Chapter 852 - A Game of 3,000,000

“Sure! Let’s bet ¥3,000,000 then!” Ning Yi smiled.

Ye Ling and Ni Jingqiu looked at each other with a bitter smile. They never expected that Su Tao would be so impulsive.

Compared to them, Ye Sheng was filled with admiration for Su Tao. Su Tao was like a real man when he faced the challenge.

A challenge was thrown in their faces, and a man naturally had to face up the challenge courageously. Ye Sheng smiled, “Why don’t I play with Ning Yi instead? You’ve never played squash.”

Amongst them, Ye Ling was the most skillful when it came to squash. But there was no way Ye Sheng could call his sister to face the challenge. He was a man, and it would be too embarrassing if he had to ask his sister for help.

Su Tao smiled and shook his head, “Since I’m responsible for this conflict, then I’ll have to clean it up myself. As for the money, I’ll bill it to Jingqiu if I lose.”

Ni Jingqiu was touched by how Su Tao stood out for her. She nodded her head, “Don’t worry about it. ¥3,000,000 is nothing to me.”

Su Tao received the racket from Ye Ling and tested the weight by swinging it around. The racket was heavier than he had imagined.

When Ning Yi noticed Su Tao’s actions, he chuckled. He could tell that Su Tao was a newbie at the game based on how he held the racket.

Ning Yi held onto the racket with both his hands and took his position. He did a brief warmup before he looked at Su Tao, “I’m ready! Let me know anytime when you are.”

“We can start.” Su Tao smiled with the racket leaning on his shoulder.

The two then entered the court, leaving everyone else spectating outside.

Ning Yi decided to test Su Tao as he had no idea how skillful Su Tao was. He pushed himself with his feet and swung his racket. The ball flew towards the wall before it ricochetted. After Ning Yi swung his racket, he immediately took a defensive position waiting for Su Tao to hit the ball back.

However, something unexpected occurred. Su Tao seemed to have been caught by surprise when the ball ricochetted. He was standing on the same spot without any response.

“Haha! This person is a newbie! He can’t even catch the ball!” Wan Jiajia felt relieved at this scene. She was just worried for nothing. Even someone like her could catch the ball, but Su Tao couldn’t even catch such a basic one. She was more assured that Su Tao wouldn’t be able to grab a point from Ning Yi.

According to rules and regulations, the player who served the ball had to swap position with his opponent if he scored a point. It meant that he had to score to switch positions again.

That also meant that it was Su Tao’s turn to serve the ball.

Su Tao threw the ball into the air and swung the racket. But when the ball flew out, the ball flew out of court due to the incorrect angle.

Ye Ling, Ye Sheng, and Ni Jingqiu couldn’t bear to watch how Su Tao embarrasses himself anymore. All of a sudden, Ye Sheng spoke out, “I should’ve gone up. I thought that Su Tao was confident of winning, but I never expected that he would be so unreliable.”

“Don’t be discouraged. Who knows if a miracle might take place?” Ni Jingqiu smiled bitterly.

“It won’t be easy. Squash might seem simple, but it’s actually tougher than it looks. Someone with no experience won’t be able to find the right angle, not to mention that he’s facing Ning Yi.” Ye Ling shook her head with a bitter smile.

Ning Yi was a cautious person. Even after he was sure that Su Tao had no experience, he was still careful in the game. When Su Tao served the ball again, he added a little trick to it. He added rotation to the ball, but he still got the angle wrongly due to the rotation.

In the eyes of spectators, Su Tao was simply a clown. On the other hand, Ning Yi was like an adult messing with a kid.

When it was Su Tao’s turn to serve the ball again, he got the right angle this time. However, Ning Yi dashed and easily hit the ball back. Ning Yi had gotten another point after the ball ricochetted off the wall and bounced on the floor.

“I can tell that you have no experience in this sport. Why don’t you get someone to replace you?” Ning Yi smiled. He was a champion in the game, and there was no sense of accomplishment winning a newbie.

“Relax!” Su Tao smiled. “Isn’t it just one point?”

Ning Yi couldn’t help laughing when he heard Su Tao’s words. He felt that Su Tao was too ignorant. With the huge gap between their skills, how could Su Tao obtain a point?

It was just like getting someone in 4’9” to compete with the NBA player, Yao Ming. They weren’t on the same level at all.

Ning Yi was starting to get annoyed. Since Su Tao was so stubborn to refuse his advice, there was no need for him to go easy anymore. At this moment, he wanted to end this boring game quickly.

He looked majestic when he served the ball that looked like a hunter pulling the bow wide apart.

The ball traveled at a shocking speed; it was like a cannonball and ricochetted off the wall. But this time, Su Tao managed to react in time. He dashed over and swung the racket with all his might.

Everyone was surprised when they saw this scene. Su Tao actually managed to receive the ball!

However, the ball did not travel in a normal direction. On the contrary, it flew out the diving line.

“Out?” That was the first thought that crossed Ning Yi’s mind. But shortly after, he felt a chill down his spine. The ball did not just go out of the diving line, but it was coming right at his face!

As a result, Ning Yi had an intimate kiss with the ball right on his lips.

“I’m sorry! It was a genuine mistake!” Su Tao seemed sincere in his apology.

Ning Yi felt his lips turning numb with the taste of blood lingering in his mouth. Despite the rage boiling inwardly, he could only endure it. It wasn’t unusual for accidents to occur. But for him to suffer something like this as an experienced player, he could only blame it at his misfortune.

“Continue!” Ning Yi wiped his lips. Looking at the blood on the napkin, he was filled with curses in his heart.

It was Su Tao’s turn to serve the ball again while Ning Yi took his position. But this time, Su Tao’s standards had risen. He had finally managed to hit the ball at the right angle.

But in Ning Yi’s eyes, it felt like messing with a kid. A serve at Su Tao’s standard couldn’t make him feel any pressure.

This time, Ning Yi purposely hit the ball back at a tricky angle. Based on his judgment, he was sure that Su Tao wouldn’t be able to receive it.

However, reality had given him a shock. Su Tao was actually able to catch the ball and returned it. Ning Yi initially thought he would get a score from this round, but Su Tao was actually saved it. He immediately felt suspicious and wondered if Su Tao was putting on an act earlier.

Although Su Tao managed to receive the ball, the ball flew in an unusual direction. When it ricochetted off the wall, it was actually heading at Ning Yi’s face.

As the ball was traveling at a faster speed than he had expected, Ning Yi had no time to dodge.

This time, it was his nose that had an intimate connection with the ball. Ning Yi felt his dizzy from the impact and staggered. When he recovered from the dizziness, he toughed his nose and saw blood.

Ning Yi was practically on the verge of collapsing. If the first time was a coincidence, then the second time meant that Su Tao did it on purpose!

“You’re doing it on purpose?” Ning Yi raged.

“Yeah!” Su Tao replied. “You can give up if you don’t want to continue playing.”

Ning Yi never imagined that Su Tao would be so shameless. At this moment, Ning Yi finally understood why did Su Tao accept his challenge.

It was Su Tao’s intention from the beginning to smack Ning Yi in the face with the ball. But Ning Yi couldn’t let Su Tao get a single point, so he could only take it head-on.

At this moment, Ning Yi was placed in a difficult position.

The spectators weren’t stupid as they could see what Su Tao was trying to do.

“What a cunning fellow. He’s a scum! This game isn’t fair!” Gu Yang raged.

“Fair? Do you want to talk about fairness? You’re getting a world champion to compete with someone inexperienced, and you want to talk about fairness?” Ye Ling bit her lips.

Wang Xuan was also speechless. Su Tao was a National Healer, and he never imagined that Su Tao would actually have such a shameless side to him. However, he still held Su Tao’s intelligence in admiration. At the same time, he finally knew why Qin Jingyu nearly went insane because of Su Tao.

“It’s just cheap tricks. It’s still uncertain if he can win the game!” Wang Jiajia sneered.

The game was still going on in the court.

This time, Ning Yi was more cautious this time. He didn’t want to lose to a newbie. Su Tao might not be familiar with squash, but his reflex and flexibility far exceeded ordinary people.

When Ning Yi served the ball, he brought out his full strength this time. The ball ricochetted off the wall and was flying to Su Tao’s feet in a tricky angle. By controlling the distance and angle Su Tao could receive the ball, he wouldn’t have to take another ball in the face again.

The logic behind it was the same as football. If you want to shoot, you will need to build up momentum from running. If you were to kick the ball on the spot, the velocity would be weak.

However, Ning Yi had underestimated Su Tao’s physical ability. Su Tao stood in the spot as he received the ball, adding rotation to it. The ball was flying at Ning Yi’s face once more. Although Ning Yi was prepared this time, the ball was traveling too fast for him to dodge.

Once again, Ning Yi took a ball in his face. This time, he took the blow in his eyes, which sent a shock to his brain. He staggered from the shock before he collapsed onto the ground.

When the spectators outside saw this scene, all of them fell into silence. Su Tao did not even glance at Ning Yi as he picked up the ball and served it.

As Ning Yi was unconscious, he had no way of receiving the ball.

“Score!” Su Tao turned around gave Ni Jingqiu a victory pose.

“Holy shit! That works?!” Ye Sheng laughed.

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