Chapter 98 - Missing Contestant

Chapter 98 - Missing Contestant

Where there were people, there was an underworld. There were many poisons in the underworld, with arsenic being one of the best to murder.

Despite the similarity in names, the red-crowned crane and crimson-crowned crane weren’t related, they’re just similar in names due to their crimson appearance. They’re two directly different things, and the crimson-crowned crane wasn’t obtained from the red-crowned crane. The crimson-crowned crane was actually just arsenic, an extremely toxic substance.

Mrs. She already knew that she would die, so she took crimson-crowned crane beforehand. Patting her shoulder, Yan Jing sighed, “Why did you not wait for us?”

A trace of blood leaked from Mrs. She’s lips with a bitter smile. “Falling in the hands of Nie Haitian is worse than death. Since I have already taken my revenge, my wish has already been fulfilled. So perhaps death will be easier.”

Yan Jing’s mood suddenly turned heavy. The reason why she and Mrs. She felt familiarity, at first sight, was because of their ill fates. Mrs. She once had a child, but it was brutally killed just because it wasn’t the biological son of her husband.

Although Mrs. She looked bright and fresh in public; she was actually living a life worse than a dog in the dark. Not only did she go against her heart to curry favor with Nie Haitian, she even had to entertain his business friends. 

The two women had similar ill fates, so they chose to come together and make an alliance.

In the plan, Yan Jing was going to help Mrs. She obtain the Nie Family, while the new leader provided support. But it was unexpected that Mrs. She had already taken the crimson-crowned crane beforehand.

Nit Haitian was still standing, but despite only facing two people, he did not dare to make a rash move, so beads of sweat dripped down from his forehead. His hands had been clenched together, trembling. All his courage had disappeared when the old man calmly stared at him, as long as he made a rash move, he would be ruthlessly killed by the other party.

“You have no choice now, give up struggling!” Yan Wujin coughed as he wiped his lips with a handkerchief, while he cast a glance at Nie Haitian, almost as if he could see through the latter’s thoughts.

Nie Haitian chuckled. It was indeed a little terrifying that those two could break through so many defenses of the Nie Family’s villa. But he was still the Patriarch of the Nie Family, after all. Thus, he chuckled as he roared, “Die!”

When he spoke out, he realised that time had stopped and the old man, who should be seven to eight meters away, had instantly appeared before him with a palm gently against his chest. Nie Haitian felt his bones collapse and spewed a mouthful of blood before falling to the ground.

Nie Haitian still had a personal pistol he kept with him at all times, and it was his trump card during desperate straits. But it was a pity that he had no opportunity to use it before Yan Wujin.

Seeing that, Mrs. She had already fainted, Yan Jing gently sighed, “Senior Yan, help me with a matter.”

Yan Wujin nodded his head as he replied, “Xiao Jing, there’s no need for such courtesy between us.”

With a solemn voice, Yan Jing said, “I must save Mrs. She, and there’s only one person that can save her.”

“I will bring him over immediately.” Yan Wujin naturally knew Yan Jing’s thoughts and nodded his head.

Half an hour later, Su Tao followed Yan Wujin into the Nie Family’s villa and saw Mrs. She, who was left with a single breath. Placing his hand on her waist, her pulse was weak. The poison had spread throughout her five viscera and six bowels.

Generally speaking, if one forced themselves to vomit after ingesting arsenic, they could remove the poison. At the same time, the compound for arsenic nowadays was made of Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3 ), so taking the special antidote Dimercaprol would mix with the arsenic and form a harmless substance.

However, Mrs. She’s body had accumulated a large amount of arsenic, and it’s definitely not something that could be accomplished in one day. Even if Su Tao had a method to treat slow poisoning, he needed time to handle it.

Seeing the grave expression on Su Tao’s expression, Yan Jing whispered, “Even you don’t have a way to treat it?”

Su Tao smiled. “I naturally have a way to treat it, but I’ll need at least three hours to force the poison in her body out.”

Shock flashed in Yan Jing’s eyes. “But there’s only half an hour till the finals.”

This was a dilemma. If Su Tao chose to treat Mrs. She, then he would have to give up the Physician King Tournament and vice versa.

Yan Wujin asked, “Is there a way to preserve her life till you’re done with the Physician King Tournament?”

Su Tao helplessly shook his head and sighed, “The poison has already spread to her five viscera and six bowels, not to mention that she has been taking this for a long time. Not only her flesh, but even her bones contain a large amount of poison, which they’re all breaking out now. It won’t be easy to slow it down.”

His gaze flickered as he declared, “The Physician King’s title is merely an empty name. A person’s life is more important, and I will start to clear up her poison.”

“That’s how a man should be.” Yan Wujin nodded his head in satisfaction.

Yan Jing’s gaze flashed as she said, “Relax and treat Mrs. She. I’ll deal with the Physician King Tournament.”

Su Tao understood her meaning; she intended to use her connections to change the time for the finals.

After Yan Wujin and Yan Jing left the room, Su Tao took a deep breath. It looked like he could only resort to the bone scraping treatment.

When Hua Tuo treated Guan Yu, he had resorted to this technique. By using a knife to cut apart flesh and scrape the poison clean with the knife, it had been turned into a legend. But that wasn’t the truth, Su Tao’s method was to use the Heavenseizing Hand to protect Mrs. She’s heart channel, along with the Four Division Acupuncture Technique to force the poison out of her body.

This was a colossal work, and three hours was merely the tentative estimation.

Yan Jing swiftly walked out of the villa. All the security guards here were lying on the ground, all of them had been knocked out by Yan Wujin, while Nie Haitian was held like a prawn by Yan Wujin and dumped into the back row of the vehicle.

Yan Jing sat down and dialed a number. “Mr. Tu, I have something I’d like to trouble you with.”

“What’s the matter?” Mr. Tu’s tone was abnormally calm.

“I need the Physician King Tournament to be delayed for two hours.” Yan Jing spoke in a heavy voice.

“Why?” Mr. Tu was a little surprised as he asked, “The Physician King Tournament in the afternoon has been prepared for days. Whether it’s the media or government, they have already publicised about this matter. So it’s too difficult to change the time!”

Yan Jing briefly paused as she explained, “Su Tao is currently treating She Wei. When we found She Wei, we realised that she was suffering from a poison that requires three hours to treat. If we lose one of the contestants of the tournament, wouldn’t the finals turn into child’s play?”

Holding onto his chin, Mr. Tu sat on the couch and pondered for a long time before sighing, “This matter is too complicated, I need to work it out a little.”

Yan Jing then called her secretary, Geng Hong. “Arrange a few people to take over the Nie Family’s villa and arrange for Su Tao’s protection. After he finishes treating She Wei, immediately send him to the tournament site.”

There was still ten minutes till the finals began, and Wang Guofeng had already arrived here early. But surprisingly, Su Tao wasn’t around, so he pondered in his heart. Isn’t that brat a little too calm about this?

After another five minutes, it had attracted the organising committee’s attention when Su Tao still hadn’t shown up.

Suddenly, Wang Guofeng’s phone rang, so he took it out and unlocked it. There was an anonymous message sent to him, “Su Tao is currently treating a poisoned patient; he won’t be able to come for the tournament!”

A smile uncontrollably rose on his lips. If Su Tao didn’t arrive, that would mean that he would be the winner. Although the victory wouldn’t be an honorable one, he would still obtain the Physician King’s title, nevertheless.

Mo Sui’er felt a little depressed and whispered to Liu Ruochen, “Senior Sister, why hasn’t Su Tao shown up? If he still doesn’t appear, then, according to the rules, he will forfeit the competition. That fellow must know that he won’t be able to defeat Big Brother Guofeng, so he decided not to show up.”

Liu Ruochen knitted her brows and shook her head. “He’s not that sort of person. There must be something that has happened."

Seeing how Liu Ruochen tried to help Su Tao to speak, Mo Sui’er instantly felt uncomfortable in her heart. “Senior Sister, why are you trying to find excuses for him? If he doesn’t show up, there’s no meaning, even if Big Brother Guofeng wins this match.”

With a faint smile, Liu Ruochen said, “I can tell that you care about him, and are expecting the match between Guofeng and him.”

“Who cares about him?” Mo Sui’er pouted and turned her face away. She felt her face burning, and in her heart, she had already cursed Su Tao no less than 100 times. At the same time, she told herself that she would definitely not fall for that arrogant fellow who thinks he’s the strongest in the world.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to understand the thoughts of a girl. Sometimes, dislike could also be a form to express love.

With a gentle sigh, Liu Ruochen’s face looked normal, but she was worried in her heart.

Time passed and the time for the tournament has already begun. Wang Guofeng stood up and was prepared to walk towards the stage with confidence.

Suddenly, the host went up on stage with a mic and said with an apologetic expression, “Ladies and gentlemen, due to a certain reason, the tournament will be delayed for two hours. I hope that everyone can wait patiently.”

When the host spoke, a commotion broke out around the spectators, while Wang Guofeng sat back down.

He felt his palms covered in sweat, instantly experiencing the feeling of falling to hell from heaven in an instant. He was rejoicing in his heart when he received the news that Su Tao wouldn’t be able to come, but the host’s words were akin to a bucket of cold water poured from his head down.

He knew that he had lost control of his mentality; he was actually feeling fear from fighting Su Tao fair and square on the stage!

The two hours was a torment, and Wang Guofeng felt uncomfortable as he sat. But surprisingly, Su Tao had yet to show up.

Time passed without anyone knowing, it was already close to 3 p.m. before the Deputy Governor in charge of health, Liu Qiao, stood up and walked towards the door. Not long later, a group of people escorted a robust middle-aged official with welcoming applause from the surroundings and he waved his hand towards the crowd. In the end, he sat in the center amongst the leadership row.

Aside from being focused in medicine, Wang Guofeng also kept himself up to date. Thus, he could naturally recognise the middle-aged man, once known as the silver fox of Huainan, Qin Wude. He was also the one that had just been transferred to Huaibei as the Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, and even the Acting Governor!

One of the main reasons why the timing for the Physician King Tournament was starting late was due to Qin Wude, a prominent leader’s decision to watch the match, and only this reason could delay the match for two hours.

But Qin Wude was already here, yet Su Tao was still nowhere to be found!

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