Chapter 904 - Taking it too far

Su Tao sent Gu Rushan back to her hotel that night before returning to the Three Flavour Hall. Because all the women were around, Su Tao did not dare to mess around right now. So he was well-behaved.

When he woke up the next morning to exercise, Su Tao bumped into Jin Ya, who got up early to prepare breakfast.

Jin Ya waved his hand at Su Tao mysteriously and said, “Do you know what happened yesterday? Something big happened after the wedding last night.”

Su Tao was startled when he heard that. Wiping the sweat on his forehead, he asked, “What’s the matter?’

“Two female guests who came to the wedding last night ran into a sex scam.” Jin Ya lowered his voice.

“Doesn’t that only happen to men?” Su Tao was speechless.

Jin Ya then explained to Su Tao what happened last night. Then again, he had exaggerated the matter.

So after the wedding last night, Yan Yao and Niu Liu visited a famous hotel to meet Yan Yao’s ‘friends’. As a result, that friend brought three other friends over. When Yan Yao and Niu Liu fell asleep, the six of them got into a battle on the bed.

But that wasn’t all. That friend even took all of Yan Yao and Niu Liu’s money, taking their nude pictures in the process. They even blackmailed the two women to prepare ¥1,000,000 or they would send the photos to their husband,

In the end, Yan Yao and Niu Liu were forced to seek Di Yuqin for help. As a result, Xia Yu couldn’t enjoy his night and mobilised everyone he could to find Yan Yao and Niu Liu, arresting the four men involved in the blackmail.

After listening to the story, Su Tao sighed. There was nothing unexpected in the world. But he was also surprised. Without him knowing, Xia Yu had become a powerful figure in Hanzhou City. That also shows the Three Flavour Hall’s status in Hanzhou City indirectly.

Then again, it was just a small event that everyone just laughed about. Su Tao patted on Jin Ya’s shoulder and smiled, “Now that Xia Yu had his marriage, it’s your turn now.”

“Lihua’s saying that we’re just going to live like this together.” Jin Ya was a little sad mentioning it.

Su Tao knew that Fan Lihua had a failed marriage, and it wouldn’t be easy for her to change her mind. Nodding his head, Su Tao replied, “Don’t be too hasty about it. Give her some time to think it through.”

Su Tao’s encouragement rekindled Jin Ya’s fighting spirit. When Su Tao walked towards the bathroom, Jin Ya suddenly looked at his slim figure and felt complicated.

Regardless of how Su Tao shined outside, he would blend into everyone’s life when he returned to the Three Flavour Hall, gradually influencing others. Without them knowing, Su Tao had already become the backbone of this group. As long as Su Tao was in the Three Flavour Hall, all difficulties would change. No matter if it was life or problems at work, he would always solve their problems.

Although Jin Ya was no longer the chef of a five-starred hotel, he enjoyed his current life. He could feel the warmth of home here.

After Su Tao came out from the bathroom and returned to his room to check his phone, he saw a missed call by Liu Ruochen. Knowing that there must be something important, he immediately gave her a call back.

“You ran into a problem?” Su Tao asked.

“I’ve been here for days, but I’m not able to get a meeting with Qi Jiahao. They sent a vice-president to accompany me daily but they said nothing about the acquisition. Whenever I tried to bring up the topic, he'd immediately brush it off.” Liu Ruochen complained with a frown.

Su Tao knew Liu Ruochen well. Despite her seeming gentle and amicable, she was someone who wouldn’t tolerate even a speck of sand in her eyes.

Holding onto his chin, Su Tao analyzed the situation, “The Ruixing Group must’ve received a notice from the State Council, knowing that the acquisition must be executed. They must be trying to hold you back to make preparations for everything to seem nice. That way, they’ll be able to ask for a higher price. On the other hand, they must be thinking of grinding our temper down. I’m afraid that they have no intention of letting the acquisition take place anytime soon.”

“We can only execute our next step by acquiring that company.” Liu Ruochen sighed. “I never expected that things would be so unpleasant for us.” Liu Ruochen pondered for a long time and felt helpless.

Su Tao knew that Liu Ruochen had lost her confidence. He smiled, “I’ll book a plane ticket later and meet up with you in Shanzhou Province as soon as possible.”

“It’ll be easier for me with you around. I’m guessing that Qi Jiahao isn’t really busy with work. He must feel that I’m not qualified to talk to him.” Liu Ruochen smiled.

Su Tao had also thought about it. Qi Jiahao was the Chairman of Ruixing Group. He was also an old-fashioned businessman. Many of his methods were more bureaucratic. He must think that Su Tao must be around to talk if the Three Flavour Hall wanted to acquire his company.

Putting it in a nutshell, Qi Jiahao felt that only Su Tao was qualified to talk to him.

Su Tao also reacted quickly and sorted out the relationship. He immediately realized that it would be futile if he wasn’t around.

Xijing City was an ancient capital in China, with deep political and cultural heritage. It was also one of the main cities where the west launched their strategic development.

As the evening sun shone on the distant mountain, smearing the forest with a layer of golden luster, there was a group of people dressed in hunter suits laughing as they walked down the mountain. This barren mountain was privately owned, just like royal hunting grounds in ancient times. People would regularly throw wild animals into the mountain. Although there were no endangered animals like wolves or tigers, there were no lack of wild boars.

There were six people carrying a wild boar that weighed more than 200 kilograms. The average wild boar weighs about 150 kilograms. So this was a relatively large prey and they had to be careful or their lives would be endangered.

Walking at the front was a middle-aged man of medium build. Because of regular exercises, he seemed younger than his peers. Approaching the neatly parked Land Rovers, a woman in her thirties came over with a towel and smiled, “Mr. Qi, how’s the harvest today?”

The middle-aged man wiped the sweat off his chiseled face and unbuttoned his collar. He laughed, “Not bad. I went up the mountain five times for this wild boar and finally caught it.”

This man was Qi Jiahao, the Chairman of Ruixing Group. He had a wide range of hobbies, especially when it came to hunting. So he bought a piece of mountain land and put wild animals in it for hunting. As the barking of dogs rang out behind him, Qi Jiahao smiled and took a piece of meat from the back of his car and threw it to the group of hunting dogs, “You guys are rewarded for your merit today. It’s all thanks to you guys or I’ll be in trouble.”

“Ah!” The woman exclaimed upon hearing Qi Jiahao’s words. Her face immediately changed and she asked, “Mr. Qi, what happened? Are you injured anywhere?”

Men hunt to show the powerful male hormones in their bodies. When he saw the woman’s curiosity, he explained to her what happened back on the mountain. Women have high emotional intelligence. Whenever Qi Jiahao reached an exciting point in the story, she could exclaim out to satisfy Qi Jiahao’s pride.

As the vehicles drove down the mountain, the woman reminded, “We have guests from Beijing.”

“How long have they been waiting?” An arc rose on Qi Jiahao’s lips.

“They arrived at 1 p.m. in the noon. It’s 5 p.m. now.” The woman was Qi Jiahao’s secretary, Yuan Xiuzhen. From a normal person’s perspective, there must be something fishy about their relationship for Qi Jiahao to have such a beautiful secretary. But nothing happened between them. Their relationship remained that of a normal superior-subordinate relationship.

Anyone who knew about it would feel that Qi Jiahao was an incredible person. It wasn’t new for men to lose control of their lower bodies. But men who could control their lower bodies weren’t the same.

“Let’s drive slowly and reach there at 6.30 p.m.” Qi Jiahao squinted his eyes and started to take a nap. Yuan Xiuzhen knew about her superior’s habits. She knew that he must have a series of questions running in his mind right now.

When they arrived at 6.30 p.m., Qi Jiahao quickened his steps in and apologized, “I’m sorry for keeping you guys waiting.”

The person waiting was Tong Zuoqing, who waved his hand and smiled, “I’m just an idler. I have plenty of time, unlike Mr. Qi, whose time is precious.”

Qi Jiahao cupped his hands together at Tong Zuoqing. They two weren’t seeing each other for the first time. They had some understanding of each other. The reason why he left Tong Zuoqing waiting for hours was to suppress Tong Zuoqing’s arrogance. Qi Jiahao naturally heard about Tong Zuoqing’s reputation, a famous figure that even the government and underworld had to give him face.

Waiting for the dishes to be served Tong Zuoqing smiled, “Mr. Qi, I’ll not beat around the bush with you. I’m under instructions from Mr. Qin to be here to discuss something with you.”

Although Qi Jiahao didn’t care about Tong Zuoqing, he had to give some face to Qin Jingyu. Raising the cup, he took a sip and smiled, “It’s related to Su Tao, right?”

Tong Zuoqing was upon hearing it. Qi Jiahao truly deserves his fame to know about it.

After a brief pause, Tong Zuoqing replied, “Mr. Qin feels that Su Tao is taking it too far by trying to acquire Ruixing Group’s subsidiary. So he can’t stand it.”

Qi Jiahao glanced at Tong Zuoqing calmly before shaking his head, “Mr. Tong, isn’t your strategy of fanning the fire a little too straightforward?”

“Let’s stop beating around the bush then. Since we have a common enemy, why don’t we join hands?” Tong Zuoqing laughed.

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