Chapter 157: Scheme

Qianqian not only felt an intense pain in her wrist, her face was ghastly pale from Bai Luochu’s spirit qi attack. She wasn’t able to speak smoothly.

“You… Loosen your hand, it hurts so much!” Due to the pain, Qianqian whimpered.

When Bai Luochu saw that she had taught Qianqian a lesson, she loosened her grip. It was enough punishment and there was no need to leave a permanent injury.

As soon as Qianqian’s wrist was released, she immediately withdrew her hand. Seeing that Bai Luochu wasn’t going to make another move, she carefully twisted her wrist to alleviate the pain.

Even after all this, Bai Luochu still noticed that her cousin’s eyes were still looking inside the room. When she couldn’t see anything, she extended her neck in order to catch a glimpse of the man in the room.

Bai Luochu understood that if she didn’t allow Qianqian to enter the door today, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy any peace. In the end, Bai Luochu decided to allow her in. With Pei Qingfeng’s personality, if Qianqian was to enter and disturb him, he would surely admonish her. It would be a chance to teach Qianqian a good lesson so that she wouldn’t behave like a mad dog who wouldn’t loosen its jaw after chomping down on something.

“Let me ask you a question first. If I allow you to enter, are you sure you won’t regret your decision? Will you bear the responsibility of your actions?” Bai Luochu immediately fired two questions at Qianqian in order to turn her away.

Right now, Qianqian was assured of her victory and she didn’t detect anything peculiar with Bai Luochu’s questions. In fact, she didn’t even register the two questions.

“As long as elder sister doesn’t regret, that’s good enough. Why are you still standing in my way? Is there an unspeakable secret inside the room?” Qianqian smugly retorted and as she looked at Bai Luochu with an expression of disdain.

When Bai Luochu saw that her cousin was determined to enter, she no longer tried to stop her. On the contrary, she politely invited Qianqian into the room. The moment Qianqian walked past Bai Luochu, Bai Luochu spoke so softly her words were barely audible. “I hope you will be able to bear the consequences of your actions.”

Snapping her head around, Qianqian looked at Bai Luochu and a feeling of dread appeared on her heart.

The current Bai Luochu had a profound smile on her face and a sinister light flashed through her eyes. Bai Luochu looked like a hunter who had set up an inescapable net for her prey.

Since Qianqian had already stepped through the entrance, there was no reason for her to back out. In Qianqian’s opinion, if she were to retreat right now, she would be admitting that she was afraid. In the future, as long as Bai Luochu was around, she would never be able to raise her head again. Throwing caution to the wind, she steeled her heart and walked into the room.

She scanned the area and her gaze ultimately landed on the bed.

In order to allow Pei Qingfeng’s rest to be as pleasant as possible, Bai Luochu lowered the drapes in order to block the light. Looking through the drape, Qianqian saw a fuzzy figure. She became more and more excited and felt that Bai Luochu was smashing her foot with a boulder by allowing her to enter the room. Qianqian had a smug expression on her face and she shot out a question at Bai Luochu. “Can elder sister tell me why the drape is lowered? Are you trying to hide something? If you don’t mind, your sister would like to see what you are trying to hide.”

Qianqian was sure that Bai Luochu wouldn’t allow her to raise the drapes. In fact, she planned to tear them open when Bai Luochu chased her out of the room. She would be able to catch her in the act and no matter how eloquent Luo Chu was, she would be unable to escape from her punishment.

However, Qianqian was wrong. Bai Luochu wanted to hide the fact that Pei Qingfeng was injured from everyone so that they wouldn’t be able to use his injury to their advantage. It would also allow Pei Qingfeng to rest easy during this period of time. After all, he was Bai Luochu’s patient and if she took too long to treat him, she wouldn’t be worthy of her status as a godly physician.

When Bai Luochu saw how anxious her cousin was to jump in the pit, she immediately complied. “Just open it. Why are you so concerned?”

When Qianqian heard Bai Luochu’s response, her heart started to pound rapidly. She didn’t hesitate as she raised the drapes covering the bed.

She didn’t dare to believe the scene in front of her eyes. There was indeed a man lying on the bed and he was suffering from severe injuries. However, the face that greeted her sent her into shock. Why was the Second Prince lying in Luo Chu’s bed?

Qianqian head started to spin. After all, this was the person she had been yearning for but right now, he was lying in the bed of the person she hated the most.

It was impossible for Qianqian to escape. She wanted to ruin Bai Luochu’s reputation and force her to submit. She never imagined that she would be on the losing end once again. Haha… it was no wonder Bai Luochu could act like a lofty mountain. Am I dreaming right now? How can His Second Highness be together with my wastrel of an older cousin?!

“Did you do this on purpose? You know that I am interested in the Second Prince but you choose to humiliate me. Are you not ashamed to snatch your cousin’s lover? You even dare to scheme against the Second Prince. Do you think that you will be able to make the Second Prince treat you favorably because of this? In your dreams!” Qianqian wasn’t clear about her current feelings. She felt as though she swallowed a fly.

Qianqian really had a unique train of thought. She even managed to come up with a story of ‘two sisters fighting over a handsome man’. It seemed as though Qianqian didn’t merely lack a brain. It seemed like she was dropped on the head as a baby.

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