Chapter 167: Divine Physician Bai = Luo Chu?

“This official son pays his respects to Emperor Father, may Emperor Father be blessed and be in good health.” Pei Wuchen entered the throne room and knelt down to pay his respects to the Emperor.

That old Emperor didn’t ask anyone to help Pei Wuchen up. “What does Chen’er have to report?”

Pei Wuchen had already expected the old Emperor’s response. After all, he wasn’t able to obtain the information about the Green Flame Eagle from the Phoenix King Valley. Not to mention the fact that he failed to report the information to the Emperor once he found out. Just these points were enough for his Emperor Father to be dissatisfied with him. Putting aside the fact that he didn’t obtain the eggs, he even caused Pei Qingfeng to be injured. All of it added to His Majesty’s dissatisfaction.

Pei Wuchen obviously knew that if he were to ask about the matter of the engagement, the lightest punishment would be a house arrest. However, he could no longer control himself. “Does Emperor Father still remember the engagement to the sole daughter of the former great general?”

The moment the words left Pei Wuchen’s mouth, the old Emperor’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pot. The old Emperor roared, “His Third Highness is weary from his travels. Send him back to his residence for a good rest!”

When that eunuch heard the instruction, he signaled for the younger eunuchs to take Pei Wuchen away.

But Pei Wuchen wasn’t a fool. Since he had yet to achieve his objective, how could he allow the old Emperor to dismiss him so easily? Pei Wuchen immediately shouted, “Will Emperor Father please calm down. This official son is risking the danger of being punished to bring the matter to light. Of course, my report is related to this matter. I hope that Emperor Father can give this official son some time to explain everything!”

The old Emperor looked up abruptly and a light flashed in his eyes. It was the kind of light that an old man like him wouldn’t possess normally.

Subsequently, the old Emperor raised his hand and dismissed the eunuchs. Pei Wuchen knelt on the floor again and the Emperor spoke, “Since that is the case, we shall give you a chance. If you speak nonsense, don’t blame us for showing no mercy.”

When Pei Wuchen knelt down again, he let out a long breath of relief. Right now, Pei Wuchen’s back was drenched with cold sweat, but even so, he still had to speak of the matter in his heart.

“Emperor Father loathes this engagement so much because Luo Chu is just an orphaned daughter. More so because she has innately crippled meridians and cannot cultivate. If she were to marry this son, it wouldn’t benefit the imperial clan in any way. Furthermore, this official son has been under the Phoenix King Valley since a young age and has never met with her. Moreover, this official son is the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master and fondness has been bred through familiarity with Feng Wan’er. A perspicacious person will naturally know the choice to be made This official son thought about this point. However, this official son recently learned about many strange things.”

“Oh? Strange? What is strange? Why don’t you tell me about it?” The old Emperor’s eyes were slightly narrowed and the light in his eyes had dimmed.

“There are three points. Firstly, Luo Chu is Divine Physician Bai. She went to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range as well and wasn’t at a disadvantage when fighting against multiple members of the Phoenix King Valley. Even when Feng Wan’er wanted to assassinate Luo Chu, the latter used a peculiar movement skill to keep her life. Feng Wan’er was made to look like a fool.”

“How do you know that Luo Chu is Divine Physician Bai?” The old Emperor’s brows were knitted together as he obviously didn’t believe what Pei Wuchen had said.

“This is related to the second point. When Feng Wan’er disregarded the Green Flame Eagle to assassinate Divine Physician Bai, this official son felt something was strange. After all, Divine Physician Bai is just a commoner and it is impossible for him to offend Feng Wan’er. During the latter part of the struggle for the Green Flame Eagle. Lu Wenshu suddenly assumed that Divine Physician Bai wanted to seize the Green Flame Eagle, hence, he launched a sword qi towards her. Right at this moment, Second Brother became extremely anxious and blocked Lu Wenshu’s attack with his own body. The name ‘Luo Chu’ left his mouth and when confirming the rumors of how Second Brother paid multiple visits to the general’s residence, this official son thinks that Second Brother already knows of her true identity.”

Pei Wuchen raised his head to look at the old Emperor who had always been mistrustful and suspicious. Once he noticed that the old Emperor’s expression was normal, he mustered his courage and continued his report.

“The final point is the strangest. Emperor Father should also know that the Green Flame Eagle would protect its young with all its might. Unless it dies, there will be no way for anyone to obtain the eggs. However, Divine Physician Bai managed to force it to leave its children. In other words, Luo Chu accomplished the task of prying the Green Flame Eagle from its eggs. When Divine Physician Bai saw that Second Brother was injured, he immediately withdrew from the struggle and carried Second Brother away from the battlefield. Who would have expected for the Green Flame Eagle to abandon its children to carry the both of them out of the forest? How can an ordinary person receive such treatment from the Green Flame Eagle?”

The old Emperor stayed silent for a moment. Immediately after, he dismissed Pei Wuchen and said, “I will find out more about this matter. There is no need for you to worry about it.”

“De Quan, prepare the decree and summon Luo Chu of the general’s residence. She is to appear before us after the morning assembly.” The old Emperor immediately gave his instructions after Pei Wuchen left.

The eunuch acknowledged his orders and started to grind the ink for the Emperor to write the decree.

After checking the decree for mistakes, he stamped on it with the golden seal.

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