Chapter 166: So-Called Reward

“Your Majesty, His First Highness and His Third Highness have returned. They are here to make a report.” The Emperor’s eunuch informed the Emperor.

Early in the morning, the Emperor had already heard that Pei Rumo had obtained the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling. It was absolutely normal for him to be reporting back. However, why was Pei Wuchen requesting an audience?

“Did the Third Prince mention his reason for being here?” The Emperor was suspicious.

The eunuch glanced to the left and right noticed that all the other eunuchs were busy. The eunuch then went closer to the Emperor’s ear and whispered. “His Third Highness told this servant that he wishes to have a discussion about that person in the general’s residence.”

The old Emperor stayed silent for a long time before instructing the eunuch, “Since that is the case, ask him to wait at the side palace hall. After I finish things up with the First Prince, I will call for him.”

“Understood.” That eunuch responded with a soft voice before exiting the door. He asked someone to make arrangements for Pei Wuchen as he led the First Prince into the room.

“This official son pays his respects to Emperor Father, may Emperor Father live for ten thousand years.” Pei Rumo immediately knelt in front of the Emperor when he entered the hall.

The Emperor raised his hand and an indication for the eunuch to help Pei Rumo up. He then said, “Mo’er, why are you so courteous? Hurry up and stand up. Now that you have contributed greatly to our Cloud Water Nation, Emperor Father won’t treat you badly. Why will I let you suffer?”

“Thanks for Emperor Father’s grace.” Pei Rumo stood up immediately. “Reporting to Emperor Father, this official son is fortunate enough to bring back a single egg. Our Cloud Water Nation’s imperial clan will now have a spirit beast to watch over us.”

“Mo’er is right. Your contributions cannot go unnoticed. This being the case, what do you wish for?” The old Emperor narrowed his eyes as though he was waiting for Pei Rumo’s response.

How could Pei Rumo not know what his Emperor Father was thinking of? He immediately declined the offer. “Emperor Father is too kind. Taking the Green Flame Eagle’s youngling is my duty. How can I ask Emperor Father for a reward? This official son is no longer a child who will demand for sweets. Moreover, this official son is only strong enough to complete the mission due to Emperor Father’s nurturing. This son is not shameless enough to request for a reward.”

The Emperor was still suspicious in his heart and he asked again, “Oh? Do you not want anything? After you walk past a village, it will be difficult to find a shop. In the future, if you wish to ask for a reward from your Emperor Father, it will not be as easy.”

Pei Rumo knew that if he couldn’t provide a proper reason, he would not be able to dispel his Emperor Father’s suspicion. “If Emperor Father insists on giving this official son a reward, why not give me a fews days off? Your official son will be able to take a short break. After all, this official son has always been buried by imperial documents all day long. After this trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, my rusty bones are tired. I wish for Emperor Father to grant my wish.”

“Just that?” The old Emperor was very doubtful. Pei Rumo didn’t speak anymore and nodded his head silently. He looked up at his Emperor Father with sincere eyes and the old Emperor laughed heartily. “Hahahaha. Good! You’re worthy of being my eldest son! Since there is nothing much these few days, you can go and take a break.” The old Emperor waved his hand and bestowed Pei Rumo the reward he ‘wanted’.

“This official son thanks Emperor Father for his grace. If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.” Pei Rumo responded and bowed before backing out of the door.

When he left, he noticed that Pei Wuchen was called into the throne room. He felt curious and asked the eunuch, “Is Third Brother here to report something?”

That eunuch had been around the old Emperor for some time and knew that Pei Wuchen’s engagement should be mentioned. He looked around before replying, “How can servants like us know anything about the master’s affairs? The Third Prince said that he had something to report. This old servant doesn’t know anything else.”

Pei Rumo knew that he wasn’t going to fish out any information from this old crafty eunuch. He took out a few gold coins and handed it over to the eunuch without batting an eyelid. “Thank you for the trouble. Earlier on, Rumo was too curious. I hope that eunuch wouldn’t take it to heart.”

When that eunuch saw that several gold coins appeared in his hand, a brilliant smile formed on his face. “You have flattered me. Your First Highness has also grown up under this old servant’s care. Why will this old servant tell on you?”

“Since that is the case, Rumo shall give his thanks. It is already late, Rumo had yet to rest after rushing back from the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. I shall head back to my residence.” Pei Rumo cupped his fist and bowed before leaving. He didn’t turn back.

After exiting the gate of the imperial palace, Pei Rumo’s personal servant grumbled with dissatisfaction. “Your Highness, why do you have to curry favor with those castrated people?”

Pei Rumo glanced at his servant and shook his head. It seemed like this servant wasn’t living up to his expectations. “Do you think he is an ordinary eunuch? Emperor Father was able to ascend to the throne because of his contribution. If he wasn’t castrated, he would be an official under the Emperor! Emperor Father is getting more distrustful these days. Not only towards the people of the imperial court, but doesn’t trust his sons as well. Now, he is growing closer to those castrated men. That is why I treat them politely.”

Pei Rumo thought about how that lass would be able to understand his actions.

“This servant isn’t thorough in his thoughts. I shall drive the horses back to the residence.”

“Hey, there is no need to hurry. Let us wait for my Third Brother. Let’s see what nonsense he is going to cook up this time.” Pei Rumo closed his eyes as he dozed off in his carriage.

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