Chapter 143: Intentional Instigation

Seeing as someone spoke up, Lu Wenshu didn’t try to make things difficult for them. “To be honest, this Green Flame Eagle is really important to me. I am here today because I am determined to obtain this Green Flame Eagle. I hope that everyone can resign yourselves to part with this treasure. I will not interfere with the young eagles. As long as everyone can allow me to bring this Green Flame Eagle away, I will leave immediately.”

Lu Wenshu might have said that he wasn’t going to fight for the eggs, but he had other plans in mind. After everyone was exhausted from fighting over the eggs, he would swoop in and grab them all. Even though his method was despicable, everyone present was attacking the Green Flame Eagle when it gave birth. He was going to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Of course, that was all in Lu Wenshu’s head. How would the Phoenix King Valley and other factions allow him to do as he pleased? However, no one dared to speak out and for a moment, everyone was stuck in a stalemate.

The old hall master thought about Lu Wenshu’s appearance and felt that it was bizarre for him to fight with them over a Green Flame Eagle. After all, with his strength, he no longer had a need for spirit beasts. If he was interested in the Green Flame Eagle because of his feelings for Bai Luochu, that would be even more absurd. He didn’t seem like a sentimental person. In fact, he betrayed Bai Luochu and was the main cause of her death.

Thoughts flew through the old hall master’s mind and the other factions started to do some calculations in their heart. Although they didn’t participate in the ‘Battle of Thousand Brilliance’, all of them heard the rumors. When the evil dao witch was executed, Lu Wenshu’s contribution was the deciding factor. Had it not been for Lu Wenshu’s betrayal, the evil dao witch wouldn’t have fallen. No one thought that Lu Wenshu would behave so eccentrically after her death. He even protected her disciples... Initially, the smaller factions thought that the inheritance would be leaked as no one was defending it. They felt as though they would be able to profit from the disaster but Lu Wenshu turned around and started to act against them at the very last minute. The Three Great Immortal Sects suffered greatly during their hunt for the evil dao witch. When they were unable to obtain the inheritance, their losses far outweighed their gains. They had no choice but to turn their spearhead towards the smaller factions in order to recoup their losses. Because of Lu Wenshu’s actions, all of them lived miserable lives. As such, all the small factions directed their hatred towards Lu Wenshu as well.

Now that everyone was exhausted, he appeared out of nowhere and claimed the Green Flame Eagle for himself. What complete bullsh*t! Furthermore, when he made his demands, he ignored all the smaller factions and spoke to the Phoenix King Valley directly. Were they non-existent? All of the smaller factions cursed at him and made up their mind to make things difficult for Lu Wenshu.

Someone whose brain was working quickly directed the attention to the Phoenix King Valley. “Will sire please listen to me? We know that we aren’t strong enough and even if we wanted to set up a contract with the Green Flame Eagle, we won’t be able to with our pitiful spiritual energy. However, we had enough of the Phoenix King Valley and are here to pit ourselves against them for their tyrannical rule. I wish that sire can work together with us to put up a fight against the Phoenix King Valley.”

None of them present had any objections. None of the smaller factions were a match for the Phoenix King Valley. However, if they were to form an alliance, they might be able to put up some resistance.

Everyone who was smart enough knew that even though this person seemed like he was resenting the Phoenix King Valley, his intention was to cause a fight between Lu Wenshu and the Phoenix King Valley. After all, these smaller factions were suffering because Lu Wenshu broke his agreement with the Three Great Immortal Sects in the past. Why couldn’t they make use of this chance to take their revenge?

As soon as the words left the man’s mouth, everyone fell silent. The atmosphere became heavy and it seemed as though there was a mountain pressing down on their shoulders. The silence was enough to suffocate anyone present.

Both parties remained in a deadlock and it was Lu Wenshu who broke the silence. It seemed as though he was trying to probe the Phoenix King Valley. “Is everyone here determined to obtain the Green Flame Eagle?”

Hearing Lu Wenshu’s question, the old hall master regained his wits. “Hahaha, sire must be joking with us. We managed to obtain this piece of information because we had a spy present. They managed to obtain this piece of information because those outer valley disciples broke the rules. Had it not been for the outer valley disciple, there wouldn’t be so many people gathered here. This Green Flame Eagle was our Phoenix King Valley’s to begin with.”

This old hall master was truly an old fox. He was making it clear that the Green Flame Eagle belonged to the Phoenix King Valley. The hidden meaning behind his words were that the small factions were overestimating their capabilities and should return to where they came from.

Lu Wenshu knew the old hall master’s meaning. Other than Lu Wenshu, he didn’t place anyone else in his eyes. Moreover, Lu Wenshu was someone who managed to protect the evil dao inheritance for three years. If the old hall master were to claim that Lu Wenshu wasn’t capable of saving the Green Flame Eagle, it would be the same as saying that he was useless.

Lu Wenshu pretended as though he didn’t understand and he quickly responded. “Since that is the case, why not rely on our own capabilities to obtain the Green Flame Eagle? I’m afraid there will be some people who won’t be convinced otherwise.” Lu Wenshu spoke and casually glanced at the man who instigated the battle between himself and the Phoenix King Valley. It had only been three years, but it seemed as though the quality of the factions was deteriorating. 

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