Chapter 89 - Heart Talk in the Suite

Chapter 89 - Heart Talk in the Suite

Lu Shimiao lost her centre of gravity while her shoulder was being embraced. She suddenly reacted like ants in a hot wok as she violently struggled, taking two steps back before turning around and glared at Su Tao with rage flashing in her eyes.

Su Tao’s smile looked hateful in her eyes. He seemed pleased with himself as he said, “Don’t be nervous, I’m just proving that our relationship isn’t as simple as colleagues. Furthermore, our relationship as friends is absolutely pure, so don’t get the wrong idea.”

Sourly staring at Su Tao, Lu Shimiao gently stomped her right foot on the ground before she turned around and ran off.

Her posture was beautiful when she was running and her booty had danced violently. Due to the thin pyjamas, Su Tao could see the outline of her undergarment, along with a vague crack in between.

Actually, Su Tao was also under control of his emotions when he tugged Lu Shimiao. Having such a bewitching woman beside him, along with such a massive presidential suite, no one would believe them, even if they said nothing happened between them.

However, Su Tao hesitated when he saw the panic in Lu Shimiao’s eyes. She wasn’t rejecting him, but her eyes looked like there wasn’t any sense of security. It was akin to a deer that was terrified while it was feeding.

When Lu Shimiao entered her room, she immediately locked the door and leaned against it with her heart violently throbbing. In that instant, when she fell on Su Tao, she hesitated and struggled in her heart, along with the existing panic and nervousness.

She was a smart woman, and her environment made her independent. She knew her current situation, even if her relationship with Qiao Bo was broken, they’re still husband and wife in name. So she definitely couldn’t do it as it was the bottom line of her morality.

Furthermore, she was also much older than Su Tao. Even if she got together with Su Tao, it’s merely to satisfy the physiological needs, and such a relationship wouldn’t last long.

With heavy footsteps, Lu Shimiao took two steps forth before she collapsed on her bed. The bed was incredibly soft. She could feel her body being brought up to the air a little from the springs. She felt discomfort in her chest, so she adjusted her posture. She turned around, staring at the chandelier that hung on the ceiling and closed her eyes.

As exhaustion corroded her consciousness, she suddenly opened her eyes and felt a burning aura in her body that made her throat itch and her mouth dry.

Lu Shimiao sighed before she helplessly stood up and opened the door to the room. She did not immediately go out, but briefly watched the commotion in the living room. After seeing that there didn’t seem to be anyone there, only then did she walk out to the liquor cabinet and pour herself a glass of red wine.

The red wine tasted sour, but it was immensely quenching. She gulped it down and instantly felt the heat in her body settle down before pouring herself a second glass. She drank the second glass even faster than the first with a sweet sensation left on the corner of her lips. Wiping the wine that was left on her lips, she drank the third glass.

When the third glass entered her stomach, she felt her legs going soft. With one hand holding the bottle of wine and another on the glass, she sat back on the couch, while she subconsciously asked herself if she was drunk.

“Su Tao, get out!” Lu Shimiao yelled as she slammed her hand on the table.

It was only roughly ten-odd minutes later when Su Tao’s head peek out of the door and he looked at Lu Shimiao in shock. “What’s wrong? Holy, why are you drinking so much?”

Looking drunk, Lu Shimiao raised her finger and hooked it, along with a bewitching smile. “Come, drink with me.” When she finished speaking, she had a hiccup and smiled foolishly.

Su Tao shrugged his shoulders. It was still 9 p.m., and he initially thought that Lu Shimiao had fallen asleep and that it would be an endless night without anything to do. So he had no reason to refuse Lu Shimiao’s request to drink together. “Sure, let’s have a drink, then.”

“Won’t it affect your competition tomorrow?” Lu Shimiao asked with concern after she abruptly slapped her head.

“The competition in the morning is already practically in my pocket.” After Chu Huilin relinquishes from the competition, Su Tao would be able to proceed without having to battle. As for the one in the afternoon, he still had no idea of his opponent.

Taking a bottle of brandy along with several bottles of mixers, Lu Shimiao snatched it from him before he could pour it. “I want to drink it pure!”

With a bitter smile, Su Tao could already see that Lu Shimiao was a little drunk. “Drinking it pure makes it easy to get drunk. You must be mentally prepared that I won’t wait upon you if you’re drunk.”

“Who needs you?” Lu Shimiao changed the glass and poured herself half a cup of brandy before tossing cubes of ice in it. Taking a sip, despite it’s burning taste, she said otherwise from her lips, “How comfortable!”

Su Tao helplessly sighed, since he wasn’t a stranger to Lu Shimiao in this state. Despite her cold appearance, she was actually a passionate woman in her heart. Raising his cup and bumped with hers, the back of his hand came in contact with her fingers that felt especially wonderful.

With a smile, Su Tao said, “Alcohol can numb a person. The comfort is merely a façade. You will know the meaning of pain when you sober up.”

Lu Shimiao swirled the cup in her hand. The ice cubes knocked against the glass, emanating a crisp sound. She sighed with a lost gaze, “I also have no idea when I got indulged in alcohol. As a doctor, I know that excessive alcohol will cause a side effect, but I’m still reluctant to give up that moment of relaxation that alcohol gives me.”

Su Tao filled Lu Shimiao’s cup again and smiled. “Relax occasionally, then.”

Taking another big gulp, Lu Shimiao cast Su Tao a glance. “Actually, I know that you’re not that different from other guys. You’re just trying to approach me so that you can get in bed with me.”

“You should understand this concept. Most of the guys around a beautiful woman aren’t pure.” Su Tao awkwardly smiled while shrugging his shoulders.

Lu Shimiao sighed, “Is there no pure friendship, then?”

Shaking his head with a smile, Su Tao replied, “If the two of us keep it under control and stop our relationship from taking further developments, we will be able to maintain our status as friends.”

Lu Shimiao gave a burst of exaggerated laughter as she answered, “I will control it, I’m just afraid that you won’t be able to. I was really startled when you tugged me earlier.”

Su Tao gently breathed out and smiled. “You’re afraid because you’re worried that you cannot control the restlessness in your heart, right?”

Nodding her head, Lu Shimiao’s gaze got lost in her thoughts, before she said, “Our hearts are all made of meat, and I have a bottom line in my heart. It’s just that I don’t know when that bottom line will be lowered. You’re handsome, talented and protective of me. If I kept up with a cold attitude against you, then I’m an abnormal person.”

Su Tao did not expect Lu Shimiao to talk it all out when she’s drunk. What’s going on? Were they going to be frank about everything?

After that, Lu Shimiao continued to narrate her story, “When I was 8, I asked the Dean why I didn’t have any parents, unlike everyone else. The Dean told me that I was more beautiful and intelligent than everyone else, because I had too much with me, so I was unlike others.” Lu Shimiao continued to sigh, “Say, wasn’t the Dean smart?”

Su Tao nodded in agreement. “Also a very kind person.”

“When I was 16, the Dean suddenly passed away. At that time, I thought to myself that I must become a doctor so that I could save the Dean. But can a dead person be saved? Isn’t it ridiculous?” Lu Shimiao smiled while wiping the tears off the corner of her eyes.

Su Tao sighed, he looked at Lu Shimiao and responded in a soft voice, “You’re not ridiculous at all. The reason why someone wants to grow stronger is so that they can protect those close to them.”

Lu Shimiao turned to look at Su Tao. “Back then, when I married Qiao Bo, it wasn’t because of love. I just thought that his circumstances were pretty good, and he even had a powerful father. So that’s the reason why I married him, so that I could develop further in the hospital. Aren’t I realistic?”

Su Tao shook his head as he comforted, “Your choice isn’t wrong. Marriage to a woman is akin to a second life, everyone wants to change their fate, so they choose men with a background so that they can shield them.”

Lifting her hair and revealing her pearly-white ears, Lu Shimiao helplessly said, “It’s only a pity that I misjudged. Qiao Bo is, after all, someone living in the shadow of his father.”

“You still have a chance to make a choice.” Su Tao responded with a faint smile.

Lu Shimiao’s eyes beamed while nodding her head. “You’re right, I met you. You even brought changes to my life. I suddenly realised the endless possibilities of the future. In the past, I acted so cold just to hide the inferiority in my heart. I have always felt that the reason why my marriage failed was because of me. I’m an orphan, so I’m afraid of becoming alone all again, becoming someone without any family again. But right now, I understood that if I have a family that isn’t warm, it’ll just bring me pain.”

With a relaxed smile, Su Tao responded, “Don’t say that, I’m not that great. I only feel that you’re pretty, so I can’t help wanting to get close to you. As for the other things, it’s only because we’re fated.”

“You’re also fated with many other girls, right? Like the woman that arranged this presidential suite for you?” Lu Shimiao gave a playful smile, but she suddenly felt nauseous and couldn’t help furrowing her brows. “I want to vomit!”

Su Tao immediately placed the cup down and helped Lu Shimiao into the bathroom. He was holding her from her underarms, and he could see the two mounds hanging down with pinkish buttons that made him feel an urge to pinch them.

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