Chapter 149: The Suspicious Lu Wenshu

Among everyone present, the person who experienced the most shock was Lu Wenshu. Right now, the Green Flame Eagle had already recognized Divine Physician Bai as its owner. If someone were to say that the renowned Divine Physician Bai wasn’t related to Bai Luochu, he would never believe it. Just a moment ago, what did the Second Prince call her? Luo Chu? Could this Luo Chu be...

“Who is this Divine Physician Bai? The Second Prince risked his life to save him, then, the Green Flame Eagle recognized him as its owner… Do you know his true identity?” Lu Wenshu asked Ying Lan.

Earlier, Lu Wenshu had already noticed that this person was unable to hold himself back the moment he introduced himself. As soon as he explained the purpose of his arrival, this person erupted with killing intent and rushed towards Lu Wenshu. When Divine Physician Bai was in danger, he lost his concentration and allowed Lu Wenshu to launch his sword qi. If this person dared to claim that he wasn’t related to Divine Physician Bai, he might as well say that he wasn’t related to his parents.

When Ying Lan heard Lu Wenshu’s question, he knew that things were taking a bad turn. Lu Wenshu was already suspecting the both of them. In fact, Ying Lan disliked speaking to anyone as he was originally Bai Luochu’s secret guard who carried out her orders without question. Normally, he wouldn’t be asked to deal with people. He might be proficient in schemes and business, but he had also hired an innkeeper to manage the Remote Paddy Inn while he was in control of the overall situation behind the scenes. It was fine if someone else asked him the question. However, this was Lu Wenshu. He was a true fox. He was a fox who could remain calm as he dug a pit for others to jump into. He was also able to make his target willingly jump into the pit.

However, Ying Lan knew that the lack of response would make Lu Wenshu even more suspicious. Ying Lan had no choice but to shift his vision to the eggs that the Green Flame Eagle had just laid. It would prevent Lu Wenshu from detecting anything strange from his expression.

“Sire must be joking. I am just a nobody from a small faction. I am here to gain some experience. How is it possible for me to know the renowned Divine Physician Bai?”

How could it be so easy to deceive Lu Wenshu? Seeing that he was unable to make Ying Lan speak the truth, he asked again, “Oh, I see. I assumed that you were related to Divine Physician Bai as you were distracted when she was placed in a perilous situation. How else would I be able to launch my sword qi?”

When Ying Lan heard Lu Wenshu speak of the matter once again, he nearly lost it. However, Ying Lan knew that he couldn’t reveal anything now and he replied once again, “I am a benevolent person and I failed to notice the sneak attack of a devious b*stard. When the Second Prince yelled so loudly, it was hard for me to ignore him.”

“Since you are a benevolent being, why did you fly out and attack me the moment I appeared? Your moves were ruthless and you were trying to take my life. What is the meaning of this?”

Ying Lan was grumbling inwardly and he thought that it was really difficult to deal with Lu Wenshu. However, he was already caught in the middle of the mess and he had to finish the show. Ying Lan immediately replied, “Sire might not know but I am someone who likes to offer my assistance in the face of injustice. Today, many people have lost their lives and you laid claim over the Green Flame Eagle the moment you appeared. I felt indignant and was rather rash when dealing with the matter. I hope for sire’s forgiveness for my rude behavior.”

Lu Wenshu saw that Ying Lan was a tough nut to crack. He knew that no matter how he asked, he wasn’t going to obtain any useful information. It seemed like he had to personally investigate Divine Physician Bai’s identity.

“Lass Wan’er! Now that adult Green Flame Eagle is gone, hurry up and seize the eggs! Otherwise, we won’t be able to explain ourselves to the Valley Master!”

When the old hall master saw that the Green Flame Eagle had left, he was extremely resentful. He immediately transmitted a secret message to Feng Wan’er and asked her to take advantage of the fact that everyone was still dumbstruck to seize the eggs of the Green Flame Eagle. It was the only way they would be able to avoid punishment when they returned.

Feng Wan’er heard the message and glanced at the old hall master. She looked at Pei Wuchen who had a dull expression on his face. Pei Wuchen’s expression didn’t change from the time when Pei Qingfeng suffered injuries and Feng Wan’er immediately assumed that he was feeling sorry for his brother. As a result, she didn’t execute the old hall master’s order and was concerned about Pei Wuchen instead.

“Senior Brother Wuchen, are you feeling unwell? I know that the Second Prince is seriously injured, but Divine Physician Bai is beside him. I am sure he will be able to get well soon.”

Feng Wan’er might be consoling Pei Wuchen, but her heart was filled with hatred for Bai Luochu. She was supposed to die under Lu Wenshu’s sword and no one expected Pei Qingfeng to risk his life to save her. What a slut. Why is everyone showing so much concern for her?!

The reason why Feng Wan’er brought up Divine Physician Bai was because she wanted Pei Wuchen to hate Bai Luochu. After all, the Second Prince was injured because he wanted to rescue Divine Physician Bai. If she was able to treat the Second Prince, nothing would happen to her. However, if she failed, she would definitely be buried beside the Second Prince.

Feng Wan’er would never understand that her words were completely ineffective. Right now, Pei Wuchen wasn’t feeling sorrowful because of his brotherly sentiments. It was because of the name that he heard when Pei Qingfeng rushed over to save her.

Luo Chu?! Is she the Luo Chu I’m thinking of? If she was, Pei Wuchen would probably need to reconsider his engagement. After all, she wasn’t as simple as everyone thought she was. When he thought about her identity, Pei Wuchen wasn’t in the mood to fight over the eggs.

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