Chapter 853 - Twists and Turns

“Isn’t that against the rules?” Wang Xuan frowned. The twists and turns had caught him by surprise. The Prince of Squash, Ning Yi, was actually knocked out by Su Tao using odd tricks.

“Why not? It’s a game, and it will naturally end when one party can no longer continue.” Ye Ling smiled. “If you think that it’s unfair for Su Tao to take a point from the unconscious Ning Yi, we can wait for Ning Yi to wake up before continuing the game.”

Wang Xuan fell into silence. Although Su Tao’s tactic was cheap, there were no rules violated.

In the end, he sighed and looked at Gu Yang, “Take a look at Ning Yi and see if he can continue.”

Gu Yang also sighed as well before she dragged the unwilling Shu Haonan into the court. Shu Haonan could tell with a glance that Ning Yi had suffered a shock in his brain, which sent him in a temporary shock. He got down on his knees and pinched on Ning Yi’s Renzhong Acupoint, which the Ning Yi soon regained his conscious.

When Ye Ling and Ni Jingqiu saw Shu Haonan helping his fiance’s lover, the two exchanged a glance.  However, the triangle relationship between Shu Haonan, Gu Yang, and Ning Yi wasn’t their focus right now.

Upon regaining his conscious, Ning Yi looked at Su Tao with rage and fear in his eyes. He was currently in this state, all thanks to Su Tao!

“You’re shameless! This is a game, don’t you have any sportsmanship?!” Ning Yi barked coldly.

Shrugging his shoulders, Su Tao replied with contempt, “Firstly, this is my first time playing squash, so I only have a basic knowledge about it. Furthermore, is it against the rule that the ball hit you? Secondly, do I have to look at you scoring helplessly to call it sportsmanship?”

The logic in Su Tao’s words might sound unreasonable, but Ning Yi couldn’t refute.

Rules were part of strategies. In basketball, you would have to violate the rules occasionally as a tactic to disrupt your opponent’s flow. Furthermore, Su Tao did not violate the rules directly. He had no bodily contact with Ning Yu, so he had violated no rules.

But so what if hitting the ball in someone’s face was against the rules? Su Tao used the rules to an acceptable range by hitting the ball in Ning Yi’s face, and it was Ning Yu’s fault for not dodging in time.

“How about this. I’ll give you another chance if you think that it’s unfair. We’ll continue our game.” Su Tao looked at Ning Yi.

Ning Yi’s entire face was numb. He was worried that Su Tao might use the same trick again. However, he was a difficult position, and he had no choice but to continue the game.

Then again, Ning Yi felt that he was careless, which allowed Su Tao to smack the ball in his face. He felt that he wouldn’t fall for it again if the game continued.

After Ning Yi sorted out his thoughts, he gnashed his teeth and decided to continue the game. He was a world champion; how could he lose to a newbie? If words got out that he lost to a newbie, wouldn’t it make him a laughingstock?

It was Su Tao’s turn to serve the ball. His technique had improved once more as the ball ricochetted off the wall. This time, it did not go out of the dividing line. As Ning Yi dashed to his side, he swung his racket. After he hit the ball, he noticed a sneer hanging on Su Tao’s lips. In the next second, Su Tao pounced forth like a leopard and swung his bat at the ball.

The entire process of the ball being hit and ricochetted off the wall was so quick that the naked eyes couldn’t follow.

Ning Yi was already traumatized by Su Tao. When he saw what Su Tao did, he immediately took two steps back. But in contrast to his expectation, the ball did not hit him or go off the dividing line.

“Score!” Su Tao used psychological warfare to get the point off Ning Yi.

“Beautifully done!” Ye Sheng clapped.

Even Ni Jingqiu sighed in relief when he saw Su Tao taking a point. Once again, Su Tao did not disappoint her.

On the other hand, Ye Ling sighed inwardly. She knew that Ning Yi would definitely be traumatized by this game. The strategy that Su Tao used was simply beautiful. He first made himself seem weak before using his brain to win.

This game wasn’t a competition of skills but intelligence. Su Tao had completely crushed Ning Yi by pulling to latter into his scheme. When Su Tao decided to go up against Ning Yi, he already held the initiative to this game.

On the other hand, Ning Yi felt a grievous loss. He couldn’t display any skills before he lost all of a sudden.

Su Tao’s wits had opened Ye Ling to a whole new understanding of him.

“So, is the bet still effective?” Ni Jingqiu looked at Wang Jiajia.

“You guys are shameless!” Wang Jiajia barked.

“You bet, you pay. Then again, I’ll turn a blind eye if you can’t afford to pay up.” Ni Jingqiu did not point her fingers at Wang Jiajia, but she was using an aloof attitude.

“I’ll send it to you tomorrow! I, Wang Jiajia, is not someone who will renege on a mere ¥3,000,000. But I’m afraid that you won’t be happy about it. After all, you won with cheap tricks!” Wang Jiajia gnashed her teeth. Looking at Ni Jingqiu deeply, she added, “We’ll wait and see!”

“Oh, let me remind you of something. Your fiance disappeared just a moment ago. You should chase after him now.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

When Wang Jiajia turned around in perplexion, Huo Kun was nowhere scene.

Huo Kun couldn’t be blamed for running away. When he saw how Ning Yi was struck on his face, he couldn’t help recall how Su Tao had previously taught him a lesson.

The reason why Huo Kun went against Su Tao was all because of Wang Guofeng. Now that Wang Guofeng was dead, Huo Kun did not want to follow right behind his friend. So he slipped away when no one was noticing.

Change was part of human nature. The arrogant Huo Kun previously was now a nobody. He no longer had the guts to face Su Tao.

Wang Jiajia grew anxious when she noticed that Huo Kun was missing. In the end, she stomped her feet on the ground and chased after Huo Kun.

Walking over to Su Tao, Wang Xuan had a smile on his face, “I hope that you won’t take this matter to heart. This is all a misunderstanding.”

“Chief Wang, there’s no need for explanation. It’s impossible to mend a crack once it appears.” Su Tao saw through Wang Xuan’s intention.

Wang Xuan was surprised by Su Tao’s response as the latter was more unyielding that he had imagined. He asked, “Isn’t it better to have another friend than an enemy?”

“Having more friends isn’t necessarily good. You only need two or three friends that you can give your back to. Furthermore, I believe that we have a different understanding of the term ‘friend.’ In my view, a friend doesn’t have to be someone of value to you. On the other hand, a friend with no desire and motive is a true friend.” Su Tao replied calmly.

This time, Wang Xuan could no longer smile after listening to Su Tao’s words. All he left behind was a cold snort.

As for Ning Yi, he was practically dragged away. Then again, he must have a new understanding of squash in the future. This sport could be used for assault.

Su Tao knew that he had utterly fallen out with Wang Xuan after today. However, he wasn’t too bothered by it. When he chose not to work together with Wang Xuan and Li Anbo, it had already determined that they could no longer be friends.

Wang Xuan might seem to be an amicable person, but Su Tao could see the arrogance in his heart. He had a feeling that Wang Jiajia was behaving so arrogantly under Wang Xuan’s permit.

As a result, Su Tao did not feel the need to be polite with someone like Wang Xuan and drew a line between them. He did not lack enemies in his life, and having Wang Xuan wouldn’t bother him much.

After separating from Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu, Ye Ling drove the car as Ye Sheng drank.

“What do you think of Su Tao?” Ye Sheng suddenly smiled.

“He has potential, and he’s full of surprises.” Ye Ling analyzed.

“Have you thought about interacting with him more?” Ye Sheng smiled. “He might be young, but I think he’s reliable.”

“Are you sick? Why are you suddenly talking about this?” Ye Ling asked, curiously.

On the contrary to her composure, Ye Ling’s heart was beating wildly.

“Because I understand you well. I know that he’s your type.” Ye Sheng wore a smug on his face before he reminded, “Don’t forget that we have telepathy between us.”

“Well, that telepathy of yours isn’t accurate this time.” Ye Ling lied with a snort.

When Ni Jingqiu drove Su Tao home, she did not unlock the door. Su Tao immediately knew that she had something to tell him, so he wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

“Thank you for tonight.” Ni Jingqiu looked up ahead.

“It’s nothing.” Su Tao smiled. “Based on the relationship we have, you’re too polite. But I can tell that you have finally walked out from the Huo Kun’s shadows.”

“Yeah.” Ni Jingqiu brushed her fringe and smiled, “Even I have when did it start. I have already forgotten how hateful Huo Kun was, and I wasn’t feeling anything when I saw him together with Wang Jiajia today.”

“Hate fades, along with love.” Su Tao smiled. “Now, you can find a partner to date and get yourself married off.”

“I’m enjoying my current lifestyle; no worries and pressure.” Ni Jingqiu shook her head.

“Love might torture you, but it can also make your life more fulfilled. You need the nourishment of love.” Su Tao decided to give his advice from the angle of as a best friend.

“Stop nagging.” Ni Jingqiu smiled. “I still have you around if no one wants me.”

“So, I’m just a substitute.” Su Tao smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, and you finally understand your position now. All the best guy friend in the world are substitutes.” Ni Jingqiu chuckled. She felt comfortable with Su Tao around. It felt as if all her stress was gone.

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