Chapter 134: Making Threats and Promises

After Bai Luochu spoke, she left the study room without turning back. When she exited the Remote Paddy Inn, she even pushed her movement skill to the limit and returned to the residence. She was afraid that Ying Lan would chase after her to make her give up on the journey to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.

Ying Lan watched as his mistress vanished instantly and knew that he couldn’t chase after her even if he wanted to. He was cursing the speed at which Bai Luochu improved and the fact that she was adamant about heading over to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Since he had no chance of convincing her, he was no longer at a loss of what to do as he went straight into his study room. As soon as he stepped into the study room, Ying Lan thought that since he couldn’t persuade his mistress, why not look for that silver-haired man to threaten him and make him promise that he would protect the mistress with all he had? Ying Lan thought that it was a great idea and made his way to the silver-haired man’s residence.

This time, Ying Lan didn’t hesitate, after all, this matter was already a done deal. He was here simply because of his mistress’ safety and it was something that he wouldn’t feel hesitant about. Once Ying Lan arrived at the entrance of that silver-haired man’s courtyard, he immediately knocked on the door.

The silver-haired man was currently enjoying wine while admiring the moon. When he heard someone knocking on the door, he felt rather curious. Since he didn’t have any friends in the capital city, who would look for him at this time?

After thinking about it, the silver-haired man walked straight to the entrance and opened the door. When he saw Ying Lan, he instantly knew that Ying Lan was here because of the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range. Without delay, he invited Ying Lan into the house.

Ying Lan originally wanted to mock the silver-haired man for opening the door so late at night. However, when he recalled the silver-haired man’s strength, the words couldn’t leave his mouth. If he was to ask his question, he might be made fun of instead. He wasn’t going to do such things to dig a pit for himself. He entered the door without reservations and headed straight for the stone table in the yard and sat down.

The silver-haired man poured a cup for wine for Ying Lan before asking, “Why is Commander Ying Lan visiting at such a late hour?”

In fact, the silver-haired man already guessed Ying Lan’s purpose. He was asking because he wanted Ying Lan to take the initiative to beg him, allowing him to gain the upper hand in this conversation.

Ying Lan wasn’t a greenhorn and he naturally knew the silver-haired man’s intention. But right now, the mistress’ safety was of paramount concern and he couldn’t be bothered. He immediately explained his purpose of visit. “I am afraid you have already guessed my purpose of visit. I still don’t approve of you following Master to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, but since the Master has already made up his mind, as a subordinate, I can’t say anything else. I hope you can understand that I am willing to look for you, not because I trust you. It’s because I need you to spend more effort when protecting my master during the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range.”

Ying Lan finished his statement while the silver-haired man kept silent. Ying Lan was immediately agitated but he knew that he couldn’t do anything to anger the silver-haired man. Hence, he swallowed the ball of rage in his heart and said, “I hope you can understand the importance of protecting Master. You and I have similar cultivation and if anything happens to Master, I will risk my life to kill you.”

The silver-haired man finally raised his head to look at Ying Lan with his limpid eyes. He still had an indifferent expression but he was cursing silently as he thought about how Ying Lan was asking him for help. Wasn’t this a threat? In fact, even if Ying Lan didn’t come, he was going to make sure that Bai Luochu would return unscathed without losing even one strand of hair.

The silver-haired man was a person who was proud and aloof. He didn’t want to fight with Ying Lan and he quickly replied, “Commander Ying doesn’t have to worry. I will definitely protect him. If there is nothing else, please return. I still have to rest.”

The silver-haired man immediately chased Ying Lan out. When Ying Lan noticed that he had already achieved his objective, he didn’t say anything else and left.

The silver-haired man closed the door and returned to the stone table. He looked at the cup of untouched wine he had poured for Ying Lan and finished it all. He raised his head and looked at the beautiful moon as he lamented softly, “The trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range… is truly worth looking forward to.”

After speaking, he emptied the last of his wine and returned to his room. Before long, the candles were extinguished and it was obvious that he had fallen asleep.

On this night, the relay station where the members of the Phoenix King Valley were staying was particularly lively.

After Pei Wuchen exited from Feng Wan’er’s room during the day, he headed straight for the old hall master’s room. However, he was stopped at the entrance and was told that the old hall master was busy and was not going to meet any random person. Since Pei Wuchen was the last disciple of the Phoenix King Valley Master and also one of the officials in the Cloud Water Nation’s imperial court, he wasn’t a fool. How could he not know the old hall master’s intention? He too knew that he had gone overboard when dealing with this matter. Pei Wuchen said nothing else and knelt on the ground with a ‘plop’. He faced the old hall master in the room and yelled out, “This rebellious disciple knows his sin. But this matter is too urgent and I can’t deal with it any other way! The only thing now is to discuss with Hall Master a method where both sides benefit. Wuchen wishes for Hall Master to give me a chance!”

These words were profound like the ocean but there was no response. Pei Wuchen understood that he had angered the old hall master deeply and he didn’t stand up. He simply knelt in the yard, hoping that he could move the old hall master...

Although the weather wasn’t too hot, basking in the sun for a long time was also a kind of suffering. Furthermore, Pei Wuchen was kneeling on the ground and the ground was hot enough to fry an egg. Right now, Pei Wuchen was like a bun in the steamer.

Feng Wan’er delivered food and water to him during this time but he didn’t accept it. After all, the more he suffered now, the higher the chance of him convincing the old hall master. After kneeling for an entire day, his lips were splitting and his body was swaying. Feng Wan’er was feeling the pain in her heart and she couldn’t bear it anymore. She didn’t bother about Pei Wuchen’s refusal and used a handkerchief soaked in water to dab on Pei Wuchen’s lips, allowing Pei Wuchen some relief.

It was already time for dinner and it was clear that the old hall master wasn’t intending to bother with Pei Wuchen.

Feng Wan’er became impatient and wanted to rush through the door and argue with the old hall master. In the end, Pei Wuchen stopped her. “Wan’er, you must not. If you enter right now, everything I have done today will be in vain.”

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