Chapter 88 - Idiot or Genius

Chapter 88 - Idiot or Genius

While he was getting busy with the woman, he suddenly realised two people standing behind him. One of them was the competitor that he thought he had dealt with, while the other was his accomplice that was kneeling on the ground. That competitor of his was indifferently looking at him, sending a shiver down his spine.

Even without that needle, Chu Huilin’s mentality would have also collapsed at this moment. Furthermore, this moment would also become a nightmare that haunts him for eternity.

Sitting on a chair, Su Tao shrugged. “I came to seek confirmation on a matter, I have no intention of disrupting your business. Naturally, since I have disrupted it purely by coincidence, then bear with it for the time being and let us speak.”

At this moment, Chu Huilin wanted to curse, but he felt fearful. He remembered that he had locked the door, so how did Su Tao come in? Even if he was so absorbed with the girl, he had always been a cautious person. On the contrary, it was so abnormal that there wasn’t any noise, especially when that fellow was carrying Golden Tooth.

“This has nothing to do with me. He was the one that wanted me to poison you. Please let me off!” Golden Tooth kneeled on the ground. He immediately sold Chu Huilin out. He further continued, “He even gave me ¥10,000, I can give it to you later, I will not pocket it.”

“Screw you, aren’t you a little too disloyal right now?” Chu Huilin’s face was extremely unsightly at this moment.

“What is loyalty worth? Old Chu, this fellow is ruthless, and I have a family to take care. At this moment, I only want my life and not money.” Golden Tooth revealed regret on his face. He initially wanted to earn some quick cash, but how could he have expected to encounter Su Tao, a demon. He slowly showed his arms with a bitter expression on his face. “I’m a chef, and I need my hands to cook. He immediately crippled my hands, and I even have thoughts of suiciding right now!”

Chu Huilin glanced at Su Tao and saw the smile on the latter’s lips. “What did you do to him?”

Su Tao responded with a mocking smile, “I just crippled the hands of a poisonous chef so that he cannot harm others. If this matter is revealed, I believe that the majority of the people would clap their hands and cheer about this matter.”

Although Su Tao’s smile looked casual, it made Chu Huilin feel a shiver down his spine.

Taking a step back, unconsciously, Chu Huilin asked, “What do you want to do?”

Su Tao smiled, then waved his hand. Chu Huilin instantly felt that the joint of his right knee had become numb and he fell to the ground with one knee. Although he was also a physician that knew his acupoints well, Su Tao had stuck his acupoints so accurately from a far distance.

This was meant to intimidate Chu Huilin, to let the latter know of his current state.

Looking a the lady behind Chu Huilin, Su Tao instructed, “First, get that lady to wear her clothes. You will give her ¥3,000 for the fee and have her to leave now.”

Chu Huilin never expected this to be the first order. The lady had already figured what was going on. So when she heard Su Tao’s orders, she immediately got down from the bed and got dressed before saying as she trembled, “I don’t need the money!”

“You provided a service, so why are you declining money?” Su Tao shook his head, then he glared at Chu Huilin.

For some reason, Chu Huilin knew the meaning behind Su Tao’s glare. He limped towards his wallet to retrieve ¥3,000 for the lady.

This was probably the worst quality-price ratio service that he had experienced.

Su Tao nodded his head in satisfaction. If Chu Huilin revealed any intention to refute, then he would surely let the latter suffer. But it looked like Chu Huilin was pretty obedient and knew his current situation.

“Do you have anything to say for getting Golden Tooth to use poison?” Su Tao asked as he changed his sitting posture.

“What is there to explain, I was the one that got him to do it. In society, no one is clean when trying to climb up the pyramid. Strictly speaking, my dosage can’t be considered poison; it only causes one to briefly lose consciousness without any side effects.” Chu Huilin did not hesitate to admit that he was the mastermind.

Su Tao knitted his brows, since he suddenly had no idea how to punish Chu Huilin when the latter had immediately admitted his faults. If Chu Huilin had declined responsibility of this matter, then Su Tao would use torturous means to let him experience utter misery.

But this match of his wasn’t the same as the previous ones. This was one that bullied the kind while fearing the evil. So when Chu Huilin saw Su Tao’s means, he had instantly admitted defeat.

As a protagonist, if Su Tao resorted to violence like a villain, then it would definitely cause him to lose fans.

Rubbing his chin, Su Tao briefly pondered before he said, “Since you’re so cooperative, I have no idea how to torture you. How about this, you tell me how we are going to settle this matter.”

Sensing the numb and pain from his thigh, beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead. “You won, so I’m willing to accept all consequences. I will give up on the competition, and I will also accept other requests, if you have any.”

Su Tao slowly stood up and walked to Chu Huilin. Then raised his hand before slapping the latter. Chu Huilin staggered several steps back from Su Tao’s slap before he managed to stabilise himself with his head lowered and remained silent.

“It looks like we won’t be able to settle this today.” Su Tao faintly said, before he continued, “I know that you just intend to bear it to wait till time has matured before you take revenge against me.”

Chu Huilin’s brows wriggled. Su Tao had spoken his thoughts out loud. In society, one had to lower his head if he wasn’t strong enough and bide for an opportunity when time had matured to take vengeance. However, he spoke differently from his mouth, “I have no thoughts of that sort. I can swear on the lives of my close relatives that if I have any other ill thoughts, I will die from a car accident tomorrow!”

Shaking his finger, Su Tao smiled. “You have a deep scheming heart, but you’re also to my liking. I currently lack someone like you around me.”

“What?” Chu Huilin looked surprised.

Su Tao faintly replied, “To prevent you from doing any actions against me, I have figured out what to do with you. You will follow me from today onwards, and I will take you in as my subordinate.”

Chu Huilin remained silent for a long while before he understood Su Tao’s intention and smiled. “I have a job at a hospital in Shanzhou Province. Aren’t you a little too forceful to ask me to follow you?”

Su Tao wore a smile on his face, Since Chu Huilin wasn’t satisfied with his suggestion, then all he had to do was beat the latter up until he yielded.

Seeing Su Tao’s smile, Chu Huilin instantly had goosebumps before he immediately added, “But then again, it’s all possible. After the Physician King Tournament, I will follow you!”

Su Tao never expected the sudden change of attitude from Chu Huilin. He walked towards Chu Huilin and gently patted his shoulder, then two silver needles appeared in his hand.

Casting a glance at Golden Tooth, Su Tao said, “You will resign from the hotel tomorrow and report to Hanzhou’s Three Flavour Hall to work. I will give you a job.”

“What about my hands?” Golden Tooth said in depression.

Su Tao shrugged. “I will restore them after returning to Hanzhou!” Finishing his words, he cast another glance at Chu Huilin before leaving and said, “As for you, report to Three Flavour Hall early if you do not wish to be a eunuch for life!”

In the end, Chu Huilin could only watch as Su Tao left before walking towards Golden Tooth. He examined the latter’s hands. Although they looked normal, the essential acupoints of his hands were sealed with a unique method, so there’s nothing he could do.

“What are you going to do?” Golden Tooth looked at Chu Huilin and helplessly asked.

Chu Huilin sighed, “What else can I do? Your life and mine are in his hands. We can only obey his order to survive.”

“Are we really going to resign from our jobs?” Golden Tooth said with deep regret.

Nodding his head, Chu Huilin helplessly sighed, “Let’s change to another working environment. Your hands are already crippled, if you don’t resign, do you still think that you can work in the hotel?”

Looking at Chu Huilin with a complicated gaze, Golden Tooth said, “Have you already thought of a method to take revenge?”

Chu Huilin helplessly shook his head. “A person that dares to groom a tiger, he is either a fool or a genius. We’ll go Hanzhou and have a look, at least to compromise for the time being. As for future events, no one can be sure of it yet!”

Returning to the presidential suite, Lu Shimiao was lying down on the massive couch with her legs drawn in like a docile cat. Her slender hand was placed on her ear, looking like a sleeping beauty from the fairy tale.

The sleeping posture of a beautiful woman was extremely tempting, but a posture as charming as Lu Shimiao’s was rarely seen. Her charm came from her bearing, which also originated from her habits. Although she was an orphan, she had been a strong and self-disciplined person since young.

Therefore, her posture showed that she lacked a sense of security. Her fists were tightly clenched, even her body was tensed up, as if she would awaken anytime.

Since her body was coiled together, her mounds looked even more spectacular in that posture. She was also blessed with a voluptuous figure with a smooth and round booty that was outlined by her loose pyjamas.

She was in a light sleep, so she immediately sat up and looked at Su Tao when she heard his movements. “How was it?”

“They surrendered.” Su Tao smiled as he shrugged.

“Surrendered?” Lu Shimiao was doubtful in Su Tao’s words.

With a smile, Su Tao responded, “A temporary enemy doesn’t mean that they are my enemy for life. Occasionally, there are rare circumstances when enemies will turn into friends.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lu Shimiao said with her face full of puzzlement.

She was wearing loose pyjamas that revealed a massive patch of her chest, along with her deep cleavage. Giving a glare into that abyss, Su Tao asked, “Think about it, how was our relationship at the beginning?”

“Terrible!” Lu Shimiao smiled as her eyes lit up.

Su Tao sat beside her before casually placing his hand on the couch, like an eagle with its wings spread wide open, and moved to her ears. “As the proverb says, knowing each other through fighting. Aren’t we friends now despite our terrible start?”

Lu Shimiao felt a heat coming from Su Tao and instantly made the atmosphere a little stuffy. She subconsciously stood up and sourly said, “We’re colleagues at best, how are we friends?”

But she never expected that her hand would be gently pulled, making her lose her balance, and she fell into Su Tao’s embrace… 

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