Chapter 116: Confrontation Again

Bai Luochu spent the entire morning immersed in her spiritual energy cultivation. It was much more exhausting to cultivate spiritual energy than spirit qi. Right now, Bai Luochu was famished. She didn’t say anything else and started to devour her lunch.

Ying Lan saw that Bai Luochu didn’t object and made his way out of the room. He then prepared to ask someone to deliver the letter. However, after he thought about it, he realized that it was better for him to personally make the trip. He then pulled a waiter over and asked him to deliver a message to Bai Luochu.

“Young Lady, Commander Ying asked me to deliver a message for him. He said that the matter of cooperation is a serious matter and he has to make the trip personally. If Young Lady has other important matters after lunch, you don’t have to wait for Commander Ying to get back..” That waiter knocked on the door before entering to pass Bai Luochu Ying Lan’s message.

Bai Luochu was startled at first and she almost forgot to chew her food. But she suddenly realized something and it seemed as though she understood something. She then informed the waiter, “I understand, you can go back to work now.”

When the waiter saw that Bai Luochu had a deadpan expression on her face, he took his leave. He closed the door tightly and returned to the main hall to carry on working. After all, it was lunchtime and there were plenty of customers who were there for lunch.

When the waiter had walked far away, Bai Luochu let out a long sigh and thought that Ying Lan was becoming more and more like an old woman.

Bai Luochu understood that Ying Lan didn’t personally head over due to his anxiousness over the so-called ‘serious matter’. She knew that with his cautious personality, he would head over and threaten the other party in order to force him to back off on his own accord. If he wasn’t able to do so, he wanted to beat up the silver-haired man to avoid malicious thoughts from appearing in his head.

Ying Lan was ultimately a servant who served Bai Luochu in her previous life and she was spot on when predicting Ying Lan’s actions. Ying Lan was currently heading towards the silver-haired man’s courtyard. A simple task of delivering a letter wasn’t something he was inclined to do personally. However, he had his plans. He was strolling slowly because he wanted to stall for time in order to think of a strategy. As he thought about how he was going to deal with the silver-haired man, a ball of anger started to well up in Ying Lan’s heart. He started to regret his actions. If he knew that this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have been so rash. He would have stopped himself from rushing off before his mistress finished her lunch before coming up with a perfect strategy to deal with the silver-haired man.

Right now, he couldn’t return to the Remote Paddy Inn as his mistress was probably still eating. If he were to return now and run into Bai Luochu, she would definitely ask him about the situation with the silver-haired man. If that were to happen, there was no way he would be able to hide anything from her. First of all, he couldn’t hide anything from her due to his position as a secret guard. Secondly, he couldn’t lie as Bai Luochu knew him too well. The moment he lied, he would be exposed and would even end up angering Bai Luochu. He had painstakingly found his mistress after so long and he wouldn’t waste the chance he was given.

His thoughts ran wild and before he knew it, he arrived at the entrance of the silver-haired man’s courtyard before he was able to think of a perfect strategy. He drew back his hand that was about to knock on the door several times. Just as Ying Lan was preparing to walk several rounds around the city before returning to the Remote Paddy Inn, the door suddenly opened from the inside. 

“Eh? Why are you standing in front of my entrance? Have you reported to your Master? Did he agree?” That silver-haired man looked at Ying Lan and asked intentionally. In fact, he already knew the answer to his question.

When Ying Lan saw that his hand was still stretched out with the intention to knock the door, he knew that he wasn’t going to escape this round of questioning. He was like a fully drawn bow, with no way out. He couldn’t do anything but to release the bowstring.

He braced himself and said, “My Master has great judgement and will never turn away masters of their trade. However…”

Ying Lan intentionally paused for a moment and wanted to observe the silver-haired man’s reaction. However, the silver-haired man had a deadpan expression on his face. In the end, Ying Lan felt discouraged and prepared to provoke the silver-haired man with his words.

“My master says that he will only treat people if there is fate between them. If he doesn’t like your appearance, even if you are willing to take out a mountain of gold, he won’t treat you. Do you understand?” Ying Lan meant that even if the silver-haired man were to assist in the construction of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence, there was a chance for his illness to go untreated. He felt that the silver-haired man would be unwilling to provide his assistance after his threat.

“It doesn’t matter.” The silver-haired man couldn’t be bothered to waste more words with Ying Lan. Since Bai Luochu had already decided, Ying Lan who was a secret guard wouldn’t try to oppose her. Since the silver-haired man had already achieved his objective, he didn’t need to waste his efforts bickering with Ying Lan. Hence, he gave a polite and simple answer.

Ying Lan was rather surprised when he heard the words, ‘It doesn’t matter’. He didn’t expect for the silver-haired man to ignore the fact that he might be left for dead. Ying Lan didn’t give up. He added, “There is something else. During the trip to the Falling Cloud Mountain Range, we cannot guarantee your safety. Do you still want to help us?”

This time, the silver-haired man didn’t even speak and merely nodded to express his agreement.

When Ying Lan saw that the silver-haired man wasn’t going to give up no matter what, he gave up his plan. He finally started to threaten the silver-haired man, “You better not come up with any weird ideas. If I discover that you are plotting against my Master, you should know what I am capable of. I hope that you will behave yourself.”

The silver-haired man didn’t open his mouth and nodded silently. Right at this moment, Ying Lan looked at the silver-haired man and thought that he looked more like an immortal than a man. A thought suddenly appeared in his mind.‘This person is trustworthy’. Ying Lan naturally felt that his thoughts were ridiculous as he shook his head to get rid of them.

“You can head over to the Remote Paddy Inn tomorrow and we will head over to the mountain range together. If you don’t wish to look for me, you can head to the mountain range and wait for me there. Our destination is the mountain on the eastern outskirts of the capital city, the majestic mountain range that seems to extend without end. Our craftsmen will be working at the foot of the mountain and you just have to inform them that you are there on my orders. I still have important matters to take care of and I shall take my leave.”

Ying Lan cupped his fists before leaving. The silver-haired man cupped his fists in response and walked towards the shops on the nearby street.

The entrance of the silver-haired man’s courtyard became tranquil again and it seemed as though nothing happened.

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