Chapter 905 - A show of strength

“Enemy?” Qi Jiahao shook his head and smiled, “He’s not really considered my enemy.”

“Mr. Qi, you have been in Shanzhou Province for years. So you’re naturally not afraid of a foreigner. But Su Tao isn’t alone. The funds of his acquisition project comes from the Ni and Ye Families.” Tong Zuoqing paused briefly and added, “Putting in a nutshell, he’s also the representative of the two families.”

Listening to Tong Zuoqing’s words, Qi Jiahao had no changes to his face and smiled, “I have actually been trying to promote the reformation of state-owned hospitals for years now. It’s a task with no benefits. So I’m happy that someone is willing to take over.”

Tong Zuoqing naturally understood what Qi Jiahao meant. According to the hospitals acquired by Ruixing Group, it could be sold for a high price. After all, the price of land had been rising for years. So if Su Tao wanted to acquire it, he would also have to pay a huge price for it. Simply putting it, Qi Jiahao wouldn’t lose any money.

Shaking his head, Tong Zuoqing replied, “Mr. Qi, you have to think about everything in the long-term. Are you willing to hand over such a valuable project?”

Tong Zuoqing was precise about the problem. If Qi Jiahao sold those hospitals now, it would be profitable, but the profits wouldn’t be high. If the hospitals were placed around for a few years, it would fetch a higher price.

The locations of those hospitals were good. With the development of urbanization, it could be sold for a high price in a few years.

Qi Jiahao smiled. Tong Zuoqing grasped his mentality well. He could tell that Tong Zuoqing wasn’t simple. Otherwise, how would Tong Zuoqing be Qin Jingyu’s chess piece willingly?

“It’s rare for you to visit Shanzhou Province. I’ll get someone to accompany you around for the next few days to look around.” Qi Jiahao changed the topic calmly.

Tong Zuoqing knew that Qi Jiahao didn’t want to be entangled in this topic anymore. He had already said what he needed to. So if he went on further into the topic, it would only make him seem rude. With a faint smile, Tong Zuoqing replied, “I’ll have to trouble you then, Mr. Qi.”

Qi Jiahao reached for the bell on the table and shook it. Half a minute later, the waiter who had been standing outside for a long time walked in with delicate plates. The room wasn’t big, but the food was great. That placed Tong Zuoqing in a pretty good mood. From these details alone, he could see that Qi Jiahao had respected him.

Then again, Tong Zuoqing knew his place well. If he wasn’t here on behalf of Qin Jingyu, he would definitely not receive such treatment from Qi Jiahao. Qi Jiahao could’ve easily dismissed him off with someone else.

He could tell that Qi Jiahao had intentions of getting close to Qin Jingyu. After all, the Qi Family was a huge force.

The atmosphere was good, not to mention that Tong Zuoqing was a chatty person, to begin with. Although he may not be good at certain things, he still had some knowledge. On the other hand, Qi Jiahao was a veteran in the business industry for years. The two of them managed to build a rapport through their conversation. But Tong Zuoqing could tell that Qi Jiahao wasn’t willing to go into Su Tao’s topic, or perhaps Qi Jiahao had other plans in his mind.

Tong Zuoqing drank a lot in the meal. Qi Jiahao was also a great drinker, but local alcohol was relatively strong.

Seeing Tong Zuoqing swaying from the alcohol, Qi Jiahao smiled with a hiccup, “I’ll get someone to bring you to the hotel. I have already made arrangements for it.”

Tong Zuoqing was only mumbling at this point. Two men helped to get Tong Zuoqing into the car. Looking at the car leaving, Qi Jiahao’s lips rose up. Yuan Xiuzhen had been waiting in another car for a long time. When Qi Jiahao came, she handed him a cup of tea to sober up and asked in a concerned tone, “Why are you so drunk?”

“Tong Zuoqing is a great drinker. So I lost my patience without my knowing.” Qi Jiahao replied, helplessly.

Yuan Xiuzhen smiled, “But he’s the one that got drunk instead. That shows that you can hold your alcohol better.”

Wiping his face with a wet towel, Qi Jiahao shook his head, “Do you really think so?”

Tong Zuoqing was sent to a high-end hotel in Xijing. When he entered, a call woman who had been waiting came over to him and chuckled, “It’s a drunkard.”

“What a beautiful woman. Mr. Qi is truly thoughtful.” Tong Zuoqing smiled with his eyes squinted.

The woman had undergone professional training, who helped Tong Zuoqing to undress with a smile, “Let me help you undress!”

“Sure!” Tong Zuoqing spoke before he suddenly frowned and rushed into the bathroom.

Not long after, the woman could hear the sounds of Tong Zuoqing vomiting in the bathroom. Shortly after, flushing sounds could be heard and Tong Zuoqing could be seen staggering out. When he came out, the woman was already down to her underwear. Adjusting his collar, he spoke out, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Let me take a shower first.”

“Do you need my help?” The woman smiled.

“No, it’s fine. I’m not drunk.” Tong Zuoqing hiccuped.

Seeing that Tong Zuoqing had refused her help, the woman also couldn’t be bothered with him and began playing her phone on the bed.

Entering the bathroom once more, Tong Zuoqing suddenly opened his eyes. He looked completely sober and gave a call to Qin Jingyu.

“How’s Qi Jiahao’s attitude?” Qin Jingyu asked in a deep voice.

“He’s more shrewd than we’d thought. But I can tell that he’s not willing to give up so easily. But we’ll have to give him a taste of some sweetness.” Tong Zuoqing was just pretending to be drunk just as Qi Jiahao guessed.

“Sweetness?” Qin Jingyu sneered, “Do you know what he wants?”

“He’s currently focused on healthcare products. Based on my analysis, I’m afraid that you’ll have to use your resources to help him resolve some difficulties.”

“Healthcare products?” Qin Jingyu fell into deep ponder.

Although many industries didn’t seem that great, the profits were enormous. Healthcare products had both medical and consumer attributes. With the current economic development and the improvement in the standards of living, many people have regarded healthcare products as necessities. The elderly market was more prosperous in this aspect. It was still a developing market with endless potential.

However, healthcare products have been subjected to many limitations in recent years. The country had given many signs that most healthcare products don’t require any approval, but supervision became stricter. For food and health products, the government issued four standards, which includes the rigorous standard, stringent supervision, severe punishment, and severe accountability.

Qi Jiahao had been in the medical industry. But in recent years, he realized that the profits in medical products were far beneath healthcare products. This was the reason why he was attracted to it. After all, it was a ¥400,000,000,000 piece of cake.

Many healthcare products on the market hadn’t gone through strict approvals. But since Qi Jiahao wanted to explore this industry, he naturally had to be more professional about it.

Moreover, Qi Jiahan plans on building a brand to separate it from the Ruixing Group. Although he wanted to clear up the government relationship with his connection, there were also many ways he could get it done. But since Qin Jingyu came knocking on his door, he naturally had to make good use of this opportunity.

After all, it wasn’t difficult for Qin Jingyu to use his resources to get this matter done.

Learning about it, Qin Jingyu sneered, “Hurrumpt! He’s someone who doesn’t want to take a single loss.”

After Tong Zuoqing finished reporting to Qin Jingyu, he came out of the bathroom and became drunk once more, walking towards the beautiful woman on the bed.

Liu Ruochen received Su Tao at the hotel. He still wore his robe, carrying an old medical box, and his luggage. But paired with his tall figure and handsome looks, it gave off an unusual taste.

This was a world where appearance matters. So even if Su Tao wore tattered clothes, he would still stand out in the crowd.

Just when Liu Ruochen wanted to help Su Tao with his luggage, Su Tao smiled, “How can I possibly let a woman help out?”

“Well, I won’t be polite with you then. I have already booked a room for you. Come, follow me.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

This was a three-starred hotel. It wasn’t luxurious, but it was clean and refreshing. While Su Tao started to organize his clothes, Liu Ruochen sat on the chair silently. After Su Tao was done unpacking his luggage, he asked, “What’s Ruixing Group’s current attitude?”

“It’s still the same. They still don’t know that you’ve come to Xijing City.” Liu Ruochen shook her head.

“Try and contact them now. Tell them that I’ll be coming tomorrow and see if Qi Jiahao is willing to meet me.” Su Tao sighed.

“What if he’s not willing to meet you?” Liu Ruochen was surprised by Su Tao’s sudden request.

“I’m confident that he will!” Su Tao shook his head.

“What makes you think so?” Liu Ruochen was baffled.

“If I come to Xijing City personally and he’s not willing to meet me, it will be equivalent to not giving Vice-Premier Xiao any face. I don’t believe that he’s that stupid. The reason why he doesn’t want to talk with you is because you’re not someone who can make any final decisions. So I believe that he will give out a price if I meet him personally.” Su Tao analyzed.

Shaking her head, Liu Ruochen smiled bitterly, “So it turns out that I’m being ignored by him.”

“Don’t look down on yourself. Who would’ve thought that Qi Jiahao would be so prideful not to meet you.” Su Tao smiled, shaking his head.

After a brief pondering, Liu Ruochen sighed, “Let me contact the Ruixing Group then.”

When the call went through, they talked to the person in front of Su Tao. When they heard that Su Tao would be coming, the person on the phone immediately said that they would seek instructions from their superior. Shortly after, the Chairman’s secretary, Yuan Xiuzhen, personally gave a call to Liu Ruochen, “May I ask what time will Mr. Su be coming tomorrow?”

“9 a.m. tomorrow.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

“Then let’s set an appointment tomorrow. Mr. Qi will personally welcome Mr. Su. I’ll send you the address tomorrow.” Yuan Xiuzhen smiled.

Upon hearing that Qi Jiahao was willing to meet Su Tao, Liu Ruochen felt relieved. However, Su Tao knew that Qi Jiahao had given him a show of strength through Liu Ruochen.

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