Chapter 105: Advice For Setup

“How can we fix her? We thought of so many ideas and used up all the methods. What happened in the end? I became the one to suffer.” Qianqian spoke with disdain. She was always conceited and assumed that her mother was just a married woman in the residence who didn’t know how to think for herself. After getting scolded by her mother, she seemed rather unhappy.

“You don’t have to care about this. I will think of a way.” Even though Qianqian’s mother said these words, she was rather worried. After all, that cheap lass was originally a stubborn person. However, her personality changed after her return. If she wanted to teach Bai Luochu a lesson, she would probably have to spend some effort.

“Madam, Young Lady, will the two of you listen to my advice?” The personal servant mustered her courage and spoke. She thought that if her advice was good, she might be spared a beating today. It was also difficult to say if the mother and daughter pair would continue to use her if she failed to satisfy the both of them today.

“What plan can someone like you possibly come up with?” The aunt heard the servant girl and didn’t think it was worth her time. However, she thought about it another way. What if the servant girl really had a plan?

She quickly went back on her words and asked, “Forget it. Why don’t you say it, let’s see if you are still of use.”

When the personal servant heard the aunt, she spoke of the plan that she had just thought of. “Madam, you might not know about this. Young Lady cleaned herself up a long time ago and the odor had already disappeared. Now that she encountered Luo Chu while on a stroll around the residence, she was misled and came back to take another bath.”

When the servant girl saw the impatient expression in the madam’s eyes, she quickly went straight to the point and said, “This isn’t the main point. The main point is the time and place Luo Chu appeared. There is something wrong here. Even though she said that it was to enjoy some peace and quiet, why would Young Lady Luo Chu make a sarcastic comment about our Young Lady? It seemed like she was trying to chase the Young Lady away. There is definitely something fishy about this!”

“Do you mean…” The aunt heard the information and frowned slightly. It seemed like she understood the meaning behind the servant’s words.

“This servant thinks that Luo Chu found a savage man while she was away. Think about it. How can she return in one piece without support from anyone?”

“This cheap lass... If she didn’t want her chastity, forget it. Why is she trying to embarrass all of us? If an outsider gets to know about this, the general’s residence will surely be turned inside out. They will say that all the women in the general’s residence are loose. If that were to happen, how will my daughter marry anyone?!”

This was simply a baseless conjecture by a servant girl and the aunt was taking it as the truth.

“Continue speaking. What is your plan?” The aunt raised her chin slightly and asked the servant girl.

“This servant thinks that this won’t be the last time. This servant has a good sister in Luo Chu’s courtyard. If we use her as an informant, whenever Luo Chu makes a move, she will immediately report it to us. We will catch her red handed during her tryst with her adulterer. With this information in our hand, we no longer need to be afraid that she won’t follow our instructions.”

The aunt pondered for a moment and said, “This is good. If you are so thoughtful, Qianqian will definitely be able to suffer less. However, don’t place your thoughts in places they shouldn't be. Otherwise, I’ll make you pay.”

When the personal servant heard the threat, she trembled a little and felt that this mother and daughter pair were truly vicious. She was simply offering advice to make her life better, but the madam used the opportunity to threaten her. The servant girl’s mind might be spinning, but she didn’t show any of it and responded by bowing with respect.

Ying Lan who had returned to the Remote Paddy Inn didn’t expect that he had turned into an ‘adulterer’ just like this.

“Quickly procure these things and get the ones with the best quality. There is no need to worry about the price.” Once Ying Lan returned to the Remote Paddy Inn, he swiftly listed the materials required for the mechanisms on a piece of paper and instructed someone reliable to gather them.

On the other hand, he also sent someone to send messages to all the supervisors in charge of the Palace of Brilliance Resurgence’s businesses. He asked them to quickly prepare the account books that were used for operations and to sort out the expenditure and revenue. He instructed them to record down all the information in a book. A few days later, during the discussion, Bai Luochu would definitely be interested in looking through them.

Things got busy and when Ying Lan obtained all the items he needed, he went through the tunnel to the secret base in the general’s residence. He then asked Cai Ling to pass a message to Bai Luochu and requested for Bai Luochu to wait in the courtyard.

Before the appointed time, Bai Luochu had already arrived and was waiting for Ying Lan.

“There is nothing much you can help with when setting up the mechanisms. Wait at the entrance and if you encounter any emergency, simply crush this talisman. I will sense it and leave the secret room immediately.” Bai Luochu took out a piece of talisman and handed it over to Cai Ling.

This talisman was something drawn from Bai Luochu’s memory of her previous life. She had already tested it and it was indeed effective. Hence, she was reassured to hand it over to Cai Ling for her to use it to notify her.

“Young Lady, how can there be any evildoers in the general’s residence? You are thinking too much.” Cai Ling might have kept the talisman properly, but she was still unconvinced.

“I am not worried about evildoers. Previously when I came out from this place, I happened to encounter Qianqian. I am afraid that she might be suspicious about my actions. When I came here, I felt that someone was staring at me. She might have placed a spy in my courtyard. If I guessed it correctly, they are aware of my current whereabouts.” When Bai Luochu saw that Cai Ling wasn’t really concerned, she explained patiently. In her heart, she was worried that something might go wrong on Cai Ling’s end.

When Cai Ling heard Bai Luochu’s explanation, she immediately became serious and gave her word. “This servant didn’t consider it through. Mistress doesn’t have to worry. This servant will definitely be on alert and will guard this place properly. Mistress can focus on the set up.”

Bai Luochu nodded and entered the room.

On the other side, the informant arranged by the servant girl in Bai Luochu’s courtyard was making a report.

“Big sister, Young Lady Luo Chu made her way to that courtyard.” That servant girl whispered to Qianqian’s personal servant.

“Is this true?” That personal servant was doubtful. She didn’t expect for Bai Luochu to be this bold. It had only been a few days and she was at it again?

“I personally saw her heading in that direction. Of course it’s true.” That servant girl spoke firmly.

When the personal servant confirmed the confirmation, she knew that the opportunity had arrived. She quickly reported to Qianqian and asked the servant girl to relay the message to the madam as well.

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