Chapter 854 - Tosca’s Opportunity

Su Tao immediately received a call from Ye Sheng when he reached home. In the call, Ye Sheng smiled, “It wasn’t appropriate for me to talk about it with Big Sister Jingqiu and my sister around. I talked to my father, and he has approved me trying out the firearm industry. I’ll be visiting a few elders tomorrow who will be beneficial to the business.”

The Ye Family might be deeply-rooted in Beijing, their true foundation came from the south. Su Tao smiled, “Then I’ll congratulate you in advance.”

“But things aren’t exactly optimistic. There was a problem in Shu Haonan’s first deal. Many people are investigating this matter right now, and I’m afraid that they might make things difficult for me.” Ye Sheng had his own concern. “Shu Haonan has truly suffered a big one from Qin Jingyu.”

Su Tao had also heard rumors that Shu Haonan’s goods were swapped. He smiled, “You don’t have to be too worried about it. Shu Haonan’s failure has nothing to do with you. No one is stupid, and Qin Jingyu’s action will only make those elders feel fearful. So it’s an opportunity for you to stand out at this moment.”

“You got a clear look of the entire situation.” Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up upon hearing Su Tao’s analysis.

“Remember to introduce Hamza with those elders. As long as they’re smart, they will know that this is an opportunity.” Su Tao was confident about Ye Sheng. With Hamza’s aid and Ye Family’s powers, Ye Sheng would be fine as long as he was cautious enough.

“I’m confident now after listening to your analysis.” Ye Sheng smiled. “Oh, I also tried probing my sister, and she’s interested in you. Why don’t you take the initiative and pursue her? Although my sister is famous in Beijing’s circle, I can guarantee that she has a healthy lifestyle.”

“Why are you inciting me to woo your sister?” Su Tao replied sourly.

“Isn’t it to pull our relationship closer?” Ye Sheng laughed.

Su Tao’s relationship with Ye Sheng had changed, and the two of them could talk openly about everything.

“It’s your wishful thinking.” Su Tao naturally wouldn’t be bothered with Ye Sheng’s teasing. He went on discussing Hamza’s situation. Recently, Hamza needed a batch of firearms urgently because a large-scale civil war will break out in South Africa. If Ye Sheng was fast enough, he might be able to make a fortune through this civil war.

After hanging the call with Ye sheng, Su Tao took a shower with Ye Ling’s image lingering in his mind. No man could ignore Ye Ling’s temptation, especially how graceful she looked when she was playing squash.

However, Su Tao sighed inwardly. He already had plenty of relationships to deal with, and he did not want to get into another one.

When dawn came, Su Tao received Yue Zun’s call just when he was about to go for a run. Yue Zun wanted to visit the Three Flavour Hall with Sun Changle in the afternoon. As it wasn’t a trifle, Su Tao immediately gave a call to Chen Rui to arrange the matter.

After Su Tao ended his run, he changed and headed to the Three Flavour Hall.

Chen Rui was efficient, and she had already made all the preparations with the entire place cleaned. Refreshments were also prepared in the meeting room.

“Chen Rui, you’ve done a better job than I expect.” Su Tao smiled.

“It’s because everyone is also helping out.” Chen Rui humbly replied.

“Give everyone overtime pay since they came early.” Su Tao smiled.

However, Chen Rui hesitated before she reminded Su Tao, “Boss, the employment benefits this month is already too much. If you continue adding, then it will be unbeneficial to the shop’s operation.”

Her words left Su Tao stunned, but he soon recovered. Chen Rui’s reminder was right; he had to keep the benefits tamed, especially how the benefit was already high this month. If he couldn’t keep up with the benefits in the future, it would only weaken the employee’s enthusiasm.

Many enterprises wanted to keep their employees by creating corporate culture and promotion paths, but those were just one-sided.

The salary was an important factor for keeping the employee, and everything else was secondary.

“Then let’s go with that. We’ll not increase the salary any further, but get afternoon tea for everyone later.” Su Tao smiled.

This time, Chen Rui did not go against Su Tao’s decision. At the same time, she realized that her boss was different from the general employers. Other employers would try their best to lower their expenses, but Su Tao was trying his best to make things better for his employees.

However, Chen Rui soon figured it out. Su Tao had positioned himself as a physician instead of a businessman.

It was 9 a.m. when Yue Zun and Sun Changle arrived. Su Tao and Ling Yu had been waiting outside for the two of them. When Yue Zun came down and see all the employees of the Three Flavour Hall waiting outside, he smiled, “Isn’t it a little too grand?”

“The two of you are bigshots in the medical field. So it’s natural for us to receive the two of you seriously.” Su Tao smiled. Although Yue Zun and Sun Changle might seem that the Three Flavour Hall was too grand at receiving them, Su Tao knew that they were satisfied with his arrangement in their hearts.

Yue Zun and Sun Changle both had a habit of visiting hospitals for talks, examination, and research. They were the focus everywhere they go. So it wouldn’t be appropriate for Su Tao to receive them as friends since they personally came to visit the Three Flavour Hall.

Su Tao and Ling Yu led the two to the meeting room, dispersing everyone else back to work.

“I’ve been hearing about the Three Flavour Hall’s fame, and coming here is eye-opening.” Sun Changle took a sip of tea.

“This is all Ling yu’s effort. I rarely stays in Beijing.” Su Tao gave Ling Yu the contribution.

Sun Changle nodded his head and looked at Ling Yu. He knew that the latter was also an outstanding physician, who was equally as famous as Su Tao. He smiled, “Actually, I came here with Yue Zun to understand more about TCM. The committee is currently looking into TCM, and we have to give our opinions as well.”

“TCM’s development lies in two major factors. First would be the nurturing of talents, and the second would be the generalization and manufacturing of Chinese medicine.” Su Tao smiled.

Laughing out, Yue Zun nodded his head, “That’s right. Actually, Old Sun and I came to ask about the Three Flavour Medicine’s situation.”

Those words left Su Tao surprised and immediately replied, “If the two of you are willing to help me with the sales channel, it will be the best.”

Nodding his head, Sun Changle added, “Furthermore, the Cambell Pharmaceutical Company has been banned in the country. The Cambell Pharmaceutical Company possesses over thousands of medicines from Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. Now that it has withdrawn from China’s market, this piece of meat will soon be available.”

“The Neuer Pharmaceutical Conglomerate might be famous, but they’re not the only option. We have a good relationship with Tosca Pharmacuetical Conglomerate, and I’m also one of their board member. So I might be able to help out in this matter.” Su Tao soon understood what Sun Changle meant.

Seeing how Su Tao got his hint so quickly, Sun Changle smiled, “You’ll have to communicate well with Tosca Pharmacuetical Conglomerate on this matter. For the time being, you can update me about the progress.”

Su Tao was touched. Sun Changle and Yue Zun came with a huge gift in their hands. Su Tao also wanted to affect Cambell Pharmaceutical Company by dealing with Rangure. However, he did not have a channel.

But right now, Sun Changle came looking for him. That also proved that everyone got their own intelligence network, and Sun Changle must know that he was also one of Tosca Pharmacuetical Conglomerate’s board member.

Then again, Sun Changle helped him out because of Yue Zun, and to thank Su Tao for treating his friend.

“More National Healers will arrive in Beijing over the next few days. It will be a grand occasion for China’s medical field.” Sun Changle smiled. “Aren’t you trying to promote Chinese medicine? You can prepare some advertising materials beforehand to promote to those National Healers. On this matter, you must learn how to be shameless.”

“Thank you for your advise.” Su Tao smiled.

He was under the impression that this conference would be a solemn one, so he did not think of using it to his benefit by advertising Chinese medicine. However, Sun Changle’s words had startled him awake.

The four of them chatted for about an hour before Yue Zun visited the toilet.

Suddenly, Sun Changle sighed, “There’s something that I’m contemplating if I should tell you. Yue Zun was reprimanded by Chief Wei yesterday.”

Strictly speaking, the National Healer Team was under the jurisdiction of the Health Ministry, and the National Healer’s salary were paid by the government.

Knitting his brows, Su Tao asked, “Don’t Chief Wei have a good relationship with Martial Uncle?”

“It’s all thanks to that scumbag, Shao Wentao! He started a rumor that Yue Zun was playing favourite in the allowance matter.” Sun Changle sighed. With Yue Zun’s personality, he would definitely not mention about this matter before Su Tao and Ling Yu. But Sun Changle was a loyal friend, and he wanted to help Yue Zun fight for justice.

“The allowance model was something I looked into together with Martial Uncle. It balances the newcomers and veterans, so how can there be anything selfish about it?” Su Tao was baffled.

“You guys are intending to separate the allowance into two parts. One by the length of service, and the other by contribution. But Yue Zun will be able to obtain high points in both section, which make others think that he’s doing this for himself.” Sun Changle smiled bitterly. “What shitty luck.”

At this moment, Su Tao knew what was going on. This was Yu Youqing’s intention for handing the allowance matter to Yue Zun. No matter what Yue Zun did, someone would still call him out for having selfish motives.

And if everyone was under the impression that Yue Zun was selfish, how could he become the leader of the National Healer Team?

This was actually a trap to diminish Yue Zun’s reputation.

As for Chief Wei, he wasn’t serious about reprimanding Yue Zun. He was just doing something to stabilize the department.

But it was also the same as telling everyone that Yue Zun had made a mistake, and he wasn’t a suitable leader.

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