Chapter 855 - TCM Rating System

There were many patients outside. Yue Zun and Sun Changle stayed for an hour before the two of them decided to leave while Su Tao stayed. Su Tao wanted to take an opportunity to observe his employee and coach them.

Su Tao and Ling Yu were opposites when it came to handling affairs. As Su Tao prefers to coach his employees, his employees benefited greatly from his coaching.

Among all the employees, Chen Rui enjoyed nearly an hour of coaching from Su Tao. Su Tao would explain the differences between complexion patiently and how to determine illnesses from pulses. By the side, Chen Rui would record down whatever Su Tao said. Su Tao was clear with his explanation, which made it easy for Chen Rui to absorb

“TCM is a proving medical study, and there’s some basis for it. We don’t have a standard for diagnosis. You’ll have to rely on your experience and observation to come up with a conclusion.” Su Tao smiled.

“TCM has two advantages compared to western medicineaccuracy and wellness. You’ll need accuracy when looking at a patient, finding the cause from their appearance. Take a common cold, for example. We have to find the cold source if it was caused by chill invading the body or other reasons. Wellness refers to treating the patient well. You cannot afford to be spacious in any treatment, allowing the illness to come back. By using medicine or acupuncture, you have to cure the patient thoroughly.”

Chen Rui replied, benefitting from Su Tao’s explanations, “TCM’s diagnosis might seem difficult, but western medicine’s diagnosis is also difficult. Western medicine is over-reliant on data, something that wouldn’t take a genius to figure out. It’s normal if everything falls under the value, and abnormal if they’re not. But the values can only be used as a reference, and you’ll ultimately need experience. Western medicine might seem scientific, but it still relies on experience.”

“There’s also a distinct difference. Western medicine is like a short-answer question by figuring the answer through data. On the other hand, TCM relies on the patient’s complexion, pulse, and symptoms to make an analysis. There isn’t a standard for TCM when we make our diagnosis. For example, when we look at someone’s complexion. Most physicians can only see if the patient’s complexion is pale or blush. How many of them can tell the source of the patient’s discomfort from their complexion?” Su Tao smiled.

Nodding his head, Chen Rui smiled, “That’s that difficult part.”

Shaking his head, Su Tao smiled, “There’s a trick behind it. Most illnesses have some similarities. Physicians who are new to the industry should stick to simple illnesses, leaving difficult ones for veterans. So I plan to establish a plan in our Beijing branch, dividing physicians into two categories, ordinary and veteran physicians. The ordinary physicians will be responsible for common illnesses, while veteran physicians will be responsible for serious and difficult cases. This way, we will be able to develop newcomers and also create a ladder system.”

“This is innovative, but I’m afraid that it won’t be easy to implement. After all, it will affect the income of some employees.” Chen Rui was shocked.

“So we’re making reformation from consultation fees. We’ll increase the fees for serious cases, allowing those veteran physicians to maintain the highest standard of salary.” Su Tao smiled.

Chen Rui finally understood what Su Tao meant and nodded her head, “I will look into a method and report it to you.”

Su Tao was gratified by how fast Chen Rui responded. She was worth nurturing and encouraged, “If Beijing’s branch implements this method well, I’ll promote it to all the other branches as well. In the future, you’ll be responsible for generalizing this project.”

“I will do my best!” Chen Rui nodded her head emotionally.

Su Tao smiled and parted with Chen Rui. He had slowly gotten used to his position as a supervisor, focusing on uncovering talents. There was no need for him to do everything himself. Otherwise, not only would he tire himself out, but he would also affect the entire operation. So Su Tao was now focusing on uncovering talents. Since Chen Rui was an outstanding employee in Beijing’s branch, Su Tao was doing his best to nurture her.

Because of Su Tao, the number of patients has increased recently, but they were all practically sorted out by the afternoon. Everyone knew that Su Tao’s efficiency was ridiculous. In addition to Ling Yu around, everyone had an easier time.

When they knocked off, everyone was curious if Su Tao would give out new benefits. Just as they’d expected, Chen Rui brought everyone to a restaurant on the opposite street for an employee meal.

When they entered the restaurant, the manager came and smiled, “Welcome, Divine Physician Ling!”

“This is the founder of the Three Flavour Hall, Mr. Su Tao.” Ling Yu introduced, with a smile.

The manager was briefly stunned and immediately replied, “I’ve long heard of your name. It’s an honor to see you here.”

The manager’s name was Su Zhigang. Not long ago, there was a patient who suddenly collapsed from appendicitis. When Ling Yu came, it was resolved with a needle. After all, the restaurant will be significantly affected if the matter blows up. As the supervisor, Su Zhigang would be fined, and it was all thanks to Ling Yu that this matter could be resolved.

Since then, any employees from the Three Flavour Hall having their meal here would enjoy a 20% discount.

Taking the name card from Su Zhigang, Su Tao smiled, “I’ll have to trouble Mr. Su in the past. I’ve decided to set my employee gathering here, once a month.”

“Please be reassured. Our restaurant has a century worth of history, and we’ve never cheated our customers in terms of ingredients or food standards. As for the price, we’ll give you the best price.” Su Zhigang smiled, with his brows loosening up.

“I’m not joking around. You can stay in contact with Mr. Su later.” Su Tao smiled, looking at Chen Rui.

“I’ll find Ms. Chen tomorrow to get this matter done. I’ll hand in my resignation if I can’t get this matter done well, and I will leave this industry.” Su Zhigang joked.

Every industry had its way of doing things. For the food and beverage industry, someone like Su Zhigang, who was good with words, was needed. After all, who would resign over one business?

As they spoke, they came to a large private room under Su Zhigang’s lead. This room was specially meant for gathering, and you could have up to ten tables here.

After all the employees sat down, employees went up to the stage under Chen Rui’s organization to pick a song. Su Tao sat on the main table, and the employees would come up to toast with him and Ling Yu. The same table employees were the foundation of Beijing’s branch, and Su Tao took this opportunity to understand them again.

However, Su Tao wasn’t suitable for such occasions. Even when he showed no airs around him, all the employees still behaved cautiously, which made him feel distanced.

Su Tao knew that this was the loneliness that belonged to someone in a high-ranking position. When you wield a certain wealth and authority, you will have to lose many things in the process.

As a result, Su Tao made up his mind not to participate in such a gathering in the future. Otherwise, his employees wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

“You guys can carry on playing. After the meal, the company will pay if they want to head to the karaoke. I’ll take my leave first.” Su Tao whispered in Ling Yu’s ears.

Ling Yu was briefly stunned before he nodded his head. The two of them shared a rapport, and they didn’t require much explanation to understand each other.

When Su Tao came out, he was somewhat surprised when he saw a few people coming out of a smaller private room.

He recognized the two who were walking at the front and what a coincidence. They were Yu Youqing and Shao Wentao. The rest were unfamiliar faces, and Su Tao did not recognize them as members of the National Healer Team.

“Hello, Chief Yu!” Su Tao could ignore Shao Wentao, but he still needed the basic respect for Yu Youqing. After all, Yu Youqing was still the current leader.

“Hello, Little Su!” Yu Youqing smiled. “I never expected that I would see you here.”

“I’m having an employee gathering.” Su Tao smiled and headed to the exit.

When he headed out, he observed the man beside Shao Wentao. That man’s complexion did not seem well, and he probably looked for Shao Wentao to get himself treated.

“Hmph! How arrogant!” Shao Wentao was furious. Not only was he disregarded by Yue Zun and Sun Changle, but even a newcomer like Su Tao had ignored him. He was the next leader, and Su Tao’s disregard dealt a heavy blow to his ego.

Shao Wentao wasn’t loud, but he made sure that everyone heard his voice since his words were intentionally directed at Su Tao.

Rolling his eyes at Shao Wentao, Su Tao replied, “Hey, isn’t this the Quack Doctor, Mr. Shao?”

Su Tao’s words left Shao Wentao’s face purple from anger. The title, Quack Doctor, was his greatest humiliation. It was something many years ago, and he would still go insane whenever someone mentioned it. As his position in the National Healer Team became more stable, there was no one disrespectful to him. But he never expected that Su Tao would mention it out.

“Know the limits. Don’t do something that you’ll regret in the future.” Shao Wentao warned, clenching his fists.

“Thank you, Quack Doctor, for your reminder!” Su Tao smiled. He then turned to the few beside Shao Wentao, “I believe that you guys must be curious why he’s called the Quack Doctor, right? There’s an introduction about it on the internet, but it was later deleted. However, I believe that you guys can find out about it from any experienced doctors around.”

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