Chapter 103: Mysterious Secret Room

Ying Lan and Cai Ling exchanged looks. They were suspicious but they still chose to believe her as they followed behind Bai Luochu.

After entering the inner room, Bai Luochu felt around the wall and found a piece of brick close to the bottom. A smile appeared on her face.

Bai Luochu exerted some strength and pulled out the brick. There was actually a concealed mechanism behind it. She then called out to Ying Lan, “Ying Lan, come and take a look, see if you can deal with this mechanism. Cai Ling, come along too, see if you can learn anything.”

They heard Bai Luochu and headed over to study the mechanism.

Ying Lan observed for some time and said to Bai Luochu, “Mistress, aren’t you just taking the chance to make this subordinate look bad? If it is purely a mechanism, this subordinate will definitely know how to deal with it. This is a mechanism combined to some kind of mystical formation array. Currently, only Mistress will be able to deal with this kind of mechanism. Please don’t tease this subordinate.”

“But this mechanism isn’t designed by me. It’s the only reason we need to conduct an in-depth investigation.” Bai Luochu had a rather dignified expression on her face as she declared.

Ying Lan didn’t know how he should respond as he was afraid he might make Bai Luochu even more worried. He had no choice but to stand at the side quietly, let alone Cai Ling who didn’t know a thing. She was extremely quiet as she stood beside Ying Lan and Bai Luochu.

Bai Luochu wasn’t overly insistent on this matter as she dealt with the mechanism with brute force. After hearing a ‘snapping’ sound, the originally intact wall started to change. Two cracks became visible and there was a piece of wall in the middle that looked just like a door. Bai Luochu didn’t waste any time and immediately entered by pushing it in. In response, Ying Lan and Cai Ling quickly followed their mistress as they were afraid some accident might occur.

The interior of the door caused all three of them to drop their jaws in amazement.

The entrance was huge and only a single person could pass through it at any point in time. After  entering the door, one would have to walk down a narrow and dark passageway. They would have to descend several flights of stairs before laying eyes on the true appearance of the secret room.

The secret room was constructed underground and it was much bigger compared to the main room above it. However, they weren’t surprised by the size of the room. Instead, they were shocked when they saw the layout. It was obvious that someone put in a lot of thought in the furnishing. This room had a total of eight coiling dragon pillars and at the peak of every pillar, there would be a massive night pearl embedded in the mouth of the dragon. When Bai Luochu ordered Ying Lan to use his movement skills to conduct a detailed investigation of the pillars, he noticed that the details were extremely exquisite. The dragon pillars would connect the room to the surface so that air would flow into the room. Even if one stayed in the secret room for a long period of time, they wouldn’t feel suffocated. However, it had been a long time since the room was used and the pillars were clogged up. It was not a problem as they could easily send someone to clean it up. At the side of the dragon pillars were several neatly arranged desks. It was clear that discussions were regularly held in the room and in the center, there was even a totem lying on the ground. None of the three had seen anything like it before. It seemed as though the secret room was constructed with utmost care. They were here to take advantage of it right now.

“Mistress, is anyone using this secret room? Doesn’t the existence of this secret room indicate that someone has their eyes on the general’s residence? It’s too dangerous for Mistress to continue living here.” Ying Lan observed this perfectly planned out secret room and couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

Bai Luochu simply waved her hand as she indicated for Ying Lan to put down his worries. She strolled towards a nearby desk and swiped the surface. Raising her hand, she showed it to Ying Lan. “Take a look. What is this?”

Before Ying Lan could speak, Cai Ling loosened her lips and responded first, “Eh? Why is there such a thick layer of dust? So filthy!”

Cai Ling spoke with resentment and quickly took out a handkerchief to clean Bai Luochu’s hand.

Ying Lan had instantly understood Bai Luochu’s meaning and replied with embarrassment, “This subordinate didn’t think it though. If there is such a thick layer of dust on the desk, this place hasn’t been used in a long time. This subordinate is too hasty. I hope Mistress can forgive me.”

Bai Luochu didn’t bother about Ying Lan and she continued, “This is exactly the reason why I chose this courtyard. Initially, I thought that the massive general's residence was definitely an important military landmark. There had to be some sort of secret room. Hence, I conducted a search. When I entered the main room at the surface, I knocked on the walls and heard that it was hollow. I immediately knew that there was something strange with the wall. Back then, I just came back and there were many people watching me. I wasn’t able to check carefully and only left a mark before returning. I never expected that my uncle and his family would be defeated so easily and that the tunnel would be built so quickly. It seems like my conjecture was pretty close to the truth. This place won’t be worthy of the name ‘general’s residence’ if there are no secret exits. The building should have been much larger in the past and the totem isn’t something that belongs to the Cloud Water Nation.”

“What is Mistress’ plan?” After Ying Lan listened to what Bai Luochu said, he followed up with a question.

“Since this secret room is already available, we might as well make use of it. It will save us a lot of time. We only need to change the mechanism used to open the entrance. Ying Lan, think of a way to clear up the ventilation to the surface. After completing these 2 tasks, our secret base can be considered complete. If possible, extend a fork from the tunnel and connect it to the courtyard where I am residing at. It will allow me access the Remote Paddy Inn as well. After all, it will be rather eye-catching for me to be running all over the place.” Bai Luochu broke down her instructions into several parts and relayed them to Ying Lan.

Ying Lan immediately responded, “Yes, this subordinate understands. Is it possible to shift future meetings and discussions here?”

“Of course. If we continue to carry out our discussion in public, we will definitely draw some suspicion. If we are in our own territory, there will be no need to be fearful and nervous. Everything will be more convenient.”

After Bai Luochu spoke, she started to study the mechanism in the secret room. She thought about how to design a new one and Cai Ling gave her opinions from time to time. She might not be very helpful when designing the mechanism, but in terms of the function, Cai Ling’s ideas were rather useful.

The sky couldn’t be seen from the secret room and when the trio exited, the sun had already set. Sparkling stars covered the sky and when they thought about the time they spent inside the secret room, it was no wonder night had already fallen.

Bai Luochu was afraid that she might attract suspicion if she stayed any longer in this courtyard. She dismissed Ying Lan and returned to her room.

Bai Luochu didn’t expect that she would run into the one person she didn’t want to see most the moment she left.

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