Chapter 94 - Saint Hands of Xing Lin

Chapter 94 - Saint Hands of Xing Lin

The reason why Judge Dou suspected that they got the wrong patient was that the heart’s functionality of this patient was the same as an average person, the state was even better than the patient that was treated by Bai Fan.

The two of them were already in their sixties, and the heart of Su Tao’s patient was similar to a forty-year-old.

When Judge Dou spoke out, he bitterly smiled. He knew that he had spoken the wrong words. The patients were all audited by the five judges, so how could they get the wrong patient?

He then gave a deep glance at Judge Song and saw the smile hanging on the latter’s face. Although he was feeling unresigned in his heart, the result of this match was clear.

Not only did Bai Fan use medicine, he even used acupuncture, while Su Tao merely used one needle.

“Su Tao wins this match!” Judge Dou bitterly smiled.

A cold flash flickered in Bai Fan’s eye as he questioned, “How could I lose?”

The spectators were instantly dumbfounded. How did Su Tao inexplicably win again?

He won the two matches before this, and this match was even under the view of so many people. Could it be that this tournament was fixed, and the judges had all received benefits from Su Tao?

Judge Dou sighed, “The outcome is completely fair. If you don’t believe us, you can test the patient yourself.”

Bai Fan quickly walked towards the patient and started to feel the pulse. A brief moment later, his face was filled with disbelief. “How is this possible? He only used a needle to treat the heart disease?”

In this world, there wasn’t any lack of people that would doubt the existence of miracles, like a frog in the well. Bai Fan had lost his calm at this point, shredding all the pretence he had and showed a disgraceful appearance. Despite his strong ability, he was still a mortal.

Seeing the doubt on the others’ faces, Judge Song caressed his beard and explained, “We have all seen it incorrectly, he had actually used twenty needles!”

“Twenty needles?” Bai Fan shook his head and declined, “The speed of the naked eye is 41 milliseconds. If it exceeds the limit, then it will not be detected by the naked eye. You’re saying that he did twenty needles within that time frame?”

Judge Song nodded his head and waved his hand towards the crowd. “I was initially in disbelief as well, but reality has opened my eyes to a new world. You guys can check the patient’s body.”

Bai Fan was feeling anxious in his heart, since he did not wish to lose for no reason. He quickly walked to the patient and extended the patient’s arm without the patient’s consent before noticing fine needle marks on nine Acupoints on the patient’s arm.

“Twenty needles in an instant, this standard is at the level of amazement.” Judge Dou also exclaimed at this brilliant performance.

Su Tao faintly smiled. “Strictly speaking; Judge Song miscounted one needle. It should be twenty-one needles, including the one from Dong Jingchang’s technique.”

An awkward expression flashed on Judge Song’s face, since what Su Tao had said was a little rude and had put him on the spot. He immediately walked towards the patient and looked at the sole of the patient’s feet and found a needle mark on the Yongquan Acupoint.

The spectators all went into an uproar. Initially, no one was able to understand this situation, so they felt better when even the judge wasn’t able to do it.

“Indeed, a total of twenty-one needles!” Judge Song said with his face blushed. “In this match, Su Tao undisputedly wins with an outstanding acupuncture technique.”

After a brief pause, Judge Song sighed with a smile, “The legendary Heavenseizing Hand is truly extraordinary. No wonder it’s known as the Saint Hands of Xing Lin.”

Seeing Judge Song pointing out his Heavenseizing Hand, Judge Song was probably trying to cover up the embarrassment for his oversight.

However, Su Tao did not have an arrogant display, but bowed with a smile. “Thanks for the compliment, Divine Physician Song!”

Judge Song laughed, “After this Physician King’s Tournament, you must visit Xiangnan when you’re free.”

Referring back to the North’s Tianhe and South’s Hongya, the Hongya TCM Hospital was located in Xiangnan Province’s Xingzhou, and Judge Song was the Vice-President of Hongya TCM Hospital, a grandmaster figure in the TCM world.

Compared to him, Tang Nanzheng could only be considered as a master, only someone like Judge Song could be called Grandmaster. The so-called “Grandmaster” meant that they’re capable of establishing their own sects and writing their own books. They’re practically legendary figures comparable to Dong Jingchang.

When the other judges heard the name of Heavenseizing Hand, their faces twisted with questions, doubt and comprehension. Although they hadn’t witnessed the Heavenseizing Hand, they had seen related information in books before. If news got out that the Heavenseizing Hand appeared from a young man, this information would surely shake the entire TCM world.

“Senior Sister, have you already noticed that he possesses the Heavenseizing Hand?” Mo Sui’er asked in astonishment with doubt in her eyes.

Liu Ruochen nodded her head with a smile. “It was only just a guess, but I can practically confirm it right now. With the Heavenseizing Hand’s reappearance, Chinese Medicine’s development will surely welcome a new age.”

However, Mo Sui’er’s face instantly collapsed with depression. “Wouldn’t that mean that I will lose in the semi-finals?”

Pinching Mo Sui’er’s cheeks, Liu Ruochen smiled, “The motive of you participating in the Physician King’s Tournament is for you to gain practical experience by competing with experts.”

Mo Sui’er’s gaze turned grave as she recalled the blurred vision she had earlier and sighed, “I never expected that there’s someone that can apply acupuncture so quickly! I must ask him about his secrets later!”

Luo Ruochen knew that Mo Sui’er must be feeling complicated in her heart right now. In her heart, only Wang Guofeng was qualified to obtain the title of the Physician King, but the appearance of Su Tao had flipped her concept of the world.

It turned out that the world was so vast with so many gifted people. On the contrary, she’s merely a drop in the ocean.

When Liu Ruochen looked at Su Tao again, a clean smile of confidence appeared on her face. Su Tao hadn’t disappointed her. He won perfectly and brilliantly!

With the end of the quarter-finals, Wang Guofeng, Hong Tianxi, Mo Sui’er and Su Tao would proceed to the semi-finals!

Surprisingly, the second-seeded participant was eliminated by the last ranker, Su Tao, becoming the most magnificent dark horse in this Physician King’s Tournament.

When Su Tao walked down the stage, Tang Nanzheng walked out. He had been waiting for him for a long time. Tang Nanzheng immediately held his hands and smiled. “Su Tao, that’s simply too surprising! I just reported to President Di that you did not disappoint us and entered the semi-finals!”

Su Tao knew that Tang Nanzheng had been paying attention to him. The reason why the latter didn’t want to look for him was that he didn’t want to distract Su Tao. It was so that he wouldn’t feel pressured, it was the same for Di Shiyuan as well.

To Tang Nanzheng, Su Tao only felt respect. Even if Tang Nanzheng’s skill wasn’t amongst the top, his bearing and conduct was something that deserved Su Tao’s respect. With this group of people in China’s TCM, TCM would still be able to slowly develop, even with difficult circumstances.

With a smile, Su Tao responded, “The tournament will only start to get more intense.”

Tang Nanzheng sighed with a smile, “We’ve also done our best to get you that qualification. According to the rules and regulations, one province can only send out one participant. Even Wang Guofeng is a representative of Huainan. However, there seems to be someone helping us; that’s why we could obtain the qualification for you. Now that you’re in the semi-finals, our efforts hadn’t gone down the drain.”

Su Tao knew that, that ‘someone’ Tang Nanzheng spoke of must be Yan Jing, so he smiled, “You don’t seem to be favourable of Wang Guofeng?”

Tang Nanzheng’s eyes flashed with pride as he answered, “Hasn’t he lost to you before?”

Su Tao involuntarily smiled. He finally figured out that Tang Nanzheng and Di Shiyuan were more concerned with Bai Fan. After all, Bai Fan had the support of the Medicine King Valley. As for Wang Guofeng, he had lost to Su Tao once, so there’s over 60% chance of Su Tao winning.

Bai Fan walked down the stage in grief before he said while facing Xu Tiande’s stern expression, “I’m sorry, Master, I have disappointed you.”

“Trash!” Xu Tiande raised his hand and slapped Bai Fan.

Xu Tiande had practically spent all his efforts on Bai Fan. Not only did he impart the secret techniques of the Medicine King Valley, he even hired other masters to teach Bai Fan. He initially intended for Bai Fan to suppress Wang Guofeng in this tournament so that their Medicine King Valley’s fame would spread throughout China.

However, all his efforts ended up with Bai Fan not even entering the semi-finals, that was simply humiliating!

The slap had attracted gazes over and Bai Fan’s heart was filled with humiliation while he begged, “Master, please believe in me. Even without the Physician King’s title, I can still make the Medicine King Valley become famous!”

“Opportunities are something that you must fight for yourself. You have already wasted one, so don’t think of others giving you another one. From today onwards, you are no longer the Senior Disciple of I, Xu Tiande.” Xu Tiande brandished his sleeve in anger and turned his back on Bai Fan.

He had once placed his hopes on Bai Fan, but it was a pity that Bai Fan had disappointed him.

Any successful person had a perfect resumé, and Bai Fan’s resumé had a taint that cannot be erased, so Xu Tiande immediately abandoned him.

Since the Medicine King Garden would soon change ownership, and with the assets of the Nie Family, he could surely nurture a suitable successor by the next Physician King’s Tournament.

Bai Fan raised his head and looked at Xu Tiande as he left. The second disciple, Cao Biao, snickered. He knew that, after today, Bai Fan would lose the trust of their master, Xu Tiande. As long as he worked hard, he would have the qualifications to inherit the Medicine King Valley.

This was precisely Xu Tiande’s character. The moment you lose your value, you would be thrown away like trash, and he would not hesitate to choose someone else.

Bai Fan coldly looked at Su Tao. All of this was because of Su Tao. If it wasn’t for Su Tao, he would surely be able to ascend the throne as the Physician King, and the Medicine King Valley would also go to him. But right now, it was replaced with humiliation that was given to him by Su Tao.

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Thyaeria's Thoughts

Xing Lin means a forest of apricot trees, also an honorific term for a fine doctor. This term came to be when Dong Feng, a famed doctor from the Eastern Han period refused monetary payment for his services. Instead, he would ask patients that were successfully cured of minor ailments to plant a single apricot kernel, and those cured of severe ailments were asked to plant five kernels. A forest of apricot trees came to surround his home as a testament to his skill.