his prestige and didn’t wish to defy his order, it was because he had a selfish motive in mind. He thought that feelings would develop eventually and she would fall in love with him. In his mind, he felt that Bai Luochu would give up everything in order to be with him and he would be able to complete his mission without any trouble. Even if she hated him then, he would find a way to make her forget everything and start anew.

It slipped his mind that Bai Luochu was a proud young lady and wouldn’t be led by the nose. In the end, she was surrounded and killed by the Three Great Immortal Sects, bringing along her hatred and unforgiveness for him into death. Since then, he lived in seclusion and he didn’t care about how his reputation was affected. The only thing he wanted to do was protect her temple’s inheritance and disciples. He wanted to protect everything she cherished when she was alive.

Lu Wenshu knew that Bai Luochu had already left this world and nothing he did would be useful. However, it was better than doing nothing and he treated it as though he was atoning for his mistakes.

When he saw Divine Physician Bai’s movement skill and his eyes during the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, he thought about the all powerful Bai Luochu and wondered if she had reincarnated into another body. He heard about tales of reincarnation of experts but his hopes were extinguished the moment it was born.

Lu Wenshu simply ate a few mouthfuls and placed the money for the meal on the table. He didn’t even wait for the change as he left the restaurant.

“Hey, did you hear? Luo Chu of the general’s residence is Divine Physician Bai! I heard that the Emperor has even summoned her into the palace. She committed the crime of deceiving the emperor… why did he allow her to live?”

“Do you think the Emperor is a fool?! Previously when Young Lady Su was inflicted with poison, none of those physicians proficient in both poison and medicine were able to cure her. Divine Physician Bai cured her with such ease… If the Emperor is able to keep her in the city, she will be a golden and dazzling protection talisman for our Cloud Water Nation! Only a fool would kill such a person because of some stupid reason.”

When Lu Wenshu heard the conversation between the owner of a bun stall and his customer, he quickly walked to the stall. “Uncle, what did you say about Divine Physician Bai’s true identity?”

The old bun stall owner was shocked when someone came up to him. However, he reacted quickly and replied, “Divine Physician Bai is the daughter of the former military general. The physician is actually a young lady called Luo Chu. Right now, she is residing in the general’s residence.”

“Is this true? Uncle, you cannot lie to me!” Lu Wenshu swallowed a mouthful of saliva and he almost yelled.

When the old owner saw Lu Wenshu’s expression of disbelief, he slapped his chest and guaranteed. “Of course! One of my relatives is a guard in the palace. He heard this from a eunuch who serves in the Emperor’s throne room. The news is definitely true.”

Lu Wenshu’s mind went blank and he didn’t even speak a word of thanks as he staggered out into the street.

Divine Physician Bai’s family name was Bai, but her true name Luo Chu. Adding the name ‘Luo Chu’ to Divine Physician Bai… Bai Luochu!

Lu Wenshu’s eyes instantly turned red. He knew that the powerful and heaven-defying Bai Luochu wouldn’t just die! She managed to reincarnate into another body! I found her! I finally found her!

Lu Wenshu swore in his heart. Luochu, I will never let go of you again… I will never let you go unless I die!

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