Chapter 907 - Three Difficulties

They didn’t talk much about business during the meal. They were just getting a basic understanding of each other.

By getting Liu Ruochen to take a look at Yuan Xiuzhen was an indirect display of his strength.

Qi Jiahao had maintained his composure throughout the meal, and Su Tao couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Let’s have a talk in the mountains. It’s quieter and more relaxing there.” Qi Jiahao smiled.

As he was a guest, it was polite for Su Tao to go along with it. He smiled, “I’ll follow Mr. Qi’s arrangements.”

When they came out of the restaurant, they went up the mountain in the car. It didn’t take long for them to arrive in an old temple. When Su Tao got near, he realized that it was a nunnery. He didn’t expect that Qi Jiahao would have such a hobby.

A middle-aged nun was already waiting outside with a smile, “Mr. Qi, I have pastries and tea prepared. Please, come with me.”

There was nothing extraordinary about the nun’s appearance, but her delicate looks and grey robe made her look ethereal.

Su Tao and Liu Ruochen exchanged a glance. They could tell what each other was thinking. Qi Jiahao was truly an oddball to choose to have their negotiation in a nunnery.

The nunnery looks a little old on the outside, but it was well cleaned on the inside. The floorings were laid with stone bricks with osmanthus planted on the corner, exuding a rich flowery fragrance. When they stepped into a room, there was already someone waiting. Qi Jiahao smiled, “Sorry for disturbing, Abbess Jing Fei.”

Jing Fei wasn’t very old. She looks a lot younger than the middle-aged nun from before. She had delicate brows with well chiseled features. She was a beauty at the same level as Yuan Xiuzhen.

Su Tao was shocked when his gaze fell onto a young nun beside Jing Fei. The nun was also surprised to see Su Tao. Her mouth was opened from shock. But she immediately lowered her head in silence.

It was the nun that Su Tao had helped back in Beijing. But he never imagined that he would run into this nun again in Shanzhou Province. Then again, it was also the work of fate.

Su Tao soon learned that this young nun was Jing Fei’s disciple. Her Buddhism name was Hui Ru.

As the Abbess of this nunnery, Jing Fei poured tea for the guests and smiled, “Don’t be offended by the simple tea here.”

Qi Jiahao smiled and introduced, “Abbess Jing Fei is too humble. Who doesn’t know that you’re a Bodhisattva around here? Everyone has been saying that your tea grants longevity.”

“They’re all rumors. How can it be that magical?” Jing Fei smiled, modestly.

When she finished speaking, she stood up and gave a smile at Qi Jiahao, “We’ll take our leave now. Do let us know if you need anything.”

From this detail alone, anyone could tell that Jing Fei was someone with high emotional intelligence. She knew that Qi Jiahao would only bring someone over to discuss important matters. So she took the initiative to leave them alone.

Hui Ru followed behind Jing Fei. Before she left, she raised her head to take a look at Su Tao. Unexpectedly, Su Tao was also looking at her. When their eyes met, she blushed with her heart throbbing like a wild deer and quickened up her pace.

After they got out, Jing Fei asked upon seeing Hui Ru’s abnormal behavior, “What’s the matter?”

Hui Ru didn’t hide anything from her master and whispered, “Master, do you remember the young physician I told you about?”

“That person who gave you the prescription?” Jing Fei double confirmed.

“He seems to be the young man that came with Mr. Qi.” Hui Ru said truthfully.

“What do you mean by that?” Jing Fei frowned with a bitter smile. “Since he saved your life, it’s natural for you to thank him in person.”

“I wasn’t sober enough when he saved me. I only have a rough impression on him. I didn’t dare to look at him carefully earlier.” Hui Ri replied, aggrieved.

“You don’t even remember the appearance of your savior? Won’t he be pissed if he knows about it?” Jing Fei replied.

Hui Ru blushed and suddenly had an idea, “Hui Ke must have an impression about him!”

“Get Hui Ke over to send some pastries. We have to thank him if it’s really him. At the same time, your illness might even be treated.” Jing Fei nodded.

Hui Ru has been taking the prescription given to her by Su Tao for a while now and the effects have been great. But Jing Fei was still a little worried about it because the source of the prescription was questionable.

After a few minutes later, Hui Ru called Hui Ke over and whispered in her ears. Hui Ke nodded her head vigorously and smiled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll recognize him even if he turns into ashes!”

Jabbing Hui Ke in her forehead, Hui Ru smiled, “Why are you talking as if you have a grudge with him?”

“Grace and enmity are both unforgettable.” Hui Ke smiled.

Hui Ke took the tray from Hui Ru and brought it in. The pastries were a traditional snack around here. It was made by steaming glutinous rice, red dates, and red beans. 

When Hui Ke sent the pastries in, she purposely took a long glance at Su Tao. Su Tao also managed to recognize this little nun and gave her a smile. When Hui Ke saw Su Tao, she was suffocating from her joy and slowly left. When she came out, she immediately ran over to Hui Ru, “Senior Sister, it’s really him! He’s the one who saved you! He even smiled at me earlier!”

Hui Ru rolled her eyes at her Junior Sister. “He’s just smiling at you. Maybe he only finds you cute.”

“That’s not it!” Hui Ke stomped her foot. “He’s wearing a robe. Who wears that nowadays? Also, that medical box he carries around him gave me a deep impression.”

“You’re right!” Hui Ru pondered about it and found that her junior sister was right about it. She forgot about it earlier because she got too nervous. Holding onto her junior sister’s hand, Hui Ru smiled, “Let’s go and tell master about it!”

Su Tao drank two cups of tea. When Qi Jiahao saw how composed Su Tao was, he knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get Su Tao to talk about the acquisition. But it was something that had to be discussed today. He didn’t have all the time in the world. If he missed the opportunity today, it wouldn’t be easy for him to find another opportunity in the future.

Su Tao was also anxiously waiting for Qi Jiahao to talk about it first. That was the case in negotiation. The first who mentioned it would lose the initiative. He wasn’t avoiding it on purpose but he was waiting for Qi Jiahao to start. It was so that he could have more confidence on the negotiation table.

After a brief awkwardness, Qi Jiahao glanced at Yuan Xiuzhen, who spoke out with a smile, “Mr. Su, Ms. Liu, are you two here to talk about the acquisition?”

Seeing that the other party was finally willing to talk about it, Liu Ruochen felt relieved and smiled, “Yeah. This is just our preliminary contact with your side to see if Ruixing Group has any intention of selling the company.”

In fact, Ruixing Group’s opinion didn’t matter since Vice-Premier Xiao had already spoken.

“I’ll not keep it from you. Reforming state-owned hospitals is a long-term investment. We’re involved in it for years, so we’ll naturally find it a pity to let go of it now. You should know that the assets of Ruixing Group are in a pretty good condition. Although we’ve been constantly spending money on this project, we're still willing to continue our investment.”

“There are three main reasons why we’re interested in it. Firstly, the Three Flavour Hall is undergoing expansion, and we’re trying to find ways to speed up the expansion. In short, if we acquire state-owned hospitals, we’ll be able to convert them into Three Flavour Hall branches. Secondly, the acquisition of the company is also under the government’s instigation. We’re under the government’s instructions to contact the Ruixing Group. Thirdly, the Ruixing Group has their investments scattered out. You guys don’t have much energy for the reformation of the state-owned hospitals. So it’ll be more efficient if we take it over.”

Yuan Xiuzhen was slightly surprised when she heard Liu Ruochen’s words. Liu Ruochen had her points clear and powerful. Even she had no idea how to answer for a brief moment.

It was just as Liu Ruochen had said. The acquisition was under the government’s instruction, and the Ruixing Group didn’t have a choice. But Yuan Xiuzhen also knew what Qi Jiahao wanted. Even if they were to sell off that subsidiary company with the state-owned hospitals, the Three Flavour Hall had to pay a certain price for it.

Letting out a light cough, Qi Jiahao replied, “As Ruochen has just mentioned. I have a few questions for you guys. Firstly, are you guys sure that you guys can deliver talents into those hospitals after the conversion? Secondly, you guys have no experience in it, and I’m afraid that you guys won’t be able to get it done.”

“Firstly, we will transform the state-owned hospitals into TCM pharmacies. Secondly, we will try our best to explore even if we have no experience in it.” Liu Ruochen swiftly responded.

Shaking his head, Qi Jiahao smiled, “How many people are into TCM nowadays? I’ve seen your proposal, and it’s too idealistic. I feel that before the acquisition takes place, you guys should present some achievements.”

After he finished his words, he nodded at Yuan Xiuzhen.

Yuan Xiuzhen took out a document from her purse and placed it before Su Tao and Liu Ruochen.

“Here are three state-owned hospitals that need to be reformed. If you guys can reform them successfully, I’ll be willing to transfer the project over to you. But if you guys can’t do it, then I’m afraid that there’s no way I can help you.” Qi Jiahao continued.

Su Tao took the document from Yuan Xiuzhen and smiled without reading the content, “Sure. Give me a month. If I can’t get it done in a month, I’ll let Vice-Premier Xiao know that I’ll be withdrawing from this project.”

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