Chapter 97 - Double? No, Triple Agent!

Chapter 97 - Double? No, Triple Agent!

The curtain was securely closed with a unique fragrance that filled the air, with the record player spinning on the table that emanated melodious violin music. The rhythm was unrestrained and intense, filling the entire room with an ambiguous atmosphere.

A woman was leaning against a couch with a slim cigarette in her mouth and the light from it vaguely shone upon her rosy and purple lips.

There was a man beneath her, lifting her pearly-white foot and licking it. She had black nail polish on that matched the darkness in the room, adding to the ambiguous atmosphere and mystery.

She wore red cheongsam that revealed her fair skin, with the split between her thighs, revealing her black underwear. Her head was raised as the man sucked on her foot, causing her to moan from it.

A knocking sound came from the brown door, before the door was finally opened since there wasn’t any response. The man did not stand up but slowly turned his head over, still holding onto the foot and unhappily said, “Zhao Chen, you’re too rude!”

Zhao Chen was Nie Haitian’s loyal subordinate. If it was someone else, Nie Haitian wouldn’t be speaking in such tone if they came in.

Zhao Chen swiftly walked in and whispered in the ears of Nie Haitian, then the latter slowly nodded his head and replied, “Got it. Get out, now.”

Zhao Chen’s gaze fell onto Mrs. She, causing the latter to feel discomfort. There wasn’t any admiration in his eyes, but faint coldness.

“Hubby, are we still continuing?” Mrs. She used her foot to poke Nie Haitian with a charming smile hanging on the corner of her lips.

However, Nie Haitian walked towards Mrs. She, without any expression and suddenly pulled her hair before throwing her onto the ground with a slap that left a deep handprint on her face.

“You slut!” Nie Haitian raged, “I have treated you so well over the past few years! Even if you have an affair with Xu Tiande, I pretended not to know about it. But, why did you kill my younger brother?!”

Mrs. She felt her cheeks burning as she licked her lips and viciously smiled. “Not only did I want to kill him, I wanted to kill you as well! I indeed had an affair with Xu Tiande, and other men as well. Cuckolding you so much is to take revenge on you!”

Nie Haitian bent down and grabbed ahold of Mrs. She’s jaw. “Did you think that I don’t know about your plans with Xu Tiande? It has always been under my surveillance. You guys thought that your plans were flawless, but I am just using the two of you. However, I did not expect that you would make a move at Nie Haibo! Although he wasn’t loyal to me, he was still my brother!”

Mrs. She sneered, “You and he conspired to kill my child, robbing me of my qualifications to be a mother. You have been using all sorts of means to humiliate me over the years, and I have always thought of killing the two of you!”

Nie Haitian was a little surprised before he took a step back. “That wasn’t my bloodline, so why should I accept him? Since you know about it, you should know how that cheap child died!”

Nodding her head, Mrs. She responded, “I naturally know about it. Xu Tiande mixed a slow-acting poison according to your request to kill him.”

Staring at Mrs. She for a long time, Nie Haitian asked, “Since you know that Xu Tiande is also in this, why are you having an affair with him?”

Mrs. She’s gaze suddenly turned vicious. “None of you will be able to escape! Not only Nie Haibo, but you and Xu Tiande will receive judgment! I have already sorted out the Nie Family’s illegal deeds and gave it to someone else.”

Nie Haitian widened his eyes at her words with fear in his eyes. “You’re insane!”

He initially thought that Mrs. She was only secretly working with Xu Tiande to seize the Nie Family’s assets, but he never thought that she would have such a backhand hidden.

Even Xu Tiande was fooled by her. She was just humoring him and acted as his lover so that she could break apart any possible cooperation between Xu Tiande and Nie Haibo.

With her lips still bleeding, Mrs. She said in disdain, “As for Xu Tiande, I have evidence of him poisoning competitors while working for the Nie Family. I have also submitted it, Xu Tiande is the murderer, and you are the mastermind. None of you will be able to escape from the judgment of the law!”

Nie Haibo abruptly dashed two steps forth, grabbed ahold of Mrs. She’s throat and coldly asked, “Speak, who did you give the evidence to?!”

With a vicious flash in her eyes, Mrs. She spoke with a hoarse voice, “Rest assured. That person absolutely has the strength to overthrow you.”

Nie Haitian squatted down with complicated feelings. He regretted being softhearted and thought that this woman had always been under his control. Suppressing the rage, he patiently persuaded, “Xiao Wei, I still accepted you even though you have betrayed me. I gave you a luxurious life, and we’re husband and wife. Can you look at the sake of this and give us a chance?”

Bursting into laughter, Mrs. She replied, “Nie Haitian, stop acting. You’re the glorious Patriarch of the Nie Family in public, and I am your wife. But in reality, I’m just a sexual object for you. It is so much so that I’m not even considered a pet! Stop struggling. You’re already at your end. Before long, the Nie Family will collapse, and you will be left with nothing!”

The humiliation that she had been bearing for years had finally exploded.

For his own benefit, Nie Haitian wouldn’t even hesitate to give her to someone else. Perhaps in the eyes of the public, Nie Haitian has been a dutiful husband. But in reality, Mrs. She had suffered all sorts of humiliation.

Firstly, her approaching Xu Tiande was something that Nie Haitian had intentionally allowed, while Xu Tiande thought that he had controlled Mrs. She so that he could plant a helper around Nie Haitian. As for the conflicts between Nie Haitian and Nie Haibo, it was steered by her, as well.

Knowing that her plans have all succeeded, she no longer needed to hide. It was hilarious in her eyes; those men were too confident in themselves, not knowing that she had been playing with all of them in her palms. Naturally, this was also to take revenge.

Taking a deep breath, Nie Haitian turned and walked towards the bookshelf. He opened the safe and took out a silver pistol and flicked the safety before walking to Mrs. She and place it on her temple. “Don’t think that I won’t kill you. Since the Nie Family can come this far, practically everyone has blood on their hands.”

Mrs. She sneered, “You think that I’m afraid of death? If I die, it will just quicken the pace of your crime being revealed.”

A vicious light flickered in his eyes as he placed the pistol down and dialed a number. After several rings, the phone was connected and a voice sounded from the other side, “What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath, Nie Haitian said, “Inform the boss that I’m probably finished.”

“What’s going on?!” That person said in astonishment with his brows knitted.

Nie Haitian bitterly smiled. “I’ve been had. All the secrets of the Nie Family can no longer be hidden; this matter will implicate the boss, so get him to safety, quickly!”

The person from the other side fell into a brief silence before saying, “Go according to the plan that we have prepared, and leave the country, swiftly…”

But at this moment, the door behind him was burst open and Zhao Chen flew in, before sliding on the ground a few meters, then slammed against a wall. His face was covered in blood with his head dangled down, not sure if he’s dead or alive.

“It’s too late!” Nie Haitian helplessly sighed before tossing the phone out of the window and placed the pistol on his temple with his eyes closed. As long as he pulled the trigger, the luxury in the past would all turn into bubbles, and those that were implicated in this matter would also be a secret with his death.

As long as he died, many people would be safe. Death was terrifying, but he knew that if he didn’t die, he would face an even greater terror.

But it was a pity that when facing a powerful enemy, dying became a luxury. An old man strolled over, but it only took an instant for him to come before him and threw a jab against Nie Haitian’s chest. That blow had quickly sent Nie Haitian flying, and he lost control of his pistol. As if there was a magnetic force that pulled the gun towards the old man.

It took Nie Haitian a long time to recover as he coughed, “Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am!” The old man moved aside and a woman in leather clothes appeared by the door. Nie Haitian had seen her photo before, but he never expected that she would be so gorgeous in real life. She had bright eyes and white teeth, slim waist, and an ample bottom.

Even if she was an enemy of his, he had to admit her peerless beauty. Such a woman would emit charm from every single one of her actions, including her smile. It was so tempting that it would lure people towards her, even if they know that it’s dangerous.

She is… the Poisonous Widow - Yan Jing!

Yan Jing’s gaze fell onto Nie Haitian as she quickened her steps towards Mrs. She. There was a trace of a gratified smile on Mrs. She’s lips as she said, “I have finished my mission!”

Yan Jing nodded her head. “I will take vengeance for you. All those that harmed you will atone for their crimes!”

Mrs. She’s face turned to the side with her eyes closed. The old man quickly walked to her and gently took her pulse through her neck and shook his head. “No idea when she took the crimson-crowned crane, but not even a deity can save her now!”

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