The Player Who Can't Level Up

The Player Who Can't Level Up

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I received the invitation from the Tower at the age of 18. This was an invitation that was only sent to those who were qualified to become a player.
As one of the Chosen Ones, I even obtained a unique ability, yet five years later, I am still at Level 1.
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30 Reviews
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2 years ago
This is pretty fun. Much more slice of life than most similar stories. The MC is likable, not naive, and polite. Both before and after he gets his power up, he is never hateful towards his situation or anyone.

My only problem with it is that it is clear the author has never done or doesn't understand martial arts, combat sport, or physical training.

Despite spending 5 years hunting goblins, the main character still takes over an hour to kill one. This is impossible for several reasons.

First off the mc never improved his fighting skills during that time, second he never got more in shape during that time, and finally it says that he took just as long his first time hunting a goblins. But it also mentions his physical abilities are similar to an average human.

An average human will gas out hard after only a few minutes of fighting, and if you haven't trained you would likely die after an hour of fighting for your life.

Anyways, if you don't mind the lack of logic when it comes to training, and improving skills/physical abilities then I think it's an enjoyable novel.

2 years ago
Not recommended
Stopped reading at chapter 59. Base premise was interesting enough and I was excited about reading a dungeon crawling novel.

However each chapter somehow chipped away at my interest bit by bit. The incident through which the MC decides to grow stronger is not convincing enough and quite poorly written imho.

I think slice of life and dungeon crawling may be an odd combination though I could be wrong. Even though the grammar is top notch, the writing seems to be from a 12 year old.

Downvoting this but I will keep a watch on this review section for more positive reviews later so that I can try reading it again!

[Unknown Account]
2 years ago
A good start, start showing the MC info also though, it seems like he is getting overshadowed by Lou. The background with his family is a nice start, hopefully their characters get worked into the main story well, the sister/mom both deserve some building. His friend in the association is a nice support character that can be used to offset any slow or irregular moments in the story pretty well, good design there. All in all the stat is fantasic and I hope you all the inspiration and fortune in the process. You will go far with this novel and I am very excited!

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The End of the Player

a year ago

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