Chapter 906 - Liu Ruochen’s Ability

Su Tao and Liu Ruochen chatted for almost half an hour, analyzing any possible issues in the negotiation tomorrow.

Su Tao also had a deeper understanding of Liu Ruochen in the process. He now knew why Wang Guofeng would fall for Liu Ruochen back then. Liu Ruochen was meticulous with her planning. So marrying Liu Ruochen was equivalent to finding himself an assistant.

When Liu Ruochen returned to her room and took a shower, she found out that she’d drank a little too much tea earlier when she was chatting with Su Tao. With her bladder bloated, she visited the toilet.

Just the thought of Su Tao staying next door made Liu Ruochen feel warmth in her heart. But in the next second, she immediately cleared her mind and reminded herself not to lose her rationale.

The next morning, Liu Ruochen woke up early in the morning as usual and put on her sportswear. When she came out, she rang Su Tao’s doorbell because she knew that Su Tao also had the habit of morning exercises. Su Tao also got ready when he opened the door. He smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you to call me.”

“I finally have a companion now. The hotel staff downstairs won’t find me lunatic now.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

Closing the door and making sure that the door was locked, Su Tao smiled, “It’s good to exercise in the morning. It’s good for the mind and body. But not many people have a habit of doing it nowadays.”

The two ran along the streets around the hotel for nearly an hour. Su Tao considered Liu Ruochen’s stamina to be inferior compared to his own, so he controlled his pace when he ran. He didn’t even sweat much. Liu Ruochen knew it well and smiled, “I won’t be coming out with you tomorrow.”

“Why?” Su Tao was surprised.

“My stamina can’t be compared to you. So it’ll be bad if I drag you down.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

“You’re thinking too much about it. It’s not tiring with a companion around. In fact, I would be drained by now in the past. The reason why I’m able to last through the jog today is because I have you around.” Su Tao replied.

“You’re just talking nonsense.” Liu Ruochen snapped. Despite her words, she felt sweet in her heart.

They returned to the hotel to take a shower before going to the cafeteria on the second floor for breakfast. It was free, and Su Tao found that the food was rather sumptuous. There were egg fried rice, noodles, wantons, steam buns, milk, and even cakes. Su Tao ate some of them and smiled, “They look pretty good, but the taste is somewhat lacking.”

“How will it be free otherwise? Just be satisfied with it.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

Su Tao shrugged and stared at Liu Ruochen.

“What’s the matter? Is there anything on my face?” Liu Ruochen subconsciously wiped her face and found nothing unusual.

Shaking his finger, Su Tao smiled, “The breakfast is average, but my appetite is great with a beauty around.”

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Liu Ruochen shoved the steamed bun on her plate into Su Tao’s mouth and snapped, “Don’t talk while eating. You’ll bite on your tongue.”

Su Tao bit down on the steamed bun ferociously and looked at the teeth mark on it, “Don’t pretend. I know that you’re happy inside.”

Liu Ruochen finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and smiled, “You win. You really do know how to make a woman happy.”

Seeing that Liu Ruochen’s mood has finally improved, Su Tao smiled, “Don’t be too nervous about it. There won’t be any problems later.”

Liu Ruochen was slightly startled. So it turns out that Su Tao was cheering her up because they would be meeting Qi Jiahao later.

“Why will I be nervous about it?” Liu Ruochen retorted subconsciously.

“I can tell that you’re trying to stay calm. Your eyebags already betrayed you.” Su Tao smiled. “Look at how swollen it is!”

“Really?” Liu Ruochen subconsciously wanted to look for a mirror. But she didn’t bring her bag when she came down. She immediately came up with an excuse, “You’re spewing nonsnese! I just have plump lower eyelids”

Su Tao laughed, “Do you think I can’t tell the difference between them? I agree that you do have plump lower eyelids, but that’s what charming about you. Then again, you also haven’t been resting well. Eyebags are generally in a triangular shape, and they’re always there. Plump lower eyelids are only noticeable when you smile.”

Su Tao swiped his finger beneath Liu Ruochen’s eye and smiled, “That’s where your plump lower eyelid is, and here’s your eyebags.”

“Boring!” Liu Ruochen patted Su Tao’s finger away, but she couldn’t find herself getting angry at Su Tao. “Well, I admit that I didn't sleep well last night.”

“If you’re too nervous, I can go alone later.” Su Tao miled.

“Don’t worry about it. Qi Jiahao isn’t a tiger. Why do I have to be afraid of him?” Liu Ruochen raised her brow. “I’m eager to meet him to see what makes him so arrogant.”

Su Tao shook his head. Liu Ruochen had a mild personality, but she was also a woman.

Women were petty. So if you make her unhappy, she would hold it against you for a lifetime.

At 11:50 in the morning, Su Tao and Liu Ruochen came to the appointed restaurant.

The restaurant was located at the mountainside. The surroundings were filled with greenery along the way. It was a pleasant scenery with fresh air.

Yuan Xiuzhen waited for a long time at the entrance. When Su Tao and Liu Ruochen came, she stepped forth to shake hands and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Su!”

When Su Tao saw Yuan Xiuzhen for the first time, he had to give it to her for her outstanding appearance. Although the women around him were outstanding in terms of their appearance, Yuan Xiuzhen wasn’t any inferior compared to them. Compared to Liu Ruochen, Yuan Xiuzhen was more mature. She was more feminine that gave her a unique charm.

“Hello, Ms. Yuan!” Su Tao shook hands with Yuan Xiuzhen. He followed her into a private room where Su Tao saw Qi Jiahao waiting for them.

“Oh! I have been hearing about you!” Qi Jiahao went up to shake hands with Su Tao passionately.

Standing by the side, Liu Ruochen sighed helplessly. She could tell from details that Qi Jiahao wasn’t simple. Just a few days ago, he had ignored her presence. But in the blink of an eye, he was so passionate and even gained control of the situation.

Qi Jiahao was checking Su Tao out. Su Tao was younger than he had imagined. Su Tao wore a smile on his face that radiated with confidence. Qi Jiahao had met many people in his life, and he could tell from first glance that Su Tao wasn’t ordinary. For Su Tao to receive Vice-Premier Xiao’s trust at such a young age, there must be something special about Su Tao.

The four sat around the table and chatted while they waited for the dishes to be served.

Qi Jiahao was pretty surprised because Su Tao did not go straight into the topic of acquisition. He went along with Su Tao and chatted about the secrets of nurturing health.

“Mr. Su, you’re a National Healer. I heard that you can tell if a person is healthy with your eyes. I wonder if it’s real?” Yuan Xiuzhen asked. Her curiosity was suddenly piqued.

“Ruochen is also a famous physician. If you’re interested in TCM, you can get her to explain it to you.” Su Tao smiled.

Yuan Xiuzhen initially wanted Su Tao to take a look at her, but she never expected that Su Tao would bring Liu Ruochen out. She didn’t think much about it and smiled, “Sure. Let her take a look at my health then.”

Liu Ruochen knew that Su Tao was giving her an opportunity to perform and smiled, “If you don’t mind, can I take your pulse?”

“Sure!” Yuan Xiuzhen was still doubtful about TCM. She only wanted to give it a try out of a whim.

As Liu Ruochen took her pulse, she smiled, “You’re healthy overall. But did you have freckles two weeks ago?.”

“That’s right. What’s the reason for that?” Yuan Xiuzhen nodded her head with a smear of shock flickering through her eyes.

“The internal organs are corresponding to the center part of your face while your limbs correspond to your outer cheeks. The reason for your freckles is because of your meridians and internal organs. The darker the freckles, the more obvious the symptoms are.” Liu Ruochen explained. “Are the freckles located at the bottom of your eyes?”

Yuan Xiuzhen would apply skincare all the time to remove the freckles. But they would always resurface. “That’s right. Do I have a problem in my organs?”

“Your condition is called zygomatic freckles. The center of the two zygomatic cheeks correspond to our small intestine, the outer side corresponds to the kidney, and the upper part corresponds to the three truncal cavities. The freckles are usually accompanied by shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitation, chest tightness, decreased digestive system, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, and diarrhea. It’s a sign of a weak digestive system and heart function.” Liu Ruochen pondered briefly and continued, “Do you have a habit of going on a diet?”

“You got it right again.” Yuan Xiuchen smiled bitterly.

“It must be due to your dieting that resulted in an issue in your digestive system. But judging at the looks of it now, it’s not particularly serious. If you want to treat it, you just have to pay attention to your eating habits. I’ll give you a prescription for you to take. You will recover from it in three months.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

“No wonder my freckles will appear every time I go on a diet.” Yuan Xiuzhen sighed.

“Everyone wants to be beautiful, but going on a diet to the point of affecting your health isn’t good. Why aren’t you thanking Ms. Liu for taking a look at you?” Qi Jiahao smiled. Qi Jiahao was also shocked inwardly, just that he didn’t show it on his face.

Yuan Xiuzhen was his secretary, and they spent a lot of time together. However, he never noticed any freckles on her face. That was because Yuan Xiuzhen has been using cosmetics to cover up the freckles, but it was impressive that Liu Ruochen could detect them by taking her pulse.

Yuan Xiuzhen immediately raised the glass and smiled, “Thank you, Ms. Liu.”

“It’s nothing.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

Looking at Liu Ruochen, Qi Jiahao was surprised to see how calm and composed she behaved. Liu Ruochen was just a little older than Su Tao. She was also in her twenties, and she wasn’t much older than his daughter. He was impressed by how she maintained her composure.

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