Chapter 170: Lu Wenshu Seeking an Audience with the Emperor

Bai Luochu was truly annoyed by Pei Qingfeng. He had obviously recovered but he wouldn’t leave. When she asked Pei Qingfeng’s personal guard to fetch him, the guard was originally adamant about bringing his master away. However, after the guard entered the courtyard, he left without turning back. No one knew what Pei Qingfeng said to him.

Bai Luochu spent some effort and finally stopped the guard. However, the guard gave a random explanation. “Divine Physician Bai is a saint physician. Master had suffered such a severe injury but he looks completely fine right now. This is all thanks to you. However, the physician in the Second Prince’s residence is a quack and this servant thinks that it will be better to leave His Second Highness here. I will come back for him after a few days.” After he spoke, the guard pushed his movement skills to the fullest and ran away. Bai Luochu wouldn’t be able to catch him if she tried.

Bai Luochu returned and looked at Pei Qingfeng with anger. When she saw Pei Qingfeng’s innocent expression, she took deep breaths for a long while before quelling the fire in her heart. After all, he was still her patient.

“You are my patient right now and I can’t force you to do anything. However, once your injuries heal, you should go home. Stop hanging out here.”

When Pei Qingfeng heard Bai Luochu’s words, a smile blossomed on his face and he looked like a kid who got candy. “Of course! Luoluo is the best and I knew you won’t be heartless enough to kick my out with my injuries.”

“Save it, you better nurse yourself properly. Now that you don’t need close attention and care, I shall return to my courtyard. Don’t walk around or my cousin will pester you. I am not going to help you escape from the abyss of suffering this time.” Bai Luochu finished speaking and immediately packed her things as she prepared to return to her courtyard.

When Pei Qingfeng saw that Bai Luochu was about to leave, he immediately cried out, “Aiyo! Luoluo, my wound is starting to hurt again.” Pei Qingfeng held onto his wound and looked to be in pain.

Bai Luochu stopped moving and quickly went over to look at Pei Qingfeng. She stood in front of him and took his pulse.

After a long examination, she couldn’t notice anything wrong.

“That is strange. From your pulse, nothing is wrong with your body. Why are you in pain? Can the sword qi still be lingering around your wound? Stop moving around. Later, I will prescribe some medication for you. I will stay here for the time being. Call me if you feel any discomfort.”

After hearing Bai Luochu’s reply, Pei Qingfeng had a satisfied expression as he had achieved his objective. “I shall thank Divine Physician Bai for your assistance. I am truly embarrassed for causing so much trouble.”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. After all, you were injured because of me. If I left you to die, I would be worse than a beast. Furthermore, you are definitely lying about being embarrassed.” Bai Luochu made a sarcastic remark as she looked at Pei Qingfeng.

Pei Qingfeng had already achieved his objective and he allowed her to say whatever she wanted. He was going to ignore her anyway.

Early the next day, there was a white clothed man standing at the entrance of the palace. He had a handsome appearance which couldn’t be ignored. He held an artifact sword behind him and it possessed an exquisite sword hilt. There was a bundle of cloth behind him and it seemed like an egg-like item was in it.

“I hope that the guard commander can make a report. I am seeking an audience with His Majesty.” That white clothed man spoke to the guard commander standing at the entrance.

“Who do you think His Majesty is? Do you think anyone can see him?” The guard commander sneered at the white robed man.

That white clothed wasn’t resentful and he continued, “I still wish that you can go and make a report. Just say that Lu Wenshu is visiting and is here because I accidentally injured the Second Prince. I am willing to use the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling as compensation.” Lu Wenshu stuffed some silver fragments to the guard commander.

That guard commander held the silver in his hand, but when he heard the name ‘Lu Wenshu’, he returned the silver with shaky hands. When he heard the words ‘Green Flame Eagle’, he was even more alarmed. His attitude changed drastically and he became extremely friendly. “This sire is actually Lu Wenshu. I am truly incompetent for not being able to recognize you. I can’t accept your distinguished self’s money. This one will go and report right now. I hope that your distinguished self can wait here for a moment.”

The guard left without even turning back. He jogged towards the throne room and prepared to report this matter to the Emperor as soon as possible.

“Hey, what is the hurry?” At the entrance of the throne room, the Emperor’s personal eunuch asked.

“Eunuch De Quan, there is someone at the entrance who addressed himself as Lu Wenshu. He said that he is seeking punishment from His Majesty for accidentally injuring the Second Prince. He is now waiting at the entrance!”

“I understand. You will follow me inside to report.”

After the guard reported everything clearly, thoughts filled the Emperor’s mind.

Who was Lu Wenshu? No one was ignorant enough to not know of his name. Now that the Second Prince was fine, it would be a great thing for the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan if he could recruit Lu Wenshu. Furthermore, Lu Wenshu was here to make up for his mistake with the Green Flame Eagle’s egg. This showed that he was truly sincere about the apology. Since that was the case, as the Emperor of the Cloud Water Nation, he couldn’t treat Lu Wenshu unfairly.

The Emperor of the Cloud Water Nation instructed his personal eunuch, “De Quan, you shall go along with the guard and must do everything you can to invite Lu Wenshu into the throne room. Send a few men to search for a residence in the capital city. After this, make some proper arrangements for him. We will only be able to keep him in our Cloud Water Nation this way.”

“Yes, this old servant shall comply.” The eunuch named De Quan immediately led the guard commander out.

De Quan greeted Lu Wenshu with a smile the moment he reached the gate. “Sire has been waiting for a long time. When His Majesty heard that sire was visiting, he became very happy. He asked this servant to touch up his grooming before summoning you, hence the delay. I hope that sire will not blame us.” This statement wouldn’t offend either side and would manifest the sincerity of the Emperor.

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