Chapter 903 - Destined Benefactor

Niu Liu and Yan Yao were both dumbfounded by this scene. With a bitter smile, Niu Liu spoke out, “No wonder I found her familiar earlier. So it turns out to be Gu Rushan! She’s currently an A-listed celebrity! I never expected Di Yuqin to have such face to invite her over for her wedding. She seems pretty well-connected.”

Shaking her head, Yan Yao denied, “You’re mistaken. I’m afraid it’s her husband who invited Gu Rushan over. Didn’t you see that Gu Rushan came from the groom’s guest table? That means that she must be a friend of the groom.”

The two became silent. Although their career as a celebrity was short, they knew how much it cost to invite someone like Gu Rushan to perform on the stage.

The money for the banquet could be calculated, but inviting Gu Rushan over was priceless.

Gu Rushan’s forte laid in her dance. But after signing the contract with the management company, she also learned how to sing. So Ru Gushan had been receiving lots of training. In addition to her dance and the foundation she had in her singing, she seemed more professional compared to others.

“Time is amber, and tears are being locked. The love letter is no longer immortal, grounded into ashes through time. The upstream of youth came with white clouds and seagulls. As thoughts flashed by gurgling away, destiny was always so humorous…”

Gu Rushan’s voice was crisp and warm, accompanied by the smoothing melody telling a story.

The audience remained silent as they appreciated her performance.

Di Yuqin and Xia Yu also stopped their toasting and began admiring Gu Rushan’s singing. She leaned on Xia Yu’s shoulder and whispered, “Thank you.”

Rubbing his nose, Xia Yu grinned, “This is nothing. When you go back into the entertainment industry after you give birth, I’m certain that you will be more famous than her.”

Shaking her head, Di Yuqin smiled, “I know that you’re lying to me, but I’m still happy hearing it. Do you think I’m silly?”

“No. You have a better eyesight compared to others to marry me.” Xia Yu couldn’t help pecking Di Yuqin’s cheeks.

When Di Yuqin’s parents saw this scene, they both felt gratified.

They were both apprehensive before the wedding because they knew nothing about Xia Yu. Their impression about Xia Yu remained back on their first meeting. But they never expected that Xia Yu would become so successful in such a short period of time.

When the Chairman of Hanzhou City’s CPPCC came to witness their marriage, Di Yuqin’s father was dumbfounded. He never imagined that his daughter’s wedding would be witnessed by an official. Earlier when they toasted wine, Xia Yu introduced him to Hanzhou City’s officials. They were all bigshots that immediately changed his mind about the wedding.

Xia Yu could clearly see the changes in Di Yuqin’s parents. He sighed in his heart. He was thankful that he followed Su Tao on a whim back then. In just one year, he reached the pinnacle of his life.

He was no longer that private investigator who lurks in the dark with his camera. He now became an influential figure in Hanzhou City.

After the song was finished, the voice still lingered in the surrounding.

Everyone began to applaud with excitement after the performance. Su Tao walked to the edge of the stretch and reached out for Gu Rushan with a smile, “You have to get going now. Otherwise, I’m afraid that the wedding will be thrown into chaos.”

Earlier when Gu Rushan was on the stage, the host tried his best to maintain order. But when Gu Rushan came down, everyone began to gather around. Some wanted her autograph, while some came to look at a celebrity up close.

Although Su Tao acted quickly, it still took him great difficulty for him to leave with Gu Rushan from the backdoor. When they came out of the hotel, Su Tao was gasping for his breath. He spoke with a wry smile, “I now know why so many security guards have to be arranged for a concert. I was even worried that a stampede might occur.”

“That’s because you’re ignorant. I’m already used to it now. My life has gotten simpler. Most of the time, I just stay in the room and try not to go out unless absolutely necessary.” Gu Rushan sighed. “At times, this can be a boring life.”

“Do you regret it?” Su Tao smiled. He was a little worried in his heart if something would happen on his table since he was no longer in the wedding.

“Nope.” Gu Rushan said firmly. “Since I chose this path, I’ll go down with it. After all, I can’t let someone down.”

“So, who’s that ‘someone’?” Su Tao smiled.

“Why should I tell you about it?” Gu Rushan glared at Su Tao.

Su Tao shrugged and unlocked the door to his Volkswagen CC, which Gu Rushan sat in the front passenger seat. But suddenly, Su Tao received a call from Xia Yu, “Why did you leave?”

“If Gu Rushan continues to stay, who knows if it will still be your wedding.” Su Tao smiled.

“Well, that’s true. The wedding almost turned into a fans meeting instead.” Xia Yu laughed. Scratching his heart, his expression suddenly became serious, “Thank you.”

“I don’t like if you’re too polite.” Su Tao smiled. “It’s one of the four big events in your life. Tonight belongs to you. I won’t say anything else. Take care of your wife well tonight.”

“Sigh. There’s no way we can do that with her being pregnant.” Xia Yu smiled, embarrassedly.

“That’s because you’ve already taken what belongs to you tonight. You can’t blame anyone for that.” Su Tao laughed.

After hanging up the call, Xia Yu and Di Yuqin stood at the door to send the guests off. Everyone had a smile on their faces. They were all impressed by the wedding.

Yan Yao and Niu Liu even took a photo with Xia Yu and Di Yuqin. Yan Yao laughed, “Yuqin, I really envy you. You’ve found yourself a good husband.”

Di Yuqin glanced at Xia Yu with affection lingering in her eyes. But she still feigned to be angry and snapped, “Don’t praise him too much or he’ll get smug.”

“You got the best among the three of us.” Niu Liu smiled.

Just when Di Yuqin wanted to continue their conversation, a group of officials walked out. Yan Yao and Niu Liu originally wanted to continue their talk with Di Yuqin. After all, they could tell that Di Yuqin found herself a good husband today and they might even need her help in the future.

But when they saw that Di Yuqin had other guests to attend to, Niu Liu smiled, “Don’t mind us. We’ll take care of ourselves.”

Di Yuqin could only reply with a helpless smile at them before she went to chat with the officials along with Xia Yu. Di Yuqin was someone with high emotional intelligence. Although she had undergone a difficult period of time in her life, Xia Yu had accompanied her through it

Life could be stained, but she couldn’t allow herself to fall. As long as she stood under the sun, the dark side would eventually disappear.

Getting married wasn’t easy. It wasn’t until 11:30 p.m. that the couple returned home. This was a commercial apartment with over a hundred square meters. There were three bedrooms and one living room. Xia Yu paid the downpayment and Di Yuqin followed up the renovation herself. Although the renovation didn’t take long, they didn’t plan on staying here. This apartment had just been renovated. So there were still harmful chemicals for the body, especially for the baby.

After washing up, Xia Yu suddenly picked up Di Yuqin, who was wearing her pajamas. His actions caused Di Yuqin to exclaim and reminded him, “Don’t mess around. You’ll hurt the baby.”

Xia Yu chuckled and carefully laid Di Yuqin on the bed. He leaned towards her belly briefly before his eyes flickered with joy, “That little guy seems to have moved.”

“Yeah. He kicked me hard.” Di Yuqin replied with a gentle smile.

But just when Xia Yu wanted to kiss her belly, Di Yuqin’s phone suddenly rang. With the atmosphere ruined, Xia Yu snapped, “Who is it that ruined our talk.”

Di Yuqin gave Xia Yu a helpless glance and hushed, “It’s Yan Yao. There must be something urgent for her to call me. Be good and let me answer the call.”

“What is it to be so urgent about!” Xia Yu had seen many people in his life and he could tell that Yan Yao and Niu Liu were cheap.

If you want to see a person’s character, you could study it from the details. Yan Yao and Niu Liu wore branded from their top to bottom and they would stare at others’ clothes during the wedding. With a single glance, he could tell that see through their vanity.

However, since they were his wife’s friends, he didn’t want to point it out bluntly.

“What? Where are you right now?!” Di Yuqin frowned nervously.

Xia Yu’s heart suddenly throbbed. It wasn’t because he was worried for the two women, but he was worried for his wife. He was afraid that she would get too emotional.

Through the phone, Yan Yao’s voice choked as if something went wrong. Di Yuqin listened to the story and immediately comforted, “Don’t worry about it. Nothing will happen to you. I’m coming over right now.”

Hanging up the call, Di Yuqin glanced at Xia Yu helplessly, “Yan Yao and Niu Liu were both cheated.”

“Cheated?” Xia Yu was shocked. The two came for his wedding, so he had to be held responsible if anything happened. “Are they alright?”

“They’re alright. But they need money urgently right now.” Di Yuqin smiled bitterly.

Xia Yu was a smart person. He naturally guessed that the two women must’ve been cheated for money and sex. Then again, for sex, they were probably the willing party.

When Xia Yu saw that Di Yuqin was going to put on her clothes, his heart immediately went soft and frowned, “It’s inconvenient for you. Stay at home and let me handle this matter. Send me the address. But after this incident is over, you’re not allowed to interact with them anymore.”

Di Yuqin saw Xia Yu’s sharp gaze and immediately lowered her head, “Don’t worry. I’m nothing like them. Actually, I haven’t had much contact with them.”

Xia Yu gave a peck on Di Yuqin’s forehead before making a few phone calls. In just a few seconds, both the government and underworld were both riled up by this matter.

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