Chapter 140: Dangerous Situation

Bai Luochu utilized her movement skill to the fullest while dodging Feng Wan’er’s strikes and Pei Qingfeng who was standing at the side was amazed.

He never thought that other than her extraordinary medical skills, Bai Luochu would also be able to hold her own against someone from the Phoenix King Valley. She was even able to borrow the power of their attacks to edge closer to her goal. It seemed as though Bai Luochu was hiding a lot of secrets.

Pei Qingfeng thought about it and shook his head as he snickered to himself. He muttered, “Looks like you’re hiding a lot of secrets… I’ve underestimated you. For someone able to stand up against so many princes, how can you be an ordinary person?”

Pei Rumo was shocked as well. However, his expression didn’t change. Wasn’t this lass a wastrel? In half a month, she improved so much! Was she pretending to be a wastrel all this while? Nothing more needs to be said. She is able to hold up against Feng Wan’er’s onslaught while fighting against other opponents, all while moving in the direction of the Green Flame Eagle! If she started her cultivation earlier, who would be able to fight against her? Even the evil dao witch and her lover, Lu Wenshu, might not be her opponent… However, one of them was already buried underneath the earth and the other withdrew from worldly affairs after the incident. Will there come a day when I will no longer be able to make use of this lass?

As for Pei Wuchen, he noticed Bai Luochu not because of her exquisite movement skill. It was because Feng Wan’er was hell bent on killing her. Pei Wuchen wondered about how someone like Divine Physician Bai was able to cause Feng Wan’er to go crazy. He felt that there was something suspicious about it and recalled his previous guess. He was stunned for a second. Could it be that Wan’er already knew about the engagement? Is Luo Chu actually Divine Physician Bai?

Pei Wuchen shook his head and suppressed his bold thought. It seemed as though he had to find a time to settle this matter once and for all.

At that moment, Pei Rumo and Pei Wuchen’s interest towards Bai Luochu exceeded their interest towards the Green Flame Eagle. If Feng Wan’er could see the look on Pei Wuchen’s face right now, she would probably disregard the fact that there were thousands of eyes looking at her and give her all to turn Bai Luochu into a pile of mincemeat.

Bai Luochu wasn’t feeling too well at the moment. She had to focus her attention on killing her enemies on one side while avoiding Feng Wan’er’s crazed attacks. She also had to pay attention to the Green Flame Eagle’s wellbeing.

By this time, the Green Flame Eagle had already given birth and it was protecting its children while it battled against groups of people. Ordinarily, even if it had to protect its young, a simple wave of its wings would send its attackers flying. However, it had just entered into a state of weakness after giving birth. The Green Flame Eagle didn’t possess the energy to fight so many people at the same time. With the Phoenix King Valley’s disciples combined attacks, it quickly fell to a disadvantage. Right now, there were many cuts on its wings and the Green Flame Eagle portrayed a sorry picture.

Bai Luochu saw that the Green Flame Eagle was hurt and a trace of anxiousness formed in her heart. She was the one who saved it years ago. Today, she was determined to do it again. She wouldn’t allow anyone to lay their hands on the Green Flame Eagle!

Bai Luochu no longer cared about revealing her identity as she pulled out the poison needles from her belt. The needles shot towards the attackers surrounding the Green Flame Eagle at an astounding speed. The poison on the needles was non-lethal, but anyone who was affected by it would be unable to circulate their spirit qi. After all, Bai Luochu’s goal wasn’t to kill as many experts as possible. Her goal was to save the Green Flame Eagle.

When everyone realized that they could no longer circulate their spirit qi, they quickly retreated in order to not die a meaningless death. After all, without spirit qi, their lives were like cabbages. Anyone would be able to harvest them.

When everyone left, a huge gap was created and Bai Luochu charged towards it. She wanted to break the restriction set up by the members of the Phoenix King Valley.

Seeing as things were going south, Feng Wan’er knew that she could no longer hide on the sidelines to assassinate Bai Luochu. After all, everyone’s attention was on the Green Flame Eagle. They were too close to it and if anyone realized that she was the one who killed the divine physician, the reputation of the Phoenix King Valley would go down the drain. After all, she was just a cheap servant girl. It wouldn’t be difficult for Feng Wan’er to get rid of her in the future.

Feng Wan’er immediately withdrew and charged towards the main troops of the Phoenix King Valley. The Phoenix King Valley had already set up a restriction around the Green Flame Eagle and those not from the same faction would be unable to approach the spirit beast.

The opening she painstakingly created was quickly filled up. No matter how much Bai Luochu wanted to avoid fighting, it wasn’t possible. Her enemies were like locust, charging in wave after wave. In the end, Bai Luochu had to take them on while thinking of another plan to break the Phoenix King Valley’s restriction.

Seeing as how the Phoenix King Valley were about to achieve their goal, Bai Luochu was starting to panic as she hadn’t been able to break their restriction. Looking at the messy battlefield, Ying Lan quickly made his way over to Bai Luochu’s side in order to absorb some of the pressure.

“Mistress, break the restriction at all cost. I will cover you.” Ying Lan transmitted his voice to Bai Luochu.

Hearing Ying Lan’s assurance, Bai Luochu calmed herself down. The poison needles flew out once again to push her opponents back and Bai Luochu turned around to focus on breaking the restriction.

Another group of people left the battlefield after suffering from Bai Luochu’s poison needles. Ying Lan took this chance to form a barrier in front of Bai Luochu as he kept all the enemies away from her.

When the old hall master saw that Bai Luochu was focused on breaking their restriction, a trace of disdain appeared in his heart. He opened his mouth and mocked her, “Our little friend here shouldn’t bother himself. Our Phoenix King Valley’s restriction isn’t something the likes of you can break. If something happens, you will be hit by an intense backlash. This old man knows that you possess a kind heart. However, you shouldn’t overestimate yourself.”

The old hall master spoke arrogantly but Bai Luochu completely ignored his sarcastic remark. Instead, she continued to think of a way to break the restriction. After hearing what the old hall master said, her hands moved even faster than before.

Before a quarter of an hour passed, an unknown figure made him eat his words.

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