Chapter 144: Taking the Initiative

If Bai Luochu was present, she would laugh at all of them. All these ‘righteous’ people were killing each other over a Green Flame Eagle. Where were their manners and honorable demeanor?I

Luo Chu… you were right. The righteous might not be honorable and the evil might not be wicked. Everyone is merely walking on a different path. Even though cultivators enter the orthodox path, they may face corruption due to their greed. Cultivators who enter the unorthodox path may be doing so because of their cultivation technique. They might not be evil after all...

As everyone stood rooted to their place, Bai Luochu was feeling suspicious. When she heard how Lu Wenshu wanted to set up a contract with the Green Flame Eagle, she was enraged. From what it looked like, she really had a position in his heart. Otherwise, why would he try to obtain the Green Flame Eagle?

Bai Luochu sneered in her heart and felt that her previous life was nothing more than a joke. Her husband whom she loved dearly was a chess piece planted by her enemy. She offered him her heart but was given a miserable death as her temple got razed to the ground. Because of her love for him, she was willing to break off all relations with her teacher. It was the first time she had been moved by a man. All she received was betrayal… In the end, she felt that she was nothing more than a joke.

When Bai Luochu saw the Green Flame Eagle, she could still remember the part of her life where things were going well. However, this heartless rat was here using his status to obtain the Green Flame Eagle in front of her.

Bai Luochu, oh Bai Lucohu, when are you going to sober up? This person doesn’t even like you. He is the one who caused your death! Why are you still thinking about him?! Will he care about whether or not you truly loved him?

Thinking that she had already seen through Lu Wenshu’s objective, Bai Luochu became furious. A feeling of hatred filled her heart and Bai Luochu almost lost consciousness because of it. She wanted to make use of the chaos to sneak up on Lu Wenshu to clear this huge blood debt between them.

Just as Bai Luochu was about to act, a figure flashed past her eyes. Ying Lan was the first to move.

In fact, Ying Lan was shocked when everyone stopped fighting. When he was certain that no one was targeting his mistress, he turned to look at the person who just arrived.

As soon as Lu Wenshu’s face entered his sights, Ying Lan felt as though a thunderbolt struck him. He stood rooted to the ground and stared blankly at Bai Luochu in order to confirm his identity.

The moment Ying Lan realized that it was really Lu Wenshu, his blood boiled. If it wasn’t because of the fact that Bai Luochu had given him the order to lie low, he would have already flown over and bashed Lu Wenshu up.

Ying Lan had been keeping his anger in check as he silently observed Bai Luochu. If his mistress were to fall into a state of sorrow, he would disregard everyone and engage Lu Wenshu with all his might.

The final straw was when Lu Wenshu said that he wanted to obtain the Green Flame Eagle no matter what. Ying Lan knew that Bai Luochu was the one who rescued this Green Flame Eagle from the mouth of the python years ago. How could he not know the reason behind Bai Luochu’s insistence to obtain it?

According to Ying Lan, Bai Luochu was determined to obtain the Green Flame Eagle as she was unwilling to forget her wonderful past. As for Lu Wenshu… he was definitely thinking of how he could benefit from this instead of Bai Luochu’s feelings. It was the same situation as three years ago. His mistress fell into such a miserable state because of Lu Wenshu. In Lu Wenshu’s heart, no one else mattered. In the eyes of the world, Bai Luochu had vanished from the face of the earth and Ying Lan assumed that the last thing Lu Wenshu would think about was his mistress. The ball of rage in Ying Lan’s heart burned brighter when he turned around and saw that Bai Luochu’s fists were turning white due to how hard she was clenching them. He could no longer endure it and shot towards Lu Wenshu as he prepared to teach that heartless b*stard a lesson.

When Ying Lan flew towards Lu Wenshu, a myriad of thoughts flashed through his mind. The closer he got, the angrier he felt. Ying Lan knew that the moment his sword touched the side of Lu Wenshu’s neck, there would be but a single thought left in his head. Mistress died a miserable death in her previous life and the temple was destroyed. Countless disciples suffered miserably and no one knows if they are still alive. The culprit behind all of that dares to strut around as if nothing is related to him. The heavens are unreasonable! You dare to appear in front of me right now and we’ll settle everything once and for all! 

When Lu Wenshu saw Ying Lan flying towards him, he prepared himself for a battle. However, he never expected Ying Lan to execute so many deadly moves in such a short while. Lu Wenshu carefully sized up Ying Lan’s appearance and felt that he was somewhat familiar. However, he was unable to recall where he had seen Ying Lan before.

Before Lu Wenshu could arrange his thoughts, Ying Lan brandished the sword in his hand and sent another wave of lethal attacks towards Lu Wenshu. Due to Ying Lan’s background, his killing moves were much more vicious than others. If one couldn’t dodge it in time, even if they didn’t die, they would be seriously injured. If one didn’t use superior spirit medicine to nurse himself back to health, it wouldn’t be long before they turned into a cripple.

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