Chapter 10: The Person Who Bought Her

The moment her meridians opened up, Bai Luochu’s injuries almost healed completely. She started planning her way out of the Bestial Battle Arena.

The Bestial Battle Arena was surrounded by high walls and it was definitely impossible to charge her way out. However, when it came to movement skills, concealment, and many other factors, Bai Luochu was confident that she wouldn’t lose to anyone! Even though she didn’t have spirit qi now, no regular person would hold a candle to her skills.

The moment she was about to leave, something unexpected popped up!

“My lords, this is the no.8 human slave that you asked for, Luochu.”

The gong hitter spoke with an extremely flattering expression in front of these two men. It was a far cry from the attitude he had when he spoke to Bai Luochu and the other slaves.

The gong hitter quickly turned to Bai Luochu and spoke indifferently, “You have been bought by these two lords. In the future, you are no longer a human slave of the Bestial Battle Arena. You are now a slave for these two lords. Serve them well. If you are sent back again… I will peel off your skin!”

Bai Luochu finally understood after hearing what the man said. She was actually sold off. It seemed as though she had leapt out from a fire pit into an immeasurably deep pool.

When the gong hitter saw how Bai Luochu stood there without moving like a wooden doll, he was enraged and snapped at her, “Are you not going to quickly thank these two lords for their kindness!? At the very least, you no longer have to worry about dying every single day!”

When the two experienced men heard how crude gong hitter was speaking, they couldn’t help but frown and one of them interrupted. “There is no need to thank us. The one who bought this Young Lady is our lord. If Young Lady wants to give her thanks, there is no harm in doing so after meeting our lord.”

“Your lord is?” The person who rang the gong was very curious and didn’t even think it through before he asked.

In an instant, the two men’s expressions changed. A layer of frost covered their face. “This isn’t something a small supervisor like you can know. If you want to continue living then don’t ask things that you are not supposed to.” It was a blatant threat.

The gong hitter understood that he had boot-licked too much and actually kicked a metal plate this time. He quickly responded with an embarrassed smile and opened up the prison cell to let Bai Luochu out.

He quickly went to the inner hall behind the main hall and brought out Bai Luochu’s slavery deed for the two veteran men. Acting as a lackey, he escorted the three of them out with a hunched back.

After seeing that the three of them had walked away, the gong hitter straightened his back. Using his hand to massage his lower back, he muttered curses in the general direction of the three people who left. “Tsk Tsk, this cheap slave is truly mysterious. She was brought in by a bunch of important people and now, another bunch of important people bought her out… Damn her. Her presence never brought me any benefit and she even caused me to suffer before leaving! Whatever, it’s better for her to be gone, at least, she wouldn’t bring disaster upon everyone here. Those men mentioned something about a lord? Bah… I think that lord guy is blind!”

After Bai Luochu left the Bestial Battle Arena, she was brought into a luxurious carriage by the duo.

The carriage was completely black in color and it was emitting a refreshing fragrance. It was probably because the body of the carriage was made with sandalwood and coated with layers of sandalwood fluid. It was because of the special building materials that it had a pleasant and soothing fragrance.The interior was covered in brocade and it was extremely spacious. There was enough space for three adult men to sleep comfortably in the carriage!

The decorations on the ceiling looked expensive and there were even bells made from white jade. Even the horses pulling the carriage weren’t ordinary horses but spirit beasts called ‘Cloud Piercing Colt’.

But right now, Bai Luochu didn’t have the time to appreciate the magnificence of this carriage. The moment she saw the slavery deed handed over to the two veterans, a multitude of thoughts assaulted Bai Luochu’s mind.

Whatever the case, she was feeling rather fortunate she didn’t have to waste all her efforts in order to leave the Bestial Battle Arena. In fact, she wasn’t the slightest bit worried about where they were about to bring her.

When the two veterans saw that Bai Luochu had an expressionless face and that she stayed silent for the entire journey, they became apprehensive. They quickly recalled the special instructions that their lord gave them and one of them spoke up, “Young Lady, there is no need to worry. Our lord isn’t evil nor cruel. The reason he bought you was to make you his maidservant.”

When Bai Luochu heard what the man said, she nodded her head. There wasn’t any worry in her heart to begin with so there was none to leave it either. However, deep down, she was thinking about what he said… maidservant?

It was an extremely bold idea for anyone to make her their maidservant!

Before Bai Luochu could clear the doubts in her mind, the carriage rolled to a stop.

The two veterans understood that they had arrived at their lord’s residence and nodded to each other. One of them took out a black ribbon while the other explained to Bai Luochu. “We seek forgiveness from the Young Lady. Our lord has a special status and in order to guarantee his safety, we will need Young Lady to cover her eyes with this black cloth. Someone will bring you to your dwelling in the residence.” As this person was speaking, the other immediately handed over the black silk ribbon.

Bai Luochu understood the disparity in strength between herself and the two men before her. She quickly took the silk ribbon and blindfolded herself. Even though she could no longer see, she could hear the two of them speak, “Thank you for your trouble.”

They looked at each other as though they were flabbergasted by Bai Luochu’s obedience. They were stunned for a moment before they responded, “Young Lady is too polite.”

After Bai Luochu left the carriage, she heard the pleasant voice of a young lady, “Thank you both for the hard work.” Immediately after, she supported Bai Luochu’s arm and said, “Young Lady, please follow this servant. This servant will be bringing you to your dwelling.”

Bai Luochu didn’t doubt her and simply allowed this servant girl to help her walk around the area. Even though Bai Luochu might not be able to see anything, she didn’t cultivate her spiritual energy all these days for nothing. Right now, Bai Luochu was already able to use her spiritual energy to somewhat sense the surrounding environment. She secretly marked down the route through the courtyard as it would greatly benefit her in the future when she made her escape. 

“This will be Young Lady’s residence. Young Lady, you may take off the silk ribbon now.” The servant girl helped Bai Luochu to untie the silk ribbon on her head and led Bai Luochu into the room.

This room was a side room located in the east of the main mansion. One could guess that the main mansion was the residence of the ‘Lord’.

The side room might not be as impressive as the main mansion but it was still considered exquisite. It had its own appeal. The courtyard was filled with rarely seen plants and there were also monoliths and ponds. It seemed like this so-called “lord” wasn’t simply a wealthy noble. He had rather good taste.

Bai Luochu was rather satisfied with this room. The servant girl continued speaking, “My lord has been busy recently and is currently handling important affairs. He is unable to meet Young Lady and I hope that Young Lady wouldn’t feel bitter because of it. When my lord returns, he will immediately come and meet with Young Lady.”

The servant girl pondered for a moment and added, “Apart from my lord’s courtyard, Young Lady can explore this residence as you please and there is no need to feel restrained. Of course, before my lord returns, Young Lady is temporarily not allowed to exit the residence.”

Bai Luochu responded positively but worry was building up in her heart. On the journey to this place, her divine sense noticed plenty of experts hiding in this residence. If she wanted to get out of this place, there was no doubt it would be difficult.

Since she was already here, she was just going to accept it. Fortunately, these people didn’t have any bad intentions towards her. In her mind, she was simply going to have some free meals in this place. It was also a great place for cultivation. Improving herself as quickly as she could was the correct path and she shouldn’t bother about anything else.

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