Chapter 108: Bloody Scene

“Cai Ling, do you remember which hand those people touched you with?” Bai Luochu stunned everyone with a single question.

When Cai Ling was questioned, she didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t know how to reply as it was really chaotic earlier and she couldn’t remember who touched her. She had no choice but to reply honestly, “Mistress, this servant doesn’t remember.”

“Oh?” Bai Luochu turned around and let out a pretentious smile. “If that is so, cripple both their arms.”

The madam’s face turned ghastly. These guard servants had a sturdier figure than regular manservants and if their hands were crippled, they couldn’t continue working as hired guards any longer. Wasn’t she making things difficult for them?!

When did Luo Chu become so merciless?

The aunt was shocked. Even though Luo Chu was stubborn, she had always been a kindhearted person. Whenever she encountered those beggars on the street, she would be more charitable than those young masters and ladies from the renowned aristocratic clans. The current Luo Chu seemed completely different.

This lass has really changed. This will not do, I have to hurry back and inform my husband. We need to come up with a new plan to deal with her. If only we knew that this would happen...

When the madam thought up to this point, she didn’t dare to continue her line of thought.

Bai Luochu took out the dagger at her waist and handed it to Cai Ling. “Do it. Cut off the tendons in their hands and legs. It’s fine to leave them with enough strength to do some hard labor.”

Cai Ling faltered when she received the dagger and didn’t move for a moment. Commander Ying might have warned her that she would have to face a storm of blood in the near future, but Cai Ling was merely a little girl who hadn’t seen much of the world. It was difficult for her to carry out Bai Luochu’s instructions.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Bai Luochu looked at Cai Ling and she immediately understood what the little servant girl was thinking about.

“When these people were hurting you, they didn’t think of the consequence. Since they dared to make the first move, they should be prepared to be punished.” Bai Luochu’s anger had already subsided and she spoke casually.

“Mistress, this servant will do it now.” Cai Ling walked beside these people silently. Those sturdy-looking guard servants didn’t even dare to move. They had no choice but to obediently wait for the final execution.

Cai Ling did what she was told. In the beginning, she hesitated, but afterwards, her hand moved and her dagger swooped down swiftly. Those movements were quick and merciless. The entire courtyard was left with the sounds of dagger cutting up flesh, the anguished wails of the guard servants, and the sound of blood dripping on the ground.

Qianqian and the madam were so frightened that they turned speechless. Had it not been for someone supporting them, their legs would have given in.

Right at this moment, Bai Luochu spoke up. “Aunt, do you know what I have been doing for the month I left home?”

The aunt naturally didn’t dare to make a sound and could only look at Bai Luochu with a horrified expression. Bai Luochu revealed a smile and carried, “So I... raised a dog. This dog couldn’t be tamed no matter how I tried. In the end, it turned around and bit me. I became so angry I had it slaughtered. It’s just a pet dog anyway.”

How can she be talking about a dog? She is obviously referring to us! It seems like Luo Chu does know something. This won’t do, if this carries on, I might end up worse than those guard servants. We have to come up with a plan right away!

The aunt sprang up and wanted to take her leave. However, Bai Luochu wouldn’t allow them to come and go as they please.

“Aunt has always been a kindhearted person. Since you brought these guard servants over, your niece shall not keep them here. Aunt should bring them back. After all, they were punished because they carried out your orders.”

When Bai Luochu gave the order, the people who were originally howling in pain turned their resentful eyes to Qianqian and her mother. If looks could kill, the two of them would be dead beyond a doubt.

“Of course. Hurry up and follow me.” When the aunt was speaking, she tilted her head towards the sky. She didn’t dare to look them in the eye.

The madam led the guard servants out of the courtyard, leaving behind a trail of blood. 

When Bai Luochu saw the two of them leave, she brought Cai Ling back into the room. She activated the mechanism once again to release Ying Lan.

“Mistress, is everything resolved?” Ying Lan emerged and immediately asked with concern.

“They will not be disturbing me for a period of time. There is nothing else right now and you may return. Five days later at 5pm, we shall conduct our first meeting here.”

Ying Lan caught the subtle smell of blood in the air and felt a little suspicious. “Is Mistress injured? I can smell blood in the air.”

“We are fine. I asked Cai Ling to cripple the hands of those guard servants as they made a move on her when I wasn’t around. How dare they… I asked Cai Ling to personally cripple them. After all, one cannot rely on others to take revenge.”

“Did you really do it yourself?” Ying Lan turned to ask Cai Ling.

It was obvious that Cai Ling had yet to calm down as she nodded absentmindedly. She then spoke a moment later, “I was a little scared in the beginning. However, I recalled how those people didn’t hold themselves back when they attacked me. Had it not been for Commander Ying who taught me the mantra and martial art moves, I would have died before Mistress got the chance to save me. The more I thought about it, the less afraid I became.

Ying Lan heard the response and laughed rather delightfully. “Hahahaha! Mistress, didn’t I get it right? With this servant girl by your side, it’s like adding wings to a tiger.”

“Who asked you to speak out of turn? I could see the good in Cai Ling before you said anything. Hurry up and return, don’t waste time.” Bai Luochu might behave as though it was nothing, but in her heart, her impression of Cai Ling improved once again. In times to come, Cai Ling would definitely become one of her dependable subordinates.

When Ying Lan saw that his mistress was chasing him away, he bade farewell and returned to the Remote Paddy Inn through the tunnel.

After Ying Lan left, the mistress and servant duo had nothing to talk about for a moment. After a long while, Cai Ling broke the silence. “Mistress, this servant will ask someone to clean up the blood at the entrance.” After she spoke, she turned around and went outside.

Bai Luochu understood that the incident had a considerable impact on Cai Ling’s life. She quickly decided to enlighten Cai Ling.

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