Chapter 90 - That process that is the fatal one

Chapter 90 - That process that is the fatal one

When Lu Shimiao entered the bathroom, she hugged the toilet bowl and frantically vomited. Not only did Su Tao not feel disgusted, he even felt sorry for her. As the saying goes, beautiful women tend to be ill-fated since ancient times. It was the same case with Lu Shimiao as well. She didn’t have her parents when she was young. When she grew older, she married a scoundrel husband and had a perverted father-in-law.

She had always been using her work to numb her feelings. Now that she had an opportunity, she vented all the depression that she had pent up in her heart.

This was the second time that Su Tao saw Lu Shimiao in this state; he wasn’t even surprised by this anymore. Since he knew her story more, he felt even more pity for her.

Not only did Lu Shimiao’s appearance attract him, her stubbornness and independence was also a factor.

Although a woman with a pretty face could attract the gaze of someone, only those that were beautiful inside and out were worth engraving in one’s memory.

Lu Shimiao was a lively person, and she had emotions, along with her bright and dark side. It was precisely because it was that realistic that made Su Tao feel a rush of excitement.

He also wasn’t too bothered by her status as a married woman; on the contrary, it was exciting. Since someone wasn’t going to treat such a beautiful wife well, then he was more than willing to take over the job.

Even if Lu Shimiao had an affair, it was also because Qiao Bo asked for it. He’s outside messing around, so how could he expect his wife to guard herself?

Many men have a complex against a woman’s virginity, but as a doctor, Su Tao wasn’t too bothered about that. The layer could be considered as important and not important. If a guy truly loved a girl, he would like her for her soul and bearing. Perhaps it was because many women threw that layer away that made them even more mature and exciting.

After Lu Shimiao vomited, she wiped her mouth with her hand and took the cup of water that Su Tao had prepared for her. She took a sip and rinsed her mouth before smiling. “Don’t I look especially hateful right now?”

“Nope, you’re even more charming right now. A drunk married woman is especially tempting!” Su Tao shook his head.

Lu Shimiao stumbled before she pushed Su Tao away and took a few steps forward before losing her balance, only to be held by Su Tao with his eyes narrowed. She felt her underarm being held, but she did not have any energy in her body, so she could only speak out her protests, “Don’t get touchy!”

In the beginning, Su Tao thought of teasing her. But hearing her words, his guts suddenly grew and he quickly held her up in a princess carry with a smile. “You’re under my control in your current state. So if you’re not going to be polite to me, I can consider making you suffer.”

Lu Shimiao narrowed her eyes as she refuted, “Brat, even if I give you ten guts, you wouldn’t dare to do anything to me.” As she spoke, she curled her body closer.

Su Tao did not carry her to her room, but to his room instead. Lu Shimiao put on a stern expression after noticing that. “Aren’t you in the wrong room?”

“Although I only have one gut, it’s especially huge.” Su Tao smiled.

Lu Shimiao snorted before she felt her face burning. “Stop messing around, carry me to my room right now, or I’ll get angry!”

Actually, Su Tao had no confidence in his heart, so he probed, “So what if you’re angry?”

With her eyes widened, Lu Shimiao faintly replied, “I’ll bite you to death and ignore you in the future.”

“Really?” Su Tao was stunned before he knitted his brows.

Lu Shimiao gravely nodded her head and curled her lips. “I’m not joking!”

“Then, go ahead and bite me!” Su Tao tossed Lu Shimiao in the direction of the bed, causing her to shriek out before she fell and her legs spread apart.

She finally sobered up a little and immediately used her hands to pushed Su Tao away, while nervously saying, “Su Tao, be rational and don’t do this!”

Su Tao shook his head with a smile. Then he gently went up to her. He stared at her nervous face and whispered, “Why don’t you just treat this like a dream?” Lu Shimiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she hammered Su Tao’s sturdy chest and anxiously cried out, “Get down, you’re committing a crime right now!”

“Oh, then go ahead and call the cops to have me arrested, then.” Su Tao held onto her hands and gently brought his head closer to hers for a kiss.

Lu Shimiao felt angry and bashful, but she could only shake her head left and right to dodge Su Tao’s lips while she rebuked, “Don’t play rogue with me. If you really do it, I will surely take revenge on you.”

After she spoke, she stretched her neck out and gave a bite on Su Tao’s arm.

Feeling the pain and numbing sensation spreading up his shoulder, Su Tao knitted his brows before he freed one hand and gave a slap against Lu Shimiao’s thigh without mercy.

Lu Shimiao loosened her jaw, and she was instantly speechless, before she asked in disbelief, “You dare to hit me?”

Su Tao nodded. “If you dare to bite, I’ll dare to hit!”

With a snort, Lu Shimiao stared at the spot that she just bit and bit down on it more ruthlessly. Su Tao also showed no weakness and started to slap her ample booty.

Lu Shimiao felt anger and anxiety as she sensed the burning pain on her butt. She felt sour and numb between her legs with a sticky liquid flowing out, so she clamped her legs together. “Stop hitting me, it hurts!”

Rubbing his shoulder, Su Tao rolled his sleeves up and a bite mark could be clearly seen. “Look, you bit until it had turned purple.”

Lu Shimiao snorted and sourly said, “Let me go now, or I’ll continue to bite you!”

Seeing Lu Shimiao’s rosy and glistening lips, Su Tao might as well block her lips so that she wouldn’t be able to bite him.

When their lips touched, Su Tao realised that he didn’t need to use any force. Lu Shimiao had already opened her mouth, so his tongue was entangled with that fragrant and smooth tongue.

Lu Shimiao was taken by surprise before she panicked and tried to shove Su Tao’s body away. But it was a pity that Su Tao was akin to a mountain on her body, no matter how much force she used, he just wouldn’t budge. Her gaze gradually blurred, and her breathing also turned heavier. It was only a brief moment later; her struggles weakened and she gave up her resistance. She subconsciously pushed her head up and welcomed Su Tao’s advance.

Lu Shimiao knew her own feelings. When she ate and went to the karaoke and even the pub with Su Tao, her heart had already started to loosen up. It’s just that the emotions for those two times were different. The previous one was when she had the thought of taking revenge on Qiao Bo, and this time was when Su Tao had gradually walked into her heart, including the effect of alcohol.

Although it might appear that Su Tao was the one that took the initiative, it was also her who had been constantly tossing out hints and caused this man to be hooked up.

The hands that were on Su Tao’s chest slowly moved up and hooked onto his chest. Her entire body was hanging from him and her tongue was stuck out. She felt that Su Tao’s powerful suction had sucked all the negative emotions in her heart from the kiss.

Su Tao’s hands also started to wander, he placed his hand into her pyjamas and felt a smooth touch. Lu Shimiao’s cheeks instantly turned red and her body started to heat up. She also started to wriggle, looking like a mermaid that was stranded on the ground, gently pushing her waist out and her bosom slightly trembled.

Seeing this appearance of hers, Su Tao couldn’t help praising, “You’re so beautiful!”

With her eyes narrowed, Lu Shimiao whispered, “If you want to do it, do it quickly before I change my mind.”

Hearing her words, his hand shook as he removed her panties and tossed them to the side. Suddenly, Lu Shimiao looked as if she was shocked and she quickly held onto Su Tao’s hand and begged, “Why don’t we stop here? I can’t cross through that gate in my heart!”

Su Tao felt helpless, but he couldn’t force himself on her, so he persuaded, “Big Sister, we’re already this far, why are you still concerned about that last process?”

Rolling her eyes at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao said, “It’s exactly that process that is the fatal one!”

He’s already at the gate of the fortress and only needed to take just one step. Even though he didn’t want to give up like this, he sighed, “Fine. Since you’re unwilling, then we’ll just lie down like this, we won’t do the last process!”

Lu Shimiao felt relieved, and before she could react, Su Tao’s lips had kissed against hers and his hands started to wander.

How could she not tell that Su Tao intended to get revenge? Since she didn’t want to let him get through the last gate, then he’d just do whatever was allowed.

In just a short moment, Lu Shimiao was already panting for breath and her hands had been balled into fists beside her legs. After those waves, she felt her hand burning and the soreness coming from below before she said in a trembling voice, “How about I use my hands?”

Su Tao firmly shook his head, then took a deep breath and removed Lu Shimiao’s hand. Her eyes were tightly shut with tears falling from the corner of her eyes. It wasn’t because of happiness or regret; it was her soul that ascended to the clouds…

When dawn shone into the room, Lu Shimiao gently pulled the curtains apart and Su Tao stretched his waist, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Shimiao sighed, “We were too insane last night, and you forgot about the proper business!”

Su Tao suddenly slapped his forehead and bitterly smiled, “I nearly forgot about it.”

He glanced at the clock that was hung on the wall, it was already 8.30 a.m. right now, and the tournament would begin at 9.30 a.m., so he had an hour to prepare. Lu Shimiao had helped Su Tao order breakfast and even prepared his medical box, as if she had instantly turned into an obedient wife.

Su Tao planted a peck on her cheek, which she did not refuse before she raised her hand to tap his nose with a smile. “Go for it!”

Because of the torrential storm, the fertile land had shown signs of vitality. Compared to the past, Lu Shimiao looked more charming at this moment with a light smile hung on her lips and her pupils flickering with colour. Her teeth were like pearls, along with a natural blush on her cheeks.

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