Chapter 856 - Slapping Shao Wentao

“You!” Shao Wentao was furious. When he looked at the few people behind him who were looking at him with doubtful faces, he immediately explained, “This brat is spouting nonsense!”

However, Su Tao did not let this matter go so easily. He turned to the man who looked unwell, “This friend over here, you should have diabetes, right? Furthermore, you’ve been suffering from it for a long time now. Our Quack Doctor here isn’t a specialist in this field. If you want to get it treated, you can look for a friend of mine, Professor Yue Zun.”

Yue Zun wasn’t only proficient in surgery, but he had also researched diabetes, a specialist ranked in the top 5 of the country.

That man was shocked when he saw that Su Tao had found his condition with just a glance. When he heard that Su Tao was recommending Yue Zun to him, he immediately thanked, “Thank you so much! Here’s my name card!”

Su Tao took a glance at the name card. For him to be connected with Shao Wentao, he naturally had an extraordinary position. His name was Yan Peng, the Chairman of the Kady Corporation that mainly focus on foreign trades.

The reason why Yan Peng invited Yu Youqing and Shao Wentao to a meal wasn’t to treat him but recommending him to a professional in the National Healer Team. Out of everyone in the National Healer Team, Yue Zun was within his list of names.

Since Su Tao had taken Yan Peng’s name card, he naturally had to reciprocate and gave his name card as well.

Looking at this scene, Shao Wentao’s face had turned green. Su Tao was simply slapping him in the face. It was just like how he finally welcomed a spending customer in his shop, only to be snatched by the neighboring shop.

Su Tao did not have any favorable impression about Shao Wentao, but Yue Zun and Sun Changle didn’t influence him. Yue Zun and Sun Changle did not like Shao Wentao because of their stance, while Su Tao hated Shao Wentao because of how political this person was.

In Shao Wentao’s view, everyone should be respectful of him since he possessed some position and authority in the National Healer Team. 

Someone like him was what Su Tao hated the most. Sun Changle’s evaluation of Shao Wentao was a little extreme. But in Su Tao’s own analysis, the National Healer Team would decline if it was in Shao Wentao’s hands.

Seeing that Shao Wentao was going to flare up, Yu Youqing immediately shook his head, signaling for Shao Wentao to calm down. As a result, Shao Wentao could only calm himself down.

Cupping his hands together at Yan Peng, Shao Wentao smiled, “I was thinking of greeting Professor Yue Zun to look at your condition. Little Su here has a close relationship with Yue Zun, so it’s best if he’s the one connecting you. Little Su, you have to handle this matter seriously. I’ll be angry if it’s not done well. After all, Yan Peng is a good friend of mine.”

Yu Youqing stood out to smooth things over. In an instant, the intense atmosphere eased out.

At the same time, Yu Youqing was warning Su Tao to be respectful based on his address for Su Tao.

As Su Tao did not have a reason to fall out with Yu Youqing, he smiled, “Please be reassured, Chief Yu. I will get this matter done beautifully.”

With a casual smile, Yu Youqing headed for the exit. Shao Wentao glared daggers at Su Tao and hid the hatred in his heart. He had decided to destroy Su Tao if Su Tao ever fell in his hands.

Yan Peng was already furious with Yu Youqing and Shao Wentao. He prepared a banquet to receive the two of them, but the two avoided the question. However, he wasn’t in the position to flare up, and he knew that he might have to give them a red packet for this matter to go through.

But Su Tao appeared all of a sudden, allowing Yan Peng to find an alternative. He now no longer needed Yu Youqing and Shao Wentao’s help to get this matter done.

Sitting in a luxurious vehicle prepared by Yang Peng, Shao Wentao raged, “This Su Tao is too much! He didn’t even give me any face today!”

Glancing at Shao Wentao, Yu Youqing smiled, “You have always been composed, so what’s the matter with you today? Do you think it’ll be beneficial to you for the leader position if news of you bickering with him spreads out? Do you think that it’ll look good if a newcomer is despising you?”

Shao Wentao was stunned momentarily and replied, “It was my mistake. I did not expect that Yue Zun would be so sinister to use Su Tao to deal with me.”

He felt that Yue Zun must have sent Su Tao to deal with him.

“Judging from Chief Wei’s intention, he still supports Yue Zun replacing me.” Yue Youqing spoke out. “The selection is right around the corner, and we need to get our plan implemented swiftly. Although the allowance matter gave Yue Zun a huge blow to his reputation, it wasn’t fatal.”

“It’s all going according to the plan. Yue Zun won’t even know what hit him.” Shao Wentao revealed a sly smile.

It was already 10 p.m. when Su Tao arrived home. He could see the lights lit in the balcony, which he guessed that Gu Rushan must have returned uninformed. When he opened the door, he saw Gu Rushan in her pajamas eating ice cream on the couch. He replied, sourly, “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming back? I still thought that a thief broke in.”

“Isn’t it because I wanted to give you a surprise? But you came back so late.” Gu Rushan did not even spare a glance at Su Tao.

Walking over to the kitchen and saw plates in the refrigerator, Su Tao immediately knew that Gu Rushan had prepared them. He smiled, “The dinner wasn’t fulfilling, and I’m a little hungry now. Why don’t you have some with me?”

However, Gu Rushan did not care about Su Tao. She was typing away on her phone.

Su Tao wasn’t bothered by it and started warming up the dishes. Roughly half an hour later, he switched off the lights and lit a candle with a smile, “Come on. Here’s a romantic candlelight dinner.”

Gu Rushan was initially giving Su Tao the silent treatment, but when she sat how he prepared everything, her anger resided by a considerable chunk. She pretended to sit down reluctantly and replied, “I won’t thank you for it. After all, I was the one who cooked these dishes.”

“Do you know how you look like right now? You looked like a wife who suffered some grievance.” Su Tao smiled.

“Rubbish!” Gu Rushan became silent when she noticed that her emotion wasn’t right. Strictly speaking, her relationship with Su Tao was a creditor and debtor, but she behaved like she was throwing a tantrum with her lover a moment ago.

“Alright, alright! It’s my fault for not being at home when you came back. So I would like to apologize to you.” Su Tao smiled.

Letting out a snort, Gu Rushan replied, “You’re pretty conscientious. There are no traces of women left in the house.”

“Who are you treating me for? Even if I’m desperate, I won’t bring a woman to your house.” Su Tao smiled bitterly with his forehead covered in black lines.

“It’s just a joke. There’s no need to be serious with it.” Gu Rushan smiled.

However, Su Tao put up a gentlemanly appearance and corrected, “I’m a clean person.”

“Clean? Even a crayfish in the gutter is cleaner than you.” Gu Rushan spoke sarcastically.

As they ate, Su Tao looked at Gu Rushan, “Did you encounter a problem for your sudden return?”

“What can I possibly encounter?” Gu Rushan shrugged and feigned normal.

“I’m giving you ten minutes to come clean with me. Otherwise, I’ll ignore you and head for bed.” Su Tao yawned and peeked at Gu Rushan.

“The director has been harassing me. What do you think I should do?” Gu Rushan asked after brewing up for a moment.

“So, something happened.” Su Tao laughed. “Why don’t you beg me? I might teach you if you beg me.”

“Forget it!” Gu Rushan snapped. But despite her words, the corner of her eyes still looked at Su Tao.

“Alright, I’ll teach you the most straightforward method since you came back.” Su Tao paused briefly before he continued, “Contact your management company and tell them that you’re not going to film anymore.”

“I’ll need to pay the fine for that.” Gu Rushan was shocked.

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Su Tao replied, “This is to make an advance by taking a step back. You can’t say that the director is harassing you. You just have to act. The program team might obtain the fine, but they will still suffer a great loss. So they will ultimately make a concession. When they make a concession, you can continue filming. You have to let the director know that you have a temper.”

In truth, all first-rated celebrities have their own temper. But Gu Rushan rose too quickly, and she still couldn’t understand the difference between third-rated and first-rated celebrities. This was the reason why she would hesitate at times. But with Gu Rushan’s intelligence, she naturally had her own thoughts. So Su Tao’s suggestion was merely to soothe her.

“I’ll try!” Gu Rushan smiled bitterly. “The showbiz is truly dark, and I’m starting to retreat it.”

“It’s too late for you to regret now. You’ve already sold yourself to the management company, so you can only endure it.” Su Tao smiled. “Things will eventually get better. I’m looking forward to seeing you become the hottest celebrity around. So don’t disappoint me!”

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