Chapter 902 - Breathtaking Wedding

Su Tao came later after fifteen minutes. When he saw Gu Rushan seated with a stern face, he smiled, “Have you been waiting?”

“You asked me to come early while you’re late yourself.” grumbled Gu Rushan.

Raising his brow, Su Tao replied, “Oh. It looks like your temper has grown since you’re popular now.”

Gu Rushan rolled her eyes at Su Tao and turned away, ignoring Su Tao.

With a helpless smile, Su Tao replied, “Didn’t I tell you to gather at the Three Flavour Hall? You’re the one who came here yourself.”

“There are paparazzis at the Three Flavour Hall. My manager told me in advance not to go there.” whispered Gu Rushan.

Su Tao was taken aback for a moment before he sighed, “Well, it’s my bad to keep you waiting. Today’s Xia Yu’s wedding, and I won’t be that eye-catching if I come later.”

“You’re afraid of stealing his limelight?” asked Gu Rushan, curiously.

“Yeah. Wait and see if you don’t believe me.” replied Su Tao, with a helpless expression on his face.

As soon as he finished, a middle-aged man walked over and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Su!”

Su Tao couldn’t remember the name of this person, but he knew that this man was an official in the Food and Drug Administration Bureau, who had a good relationship with Xia Yu. He smiled, “Hello. Thanks for coming.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand, “The Three Flavour Medicine is now a star in Hanzhou City. It’s my honor that I can attend Mr. Xia’s wedding instead.”

Su Tao and the middle-aged man exchanged a few words before returning to their seats. Turning to Gu Rushan, he smiled, “See? This is just the beginning.”

Gu Rushan no longer felt so unhappy about Su Tao coming late anymore and smiled, “It’s not because you’re worried about stealing Xia Yu’s limelight. You just don’t want to deal with them.”

“Well, you know me the best.” Su Tao raised his thumb.

He walked over to another official. He could treat that middle-aged man from the Food and Drug Administration Bureau lightly, but he couldn’t neglect Mei Dongcheng, who was in the Public Security Bureau. He was also Jiang Qinghan’s immediate superior. Su Tao had no idea how Xia Yu managed to get someone of Mei Dongcheng’s level to attend his level.

Many people felt that there was no way someone of his level would come. But with the Three Flavour Hall’s name in Hanzhou City, who wouldn’t give him some face to attend his wedding?

“Hello, Bureau Chief Mei! Thanks for your support!” smiled Su Tao.

Mei Dongcheng laughed, “Mr. Su, I have to thank you instead. If it wasn’t for your help, how will I be able to solve so many strange cases in the city?”

Mei Dongcheng was in-charge of the criminal investigation department. Because of his outstanding performance for the past year, he had been promoted. It was also understood that he would have a chance to go further next year. Generally speaking, he even had a chance to be promoted to be a deputy mayor.

Mei Dongcheng had a sensitive sense in the political scene. He knew that the Municipal Committee wanted to build a TCM City. So he deliberately got close to Xia Yu and got closer to the Three Flavour Hall.

However, the person that Mei Dongcheng truly recognizes was Su Tao, not Xia Yu.

Su Tao was in his early twenties. Not only did he have a good relationship with Mr. Yin of the Provincial Party Committee, but he also heard that Su Tao was heavily trusted by Vice-Premier Xiao. So if he could form a good relationship with Su Tao, there was a chance that he could be promoted to the ministerial level in the future.

For Mei Dongcheng, his greatest hope was to be promoted to be a ministerial level official. So by the time he retires, he would have some achievements.

Su Tao knew that he was heavily welcomed in Hanzhou City. He had considered Hanzhou City to be his base. It was more suitable to build a TCM City in a third-tiered City like Hanzhou City. If he was in the province instead, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to get such a huge project done.

The economy format in Hanzhou City wasn’t too obvious. It was a standard tourist city that lacked the support of the real economy. So the TCM City could promote Hanzhou City’s economic development and brand it with uniqueness.

Su Tao’s conversation with Mei Dongcheng was longer, and several officials joined in the process. Without them knowing, it was already time for the wedding to begin. The host stood on the stage and began talking. The wedding procedure was the same everywhere. The groom would first come to the stage and take the wife’s hand from his father-in-law, the exchange of vows and rings, and interaction of parents, and finally, toasting the guests accompanied by the bridesmaid and best men.

The witness of the marriage was a surprise. Xia Yu actually asked Yuan Weide, the Chairman of the CPPCC to witness his marriage.

Although the CPPCC belonged to a retirement department, it was still a bigshot department. When Yuan Weide’s identity was introduced, both Yan Yao and Niu Liu were both surprised.

“I didn’t expect that the groom would be so well-connected.” Yan Yao placed her chopsticks down with a surprise on her face.

“Although the CPPCC has no authority, it’s still a heavy department.” Niu Liu smiled. “That’s also expected. After all, how will the prideful Yuqin marry a nobody?”

Nodding her head, Yan Yao agreed, “I’ve been a celebrity for years and I still have some fame around. I didn’t hear any bloodline relationship between them earlier. So the witness must be invited by the groom. It’s very likely that the groom knows someone in the CPPCC and get them to witness their marriage.”

“There’s nothing special about that. Many people do it as well to make their wedding the best in the world.” Niu Liu snorted.

That was women’s jealousy. Once it breeds, it would continue to grow until it gets out of hand. 

Yan Yao lowered her voice and pointed to an old couple on the main table, “Just look at the groom’s parents’ clothes. You can tell that the groom doesn’t have much money.”

“They’re already so old. Just look at them! They look to be in their seventies. They must have ordinary family circumstances.” Niu Liu frowned. “Can it be that the groom has some capability?”

“Even if he does, it seems pretty limited.” Yan Yao wore a smug on her face. “I just looked up the Three Flavour Medicine earlier. It’s registered this year. So how capable do you think he can be?”

Niu Liu’s eyes flickered and sighed, “A soldier is indeed attractive. But it’s a pity that he’s not an official. He’s probably uneducated. So at most, he only has some connection in Hanzhou City.”

“Yeah. I’m afraid no one will recognize him outside Hanzhou City.” Yan Yao smiled.

The two women were black-hearted. They dared to say anything. Their words were vicious, but no one heard it because they’d lowered their voices. If someone else heard it, they would definitely be thrown out of the wedding.

That was the harsh reality of the world. No one would find you perfect. Even if you were the protagonist in your own world, no one would pay any attention to you.

Although Su Tao wasn’t seated at the front, he was close to it. He was seating with those he was familiar with. There were Yan Jing and her daughter, Lu Shimiao and her adopted daughter, Cai Yan, Tan Meimei, Gu Rushan, Jin Ya, Fan Lihua, and Doudou. As for Xiao Jingjing, Zhao Jian, and Wang Peng, they were seated on another table with Liu Jianwei, along with Bassoon and Nida. As for Omuri Yui and Sakamoto Natsuki, they were seated with the Three Flavour Medicine’s staff.

In short, there were many people who came to the wedding today. Perhaps some of them had never met each other and only communicated through the phone. But today, they finally had the chance to talk to each other.

Su Tao could feel his scalps tingling on his table. Although he had already imagined what reaction it would bring for his women to come together, he could feel a chill down his spine when they really came together.

Yan jing, Lu Shimiao, and Tan Meimei belonged to the same faction. On the other hand, Gu Rushan and Cai Yan belonged to another. Just being seated with them, Su Tao shuddered.

But today was Xia Yu’s wedding. So the women didn’t start fighting among each other. In his mind, Su Tao made up his mind not to let them gather together unless absolutely necessary.

“Rushan, the host is calling you.” Su Tao, who had been keeping his silence, spoke out. When he saw Gu Rushan and Cai Yan chatting among themselves passionately, he reminded her when he heard the host calling out for Gu Rushan.

“I’m not ready.” Gu Rushan smiled bitterly.

“That’s alright. You’re a big star now. So it’s enough just by showing your face.” Su Tao invited Gu Rushan to the wedding to support Xia Yu. Xia Yu wasn’t only his employee, but also a brother and a friend. So Su Tao wanted to let Gu Rushan to perform on the stage to make the wedding more colorful.

Gu Rushan sighed helplessly. She naturally knew what Su Tao meant. People would pay her ¥200,000 for private banquets outside and at least ¥500,000 for commercial performances. But it was voluntary labor today.

However, she still felt happy about it. She always felt that she owed Su Tao a favor and she finally had the chance to make up for it today.

“Let’s invite the mysterious guest tonight! You guys want to know who she is? Let’s wait and see!” The host knew in advance about Gu Rushan’s performance. So he couldn’t help feeling excited to the point that even his voice trembled.

Gu Rushan took off her cap and sunglasses. Letting down her hair, she walked towards the stage. Despite her plain dressing, it still couldn’t cover her impressive figure.

“It’s Gu Rushan!”

“It’s really her! She looks better in person than on the screen!”

“Wow! Are you serious?! They actually invited such a famous celebrity for the wedding!”

The guests were all chattering among themselves in excitement. They were all glad to be here today. They immediately took out their phones and started snapping photos of Gu Rushan wildly.

At this moment, no one could be bothered with the food and immediately started posting Gu Rushan’s photos on their social media.

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