Chapter 901 - Envious Wedding

Because of the sudden change in his plan, Su Tao had to re-examine the plan with Liu Ruochen and discuss it with Ni Jingqiu.

This project involved nearly ¥10,000,000. So there was no way it could be finalized overnight. Although Su Tao had been constantly monitoring and following up in it, it would take time for the project to be implemented.

However, Vice-Premier’s Xiao’s offer to acquire the company under the Ruixing Group involved in the reformation gave Ye Yilong and Ni Buwei reassurance.

Because the Ruixing Group had already done the preliminary work, it would be easier for them. Ye Yilong and Ni Buwei were both scheming and calculative. When they saw the determination the Vice-Premier Xiao had for Su Tao, they decided to move as well.

Liu Ruochen was very efficient. After she registered the company in Hanzhou City, the first funds from the Ye and Ni Families were sent to the account for acquisition.

Liu Ruochen didn’t stay in Hanzhou City for long and headed to Shanzhou Province, the headquarters of the Ruixing Group and began her negotiation in the acquisition.

Despite the instructions given by Vice-Premier Xiao, the negotiation took a long time since it involved the interest of both parties. Like how the money would be used for the acquisition, management, and the employees after the acquisition.

After Su Tao completed the project that involved the restructuring of state-owned hospitals, he asked Xiao Jingjing to inform all the core staff to return to Hanzhou City as soon as possible. Xia Yu would be having his wedding soon.

There were many weddings held in October. On one hand, it was autumn and the climate was pleasant. On the other hand, it was where the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays fell in. So it was a suitable period for weddings to be held.

Xia yu and Di Yuqin’s wedding was held at the Hanzhou Convention Center, with more than 80 tables for the wedding. Xia Yu was no longer a private investigator now. He was now a shareholder of the Three Flavour Hall and the Chairman of Three Flavour Medicine.

Therefore, his marriage was considered a great event in Hanzhou City. Almost all the bigshots were invited.

The wedding dress Di Yuqin wore couldn’t hide her slightly raised abdomen. Then again, shotgun marriage wasn’t rare in these days.

In some places, the wedding must be held after the woman was pregnant. Because there were many people who were infertile at this age. So they wanted to avoid that to prevent any regrets in the future.

Xia Yu arranged five long-distance buses for the women’s side. At the same time, it was to give his mother-in-law, who disagreed with the wedding, some comfort.

Di Yuqin’s family could be considered a well-off family. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to nurture such a talented celebrity. No celebrity was natural. If someone had the potential to be a celebrity, he or she needed to be constantly nurtured as a child.

But Di Yuqing did not disappoint her parents. When she got famous and made money, she bought a house for them and even a vehicle worth more than ¥100,000.

So when her parents heard about Xia Yu’s family situation, they felt that Xia Yu wasn’t a match for their daughter. But when they came to the wedding banquet, they immediately changed their views. The auditorium was spacious, decorated with colored balls and wedding posters. There were even drinks and cigarettes available on the table.

On the poster, Di Yuqin wore a smile on her face. Paired with her watery eyes, it made her look charming. On the other hand, Xia Yu had his back straightened, radiating a powerful look from his eyes.

“Old man, this banquet must’ve cost a lot of money, right?” Di Yuqin’s mother asked in a low voice while stuffing a relative’s red packet into her purse.

“I just asked the hotel manager. It cost ¥3,000 for a table including the cigarettes and wine.” Di Yuqin’s father felt that the wedding was a little too extravagant and sighed, “I’m afraid that this wedding isn’t lower than ¥500,000 to ¥600,000.

Even for a well-off family, this was a huge amount.

Di Yuqin’s mother lowered her voice and asked, “What the hell does Little Xia do? He was so poor in the past. Do you think if…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Di Yuqin’s father glared at his wife. “Today is a joyous occasion. Yuqin and Little Xia have already received their wedding certificate. It won’t be good for others to hear about it. Just treat him as one of our own at home.”

Di Yuqin’s mother shook her head. Despite what Di Yuqin’s father said, she did not consider Xia Yu to be one of their own. People were preconceived. When they first met, Xia Yu didn’t leave a good impression on them. So it was hard to change her previous judgement on him right now.

Although the wedding was very high-end, the two elders felt a little uneasy. They felt that Xia Yu was purposely giving them a slap on their faces.

As the couple stood at the door watching their daughter and son-in-law, they felt relieved. It was fine as long as their daughter was happy.

When their relatives came, Di Yuqin’s father immediately distributed the cigarettes and smiled, “Please, come in!”

One of their female relatives nodded with a smile. She pointed at Xia Yu and Di Yuqin not far away and started praising, “What a well match. Old Di got himself a good son-in-law.”

She was his wife’s cousin. When Xia Yu first came to the house, she wasn’t too optimistic about it. She even told them to break them up and promised to find a wealthy businessman with a good background for Di Yuqin. Only to find out later that the wealthy businessman had not only been married three times, but he was almost fifty. In the end, she gave up after being reprimanded by Di Yuqin.

The cousin of Di Yuqin’s mother was surprised when she came to the wedding. The cars parked outside were all BMWs, not to mention that there were 80 tables for the wedding.

She immediately knew that she made a mistake. Did Xia Yu pretend to be a poor bloke when he came to visit?

The cousin refused to believe that Xia Yu could accumulate such wealth in just a year.

“Yeah!” Di Yuqin’s father knew that their relatives were shocked by the scene today. Even he had no idea how he should be answering them and instructed his wife to bring them in.

With guests constantly coming in, Di Yuqin saw women who were fashionably dressed and smiled, “Yaoyao, Liuliu, you guys are finally here?!”

Yan Yao and Niu Liu were both celebrities at the time of Di Yuqin’s debut. But their careers weren’t as smooth as Di Yuqin. They played several supporting roles, which became famous and got married with a wealthy second generation. But as soon as they got married, they left the entertainment industry.

Yan Yao looked at Xia Yu and smiled, “I’ve been waiting to see you. Yuqin has been keeping you well from us. She says that you’re too ugly to be seen. But looking at you now, you’re a stud yourself. Now I know why Yuqin was afraid that you’ll be taken away by others.”

“There’s no way I’ll dare to run away with other women even if I’m bolder.” laughed Xia Yu.

Glancing at Di Yuqin, Niu Liu smiled, “That makes sense. Yuqin has your child, and there’s no way you can escape from her grasp.”

The two chatted and laughed for a while before taking out their red packets from their high-end branded leather bags and gave it to Di Yuqin, “Don’t worry about it. I guarantee that the red packets are thick.”

“Thank you.” smiled Di Yuqin.

Di Yuqin still had a friendship with both of them. All three of them made their debut in the entertainment industry at the same time. Aside from competing against each other, they also helped one another. Whenever they got a role, they would introduce the two others as supporting roles.

Xia Yu knew that Di Yuqin didn’t have many friends. So he treated Yan Yao and Niu Liu with great courtesy.

After Yan Yao sat down, she spoke out with disdain in her eyes, “This wedding doesn’t look great. She was so famous back then. And now, she was just like us, getting married and bearing a child. Not to mention that she even got married to a third-tiered city like Hanzhou City.”

Yan Yao and Niu Liu both came from Yuhang City. Their husbands were born rich, so in their eyes, there was nothing special about Xia Yu’s wedding.

Niu Liu smiled, “I still remember that you invited a famous orchestra for your wedding.”

“Yours aren’t that bad either. The Chief of the Tax Bureau even became the witness of your marriage.” Yan Yao smiled.

“I introduced Yuqin to someone last year, but she didn’t even pay any attention to me. Looking at her husband now, I don’t think there’s anything special about him except for his good figure.” grumbled Niu Liu.

“I asked around and this Xia Yu used to be a soldier.” Yan Yao smiled, slyly. “I heard that they’re pretty capable, and this must be the reason why he caught Yuqin’s eyes.”

“Pfft!” Niu Liu couldn’t hold back her laughter. “Let’s tame down a little and finish this meal. We’ll go to the nightclub later to relax.”

“I made an appointment with a few friends.” Yan Yao leaned over and whispered in Niu Liu’s ears. The two began chuckling about their discussion. They clearly found a chance to break free from the shackles of their families. The two have been lonely. So they naturally wanted an exciting experience in Hanzhou City.

“Hey, doesn’t that woman look familiar?” Niu Liu suddenly pointed to a woman sitting next to the stage.

“I think you must be seeing it wrongly.” Yan Yao smiled in annoyance. “That woman is wearing a cap and sunglasses. How can you tell who she is?”

Niu Liu patted on her forehead lightly and didn’t continue any further. She took out a lipstick from her bag and smiled, “What do you think of this?”

Yan Yao glanced at it and smiled, “It cost at least a few hundred dollars in USD. How can it be bad?”

The two of them were rich wives. So they would naturally talk about luxury goods among them.

As for the woman that Niu Liu felt familiar with, it was naturally Gu Rushan, a popular celebrity. She wasn’t free initially, but she didn’t have a choice because Su Tao forced her to be here. She was the spokesperson of Three Flavour International, and Xia Yu was a director there. So she naturally had to be here.

However, she had been waiting here for more than ten minutes, but Su Tao still hadn’t showed up. It made her a little annoyed.

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