Chapter 92 - Wolf in the Wasteland

Chapter 92 - Wolf in the Wasteland

Xu Tiande swept his glance at Bai Fan. “I have just greeted the judges. Your competition will be related to the heart, so you can start making your preparations.”

Nodding his head, Bai Fan cast a glance in the direction of Su Tao with a beaded bracelet in his hand. He rotated the bracelet with his finger. “I’m preparing to use the Medicine King Tonic!”

Xu Tiande’s face slightly changed before he said, “That’s your trump card. What are you going to do when you face Wang Guofeng?”

“Judging from the ability that he showed in the first round, there’s a high chance that the rumour of him beating Wang Guofeng is true. So I have to treat him as my strongest enemy.” Bai Fan replied in a solemn voice.

Xu Tiande knew that Bai Fan had a mature and steady character, so he nodded his head with satisfaction. “The Medicine King Tonic was created after years of hard work by the Medicine King Valley. Not only can it treat heart diseases, but it is also effective towards diabetes, pancreatitis and other diseases that involve organs. So even if you use the Medicine King tonic, you shouldn’t have a problem winning.”

Bai Fan showed a complicated smile. “Although it’s considered a cheap trick, TCM is all about inheritance and development. So it cannot be considered as an unfair contest.”

Xu Tiande was very satisfied with Bai Fan. Bai Fan had inherited all of his medical skills and was also even more drilled into research than him. Xu Tiande had been focusing his attention on the development of the Medicine King Valley over the past few years, so his studies in medical skills had been managed by Bai Fan. Now, the Medicine King Valley was not only researching medicine, but they were also researching acupuncture, massage and diagnosis, with Bai Fan standing at the top amongst all the disciples.

His eyes lit up and he said, “After this Physician King Tournament, I will hand over the Medicine King’s title to you.”

“Master, I dare not accept this honour!” Bai Fan lowered his head with a flash of joy in his eyes.

Xu Tiande waved his hand with a smile. “You’re steady at handling things, so I believe that in your hands, the Medicine King Valley will blossom. Right now, the other sects are swiftly replacing the old generations, and the young generations are starting to take up bigger responsibilities. Take Liu Ruochen for example, after she took over the sect, the Aqua Cloud Stream has been swiftly developing. The times have changed, and the thoughts of the young generations are more catered to the trend.”

Bai Fan knew that Xu Tiande was giving him motivation so that he could defeat his opponent. But even so, he couldn’t help being happy.

On the other hand, there was already an outcome from the stage. Tang Jian’s forehead was covered in beads of sweat. He never expected that he would lose to such a young girl, while the corner of Mo Sui’er’s lips rose, looking proud.

Judge Song gently caressed his beard as he smiled. “One must be patient and attentive when dealing with young children. Tang Jian, although you are right with your medicine usage, you lack patience in the treatment. Even if you’re able to treat the children, it will also leave a psychological shadow in their heart.”

“On the other hand, Mo Sui’er used massage along with the assistance of medicine, since the patient is just a baby that has reached one month old, so you cannot overdose on the medicine. The massage technique of the Aqua Cloud Stream is extremely unique, and Mo Sui’er is deeply versed in it. Her treatment felt as gentle as water, it’s simply breathtaking.”

Tang Jian knitted his brows and sneered, “Are you guys doing this on purpose? You guys came out with this question knowing that my Tang Clan isn’t versed in treating babies, there’s favourable treatment in this competition!”

Judge Song snorted before he unhappily swept his sharp gaze over Tang Jian. “A baby’s treatment is one of TCM’s important subjects. According to what I know, your Master, Tang Zhou, made his name after treating the grandchild of Bashu’s Secretary of the Municipal Committee. So isn't it hilarious that you're looking down on it?”

Hearing Judge Song’s words, Tang Jian fell into an awkward position. The judges were all authoritative figures in TCM, so there’s a reason in the questions that they came up with.

Although the Aqua Cloud Stream was versed in treating women and babies, the medical skill of the Tang Clan also grew famous because of treating babies. So they're absolutely fair in posing such a question.

With a gentle snort, Judge Dou said, “Tang Jian, with your impatient character, you’re actually not suitable to be a doctor. So I suggest you change your life plans or there is bound to be a disaster.”

Hearing Judge Dou’s words, Tang Jian’s face changed. Back then, his Master, Tang Zhou, also tried to persuade him not to be a doctor because of his character.

Judge Dou slowly continued, “Doctors require a benevolent heart and respect for life. Even if the patient is a baby, you must have patience. In fact, treating a baby can test the benevolence of a doctor. It’s not difficult to treat night crying for babies, but what we are testing is the patience of the participants. If your character isn’t suitable, then you will not deserve the title of a Physician King.”

His words made Tang Jian feel extremely ashamed, before the latter cupped his hands, swiftly made his way down the stage and left.

When Mo Sui’er saw how she won the competition, she quickened her steps and smiled, “Senior Sister, I won again!”

Liu Ruochen gently stroked her hair and smiled. “It’s not easy for you to beat Tang Jian, since he was the best in Bashu. It’s normal for him to be unconvinced by today’s result; after all, his motive was the Physician King’s title.”

While playfully sticking her tongue out, Mo Sui’er suddenly recalled something and said, “Rumour says that the Tang Clan is good at assassination. Will he assassinate me due to hating that I beat him? I’m still so young, and there are so many delicious foods that I’ve not yet tried. If I die like this, wouldn’t it be too pitiful?!”

Liu Ruochen laughed at Mo Sui’er’s words and everyone in the surroundings exclaimed in admiration at her laughter, while she comforted, “Those are just rumours. The Tang Clan is the biggest clan in Bashu, and Tang Jian is just the third-in-line successor. He won’t provoke trouble just because of you.”

Noticing how Liu Ruochen’s gaze would occasionally drift away, Mo Sui’er’s lips rose before she whispered, “Senior Sister, I’ve noticed that you have been looking at that fellow called Su Tao, you won’t change your feelings and fall for him, right?”

Liu Ruochen was stunned. Actually, Mo Sui’er wasn’t the only one to notice her changes. There were many people who were paying attention to Liu Ruochen who saw it as well, that included Wang Guofeng.

Wang Guofeng had been puzzling about why Liu Ruochen’s gaze hadn’t shifted to him, but Su Tao instead. He was her fiancé, so he naturally felt uneasy when Liu Ruochen had ignored him entirely.

“Maybe?” Liu Ruochen did not answer straightforwardly, causing Mo Sui’er to panic.

Mo Sui’er nagged, “Senior Sister, you can’t do this. You and Big Brother Guofeng are the golden pair in the TCM world, the condor heroes. You cannot become a fickle woman like Pan Jinlian, and desert Big Brother Guofeng after using him. He has been waiting for you for so many years, how hurtful would he be if you dumped him like that? He is not getting any younger as well; what will he do in the future if he’s hurt? The feeling of not being able to fall in love again must be excruciating. Senior Sister, you have always been kind-hearted and perfect in my heart, don’t make any rash actions that will…”

Liu Ruochen finally couldn’t stand her nagging, so she placed a finger on Mo Sui’er’s lips and hushed, “The fourth competition is starting, you can shut it now.”

Rolling her eyes, Mo Sui’er directed her gaze onto the stage, where Su Tao and Bai Fan stood side-by-side. She supported Bai Fan in her heart, since she considered Liu Ruochen and Wang Guofeng to be a match made in heaven. So if Su Tao lost the tournament, then his position would be lowered in Liu Ruochen’s heart.

But if Bai Fan lost, then she must do her best, even at the risk of her life, to stop Su Tao from progressing.

Cold and darkness, this was the only description that Su Tao could give Bai Fan, who stood beside him, like a rock without any emotions. When Su Tao looked at Bai Fan, he couldn’t help thinking of the past him, when he got lost in the forest with no daylight.

Even he hadn’t entirely walked out from that at this moment, that was the reason why he was occasionally so cold when handling things.

His understanding of Bai Fan was someone with a sturdy foundation and meticulous thoughts, like a hungry wolf in the wasteland that believed that he could obtain a great achievement through his keen sense of smell.

Despite them standing on a different ground, Su Tao respected Bai Fan as a person. He respected someone with ability and a dream. Bai Fan had his own beliefs, and he could also achieve his objective with his own strength.

Su Tao felt gratified for there to be someone like Bai Fan in the world of TCM, at least he knew that he wasn’t alone.

He could sense the dedication for TCM from Wang Guofeng, Liu Ruochen and Bai Fan. They have invested a lot of effort in TCM, and they practically invested their entire youth in it.

Having someone or a group that was willing to sacrifice for the inheritance of TCM was worth respecting, regardless of their standpoint.

Bai Fan slowly stretched his hand out, his hand looked extremely manly and rough, covered in bulging veins. Compared to him, Su Tao’s hands looked feminine and smooth.

After a brief shake, Bai Fan immediately retracted his hand and knitted his brows. He initially wanted to test the strength of his opponent, but he never expected Su Tao’s feminine hand to be as sturdy as shackles. He felt as if the bones in his hand had been misplaced, and it took two minutes before the pain gradually disappeared.

“I apologise for my behaviour in the café. I admit that I wasn’t respecting you back then. But since you have made your choice to stand on this stage, I will surely do my best. I believe that this can also compensate for my previous behaviour.” Bai Fan faintly smiled while looking at Su Tao with a blazing gaze.

Facing a strong opponent, the coldness in Bai Fan had disappeared. At this moment, his eyes were blazing with fire, akin to a hungry and excited wolf that had found its prey!

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