Chapter 9 - Finger of Hell

Chapter 9 - Finger of Hell

There’s a mechanism hidden in the cane which he used to shoot out three nails when he finished his words.

Nie Weiting wanted Su Tao’s life. In his view, Su Tao’s life was worthless and since Su Tao had refused his generous compensation, Nie Weiting would kill him. All he had to do after that was to use the money he offered Su Tao to get rid of the problems for murder.

Although Xiao Leng couldn’t deal with Su Tao, Nie Weiting never placed Su Tao in his eyes, since Xiao Leng was also his disciple aside from his bodyguard.

Su Tao wasn’t even born when he was in the underground world back then.

But ever since he was struck down by an illness a few years ago, he rarely made a move personally but that didn’t mean that he had grown weak. Instead, he grew stronger instead.

In his youth, Nie Weiting charged into the Amur Tiger Gang alone and killed 30 men, striking his name. Later on, he had also been using the underworld tactics to deal with his competitors even after shifting over to commercial businesses.

Su Tao appeared to be in a pathetic state as he shifted around to dodge the nails in search of opportunities with sparkling eyes.

When Nie Weiting noticed Su Tao’s eyes, he felt uneasy, since that brat had remained calm even when facing this situation.

The reason why Nie Weiting obtained his wealth with blood fights was so that when someone obstructed his path to money, he would decisively decide to remove him from this world.

Nie Weiting pressed on the second trigger on his cane and the end of his cane exploded again with smaller-sized nails flying out.

They were rather similar to the bullets of a shotgun and the Blossom Pear Needles from wuxia novels, targeting a wide range.

Su Tao knew that he couldn’t get careless. Silver needles appeared in his hand before he threw them. 

A crisp collision sound rang out that drained the colour off Nie Weiting’s face with disbelief. He realised that his nails were all blocked out by Su Tao’s needles in midair.

His cane fell to the ground as Nie Weiting’s wrist trembled. There was a needle halfway in his hand and beads of sweat fell from his face as he collapsed onto the ground.

Nie Weiting never imagined that before he could even do anything, he was already on the ground.

Su Tao walked up to Nie Weiting and jabbed his lower abdomen with his finger.

Nie Weiting’s body curled together with his face cramping together and veins were bulging out of his head as he fainted.

Su Tao did not end it in this manner. He jabbed Nie Weiting again, waking Nie Weiting before jabbing again…

The Heavenseizing Hand, a finger of heaven and a finger of hell.

Nie Weiting constantly alternated between heaven and hell. In the beginning, he could still scream but after ten-odd rounds later, he was akin to a puppet lying there without any voice.

Xiao Leng stood on the side, watching how Su Tao brutally tormented Nie Weiting. He suddenly took a step back, since he never thought that the gentle and mild young man would suddenly turn into a demon king.

A well-experienced doctor had seen more death than Xiao Leng, so Su Tao knew how to torture someone to the point that they would wish they were dead.

Veins bulged from Nie Weiting’s forehead and his eyes popped out. His pupils were covered in blood veins and drool ran down his mouth. His limbs constantly trembled and he even lost control of his bowels.

Su Tao was that cruel to his opponent. If he didn’t instil fear in Nie Weiting’s heart by making him wish he was dead, Nie Weiting would definitely not let him off so easily.

Xiao Leng’s legs trembled with the intention of fleeing rising in his heart. However, he was afraid that Su Tao would come after himself.

It was akin to a herbivore seeing how a lion brutally killed one of his companions. He knew that it was hopeless to flee.

Sometime later, Su Tao indifferently looked at Nie Weiting, who was lying on the ground, and said to Xiao Leng, “Take him and get lost! The heavens will claim his ungrateful life.”

Aside from himself, there wasn’t a second person on earth that could save Nie Weiting.

The hierarchy of Golden Bay’s villas was similar to the structure of a pyramid with the owner having a higher status the higher their villa was located. On the other hand, Nie Weiting’s villa was merely located at the outer range.

Each villa was equipped with a lake with the moonlight shining into the lake, making use of the road lamps to reflect the entire villa in the lake.

Yan Jing held onto a coffee as she stood in the garden of her villa, watching the nightscape of the Golden Bay.

She wore dark-brown trousers that wrapped around her buns and her ample chest split her shirt that was wrapped tightly towards her waist, outlining her voluptuous figure.

She had just received a piece of news that made her fed up. In the end, Nie Weiting couldn’t get the job done. “How is Old Nie’s situation?”

Yan Jing was lethal to even women. Her secretary was blankly staring at her as she said in a soft tone, “Even the hospital is helpless in that situation.”

Hearing the words of her secretary, Yan Jing’s brows tightly knitted together. “Who is that young doctor?”

The secretary sighed, “His history for the past ten years is all blank. The only thing we know is that he had saved a businesswoman from Russia a few days ago. It was also that Russian businesswoman that used her connections to get him out of the police station.”

Yan Jing waved her hand. “Arrange for the best hospital for Old Nie. After all, he still has his worth, so he can’t die. As for the Three Flavour Hall, investigate that doctor first before making a move.”

The secretary left with her back drenched. Although Yan Jing’s words sounded calm, the pressure was extraordinary.

Yan Jing was commonly known as the ‘Poisonous Widow’, having a vicious heart despite her beauty with influence not limited in Hanzhou. At the same time, she was the scariest when she did not reveal any expressions.

The next morning, Su Tao reported to Jianghuai Hospital. Although Di Shiyuan had said that he would give special treatment to Su Tao, he still had to show his face despite not doing any work.

But to his surprise, Di Shiyuan was waiting outside the TCM Department in the early morning for him, chatting with an old physician. When he saw that Su Tao had come, he immediately pulled Su Tao as he introduced, “Old Tang, this is the fresh blood that I’m giving to your Traditional Chinese Medical Department. He is an outstanding talent, so you have to take good care of him.”

In terms of looks, that elderly man with the surname of Tang appeared in his 70s, with ash-grey sideburns and a monochrome long beard. Su Tao guessed that he was a doctor that chose to work despite being able to retire.

Tang Nanzheng cast a glance at Su Tao as he smiled. “To be claimed as a genius by President Di must be a genius indeed. I’ll let everyone of the TCM Department gather around and see Physician Su’s abilities when the consultation opens later. How about we get Physician Su to look at all the patients today?”

Di Shiyuan knitted his brows, since he knew that Tang Nanzheng was giving Su Tao a test.

Tang Nanzheng was the gem of the TCM Department and despite reaching his retirement age, he was still given a high salary by the hospital and would sit in for consultation every Wednesday.

Most of the Physicians in the TCM Department was brought up by Tang Nanzheng. So it was natural that Tang Nanzheng would be unhappy that Di Shiyuan interfered with his department.

Seeing Di Shiyuan’s difficult expression, Su Tao faintly responded, “So be it, I will be here for consultation after seeing Vera.”

Seeing that Su Tao had frankly accepted, Tang Nanzheng’s expression turned better.

After Su Tao left the office, Di Shiyuan’s face loosened up as he smiled. “Old Tang, that was a pretty good performance.”

Tang Nanzheng bitterly smiled,. “Since you’re the one bringing him in, why do you still need me to put up an act for you? Deliberately making things hard for the young man and making me look like a petty old man.”

Di Shiyuan waved his hand as he sighed, “Old Tang, you’re getting old. Although you have nurtured many new bloods, we’re still lacking the elites. It will be tough for them to hold up the entire TCM Department in Jianghuai Hospital. In my view, Su Tao is a good seed so we can nurture him a little. At the same time, we can make use of this opportunity for him to reveal his abilities to prove his qualification to become the Head of TCM Department.”

Tang Nanzheng knitted his brows, “You’re deciding to give him the Department Head position?”

Di Shiyuan’s tone grew heavy as he replied, “Although Xie Cheng has obtained your teachings, he is still a little lacking. So I have always been intending to give him the Vice-Head Physician post.”

Tang Nanzheng sighed, “Xie Cheng is truly still a little lacking with a lack of practice. The TCM stress on practice and there isn’t any market for the TCM in recent years. Most people would rather believe in Western Medicine, since they can see the results faster and the support of science. So I’m afraid that with Su Tao’s young age, he might be inferior to Xie Cheng.”

Tang Nanzheng was a broad-minded person, but it was normal that he chose to believe in his own student more.

Tang Nanzheng’s medical techniques were the signboard of Jianghuai Hospital. Coincidentally, he was overseas to partake in a talk when Vera was ill. Thus, he couldn’t treat her. With his medical skills, it should have been possible for him to treat Vera’s illness.

However, if the strength of the entire hospital and department depended on one or two specialists, it wouldn’t work. Especially when Tang Nanzheng was getting on his face. So since he had discovered Su Tao, he would naturally want to nurture Su Tao to be a great physician.

Seeing Secretary Li again, Su Tao gave him a prescription for the Quzhi Soup, which would take effect in three days for his leg problem.

Su Tao took a look at his stomach as well. Secretary Li had suffered a kick yesterday in front of the Three Flavour Hall, so he didn’t have the luxury of time to take a look at him back then. Fortunately, it was only bruising, so Su Tao had given him some special ointments.

Su Tao gave Secretary Li more instructions, and Secretary Li had seriously recorded them.

After two treatments, Vera’s illness was under control. After the third acupuncture was completed, he had changed her prescription to a new one with the main objection of nurturing her health.

However, Chinese medicines are bitter to taste in general. So when Vera finished her medicine with her brows frowned, she stretched out her hand towards Su Tao and he gave her a Sweet Tea Leaf that she sucked it on her mouth.

“Today is the last treatment, you can be discharged tomorrow.” Su Tao packed his medical box as he continued, “But of course, this is not our last meeting. It’s best if you can come back once a month for me to keep your condition under control. So don’t think that you can toss me aside so easily.”

Vera’s eyes blinked as she smiled. “You seem to have forgotten something.”

Su Tao gently patted his head. “I naturally won’t forget about it. I’ll treat you to a meal tonight, how about it?”

Vera nodded her head with satisfaction. “That’s more like it!”

Su Tao carried his medical box and left the ward. After he left, Vera noticed a wrap on the table She carefully opened it and discovered the Sweet Tea Leaves. She smiled and inwardly sighed at such a considerate Chinese man.

The TCM Department was already filled with people. This situation would only appear on every Wednesday, since Tang Nanzheng had built up a batch of loyal customers. So they were all here when Tang Nanzheng was present.

“Am I hearing it right? Physician Tang has allowed someone else to take over the consultation today?” A middle-aged man lightly knitted his brows unhappily. “I have been waiting for today but it turns out that it’s not Physician Tang…”

A charming lady gently answered, “I have asked a friend of mine that works in this hospital. There’s a newbie here in the TCM Department and Physician Tang wants to test his ability. If his ability isn’t up to par, Physician Tang will naturally take over.”

“That means that Physician Tang will be watching from the side?” The middle-aged man sighed in relief as he continued, “Only Physician Tang of the Jianghuai Hospital is capable. The rest are all useless.”

The lady smiled. “Only Physician Tang is a genuine Chinese Physician. The others have all transferred as doctors that have been trained in western medicine, so their usage of medicine isn’t any different from a consultation of a doctor trained in western medicine. The reason why I like TCM is because their treatment doesn’t cause any side effects to the body. If they’re the same as doctors trained in western medicine, why would we bother coming over to the TCM Department?”

The middle-aged man smiled and soon after, he heard a nurse calling his number, before he swiftly entered the consultation room.

Su Tao was already seated in the consultation room with Tang Nanzheng and Di Shiyuan by his sides. The other physicians were all standing behind them.

It looked like a test that could affect Su Tao’s standing in the TCM Department.

A physician standing behind Di Shiyuan smiled. “We’re here to watch a competition today with Physician Su and Physician Tang commanding the consultation. They will both go over the patient’s illnesses on a paper and I will be the judge.”

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