Chapter 851 - Causing Trouble

The four of them went to a commercial clubhouse after their dinner.

Many commercial clubhouses can be found in Beijing. But with Ye Ling and Ni Jingqiu around, they naturally couldn’t visit those with a bad reputation. In the end, they came to a high-end clubhouse located at the west of the second circle. The service here was comprehensive. Aside from showers where genders were separated, all the activities could be participated by everyone.

Ye Ling was fond of playing squash. This sport was often seen in Korean dramas, so those in the high-end circle liked it.

Squash originated from England in the 19th Century. It was a sport that wasn’t restricted by season and weather.

Furthermore, squash had an advantage, unlike other ball-related sport. Almost all ball-related sport required a partner. But for squash, you can place by solo, duo, trio, and even quad.

Ye Ling seemed well-trained as she ran around with her mini-skirt. She was like a graceful butterfly gliding through the air. When she played a few rounds with Ni Jingqiu, anyone could tell that she had gone lenient on the latter. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Ni Jingqiu to follow her pace.

“Why don’t you have a round or two with me?” Ye Ling waved her hand at Su Tao. Standing beside Su Tao, Ye Sheng was gloating. Her sister was talented in sport, and she could even be considered at the professional level. Even he might not be a match for her sister.

“Let’s forget about that. I won’t wish to be trashed.” Su Tao was observing the match between Ye Ling and Ni Jingqiu. He had practically understood the rules and trick in this sport. He wasn’t terrified of being trashed by Ye Ling. She was a woman, and it would seem as if he was bullying her if he won.

“Boring!” Ye Ling rolled her eyes in disappointment before she waved her hand at her brother. “You play with me!”

In the end, Ye Sheng could only go up with a bitter smile. Shortly after, the sounds of rackets smacking against the ball could be heard echoing out.

Ni Jingqiu sat with Su Tao as she observed the match between the twins. Ye Sheng might be strong, but Ye Ling could always return fire just in time. As she watched, she suddenly smiled, “So Ye Ling went easy on me earlier. She’s pretty skilled in squash.”

“Everyone has their own strength and weakness. So why bother comparing your weakness with someone else’s strength?” Su Tao smiled.

“How surprising for you to praise someone.” Ni Jingqiu smiled.

“I’m just comforting myself. I definitely made the right choice by not playing with Ye Ling.” Su Tao shook his head.

“Damn it!” Ni Jingqiu snapped. But even so, she felt sweet in her heart.

But in the next second, her face sank. She turned her head around with disdain written on her face; she must have seen someone she loathed.

When Su Tao turned his head over, he saw a group of people walking into the court. There were Wang Xuan, Shu Haonan, and Gu Yang. Aside from those three, Su Tao even saw Huo Kun and his fiance, Wang Jiajia.

He sighed when he saw the newcomers. He now knew why Ni Jingqiu would react in this matter. Although she had broken up with Huo Kun, it was still inevitable for them to feel awkward when they met.

“Why don’t we leave?” Su Tao was considerate to Ni Jingqiu.

“Why should we leave?” Ni Jingqiu replied firmly. “He should be the one hiding from me.”

When Huo Kun saw his ex-fiance, cousins, and even the Demon King from his nightmare, Su Tao, his face turned pale. The lesson that Su Tao gave him was deeply etched into his memory. Furthermore, his mother was even removed from the family register for poisoning his uncle. So when Huo Kun felt conflicted when he saw Ni Jingqiu.

“Jiajia, why don’t we go somewhere else?” Huo Kun’s injuries might have recovered, but he still couldn’t participate in vigorous activities due to his leg. So his purpose of coming here was just to accompany his fiance.

“Big Brother Kun, relax! Are you afraid of Ni Jingqiu?” Wang Jiajia sneered. She naturally saw her ex-love rival.

“Why will I be afraid of her? I just feel that it might be awkward.” Huo Kun spoke against his heart. In truth, he was genuinely terrified of Su Tao.

“Wait and see how I’ll stand up for you!” Wang Jiajia snorted.

Huo Kun wanted to stop Wang Jiajia. But with her temper, things naturally went south with his persuasion. In the end, he could only toughen his scalps and chase after her.

Wang Xuan locked his brows together when he saw his cousin walking towards Su Tao and Ni Jingqiu. He had a hunch that things would get ugly tonight.

Wang Xuan had complaints about Su Tao in his heart. They had already discussed their cooperation, but Su Tao left all of a sudden. In the end, the loss in the first business made him felt depressed. Although he knew that it had nothing to do with Su Tao, he still felt his eyes prickling when he saw Su Tao.

However, falling out with the Ni and Ye Families wouldn’t benefit the Wang Family one bit. In the end, he could only follow behind.

Gu Yang naturally saw Su Tao. Women hold grudges, they say. She naturally remembered how Su Tao and Ye Sheng embarrassed her in the buffet restaurant back then. When she saw that things were about to turn ugly tonight, he smiled and looked at Shu Haonan, “Let’s go and watch a good show.”

Looking at Wang Jiajia coming over, Ni Jingqiu could only sigh and got up on her feet. She was looking at Wang Jiajia coldly.

“What a coincidence, Big Sister Jingqiu!” Wang Jiajia wore heavy makeup. She had also undergone plastic surgery, so her smile didn’t seem natural.

“Thre’s no need to greet me. After all, we can’t be considered friends.” Ni Jingqiu replied.

Wang Jiajia covered her mouth as she chuckled, “It’s true that we can’t consider being friends. Logically speaking, we should be love rivals instead. I have put in a lot of effort in chasing after Big Brother Kun in the past. Then again, I should thank you for giving him to me.”

Ever since Huo Kun’s family went down the hill, he no longer had any rights to show his arrogance. Standing by the side, he could only wear a forced smile.

“There’s no need to thank me. A scumbag meets a bitch, the two of you are pretty compatible with each other.” Ni Jingqiu sneered.

“You!” Wang Jiajia never expected that Ni Jingqiu would come right out at insulting her. “I heard from Big Brother Kun that you’re a boring woman, and that’s the reason why he left you. Well, he’s now living a joyful life. Aren’t you, darling?” Wang Jiajia turned to look at Huo Kun.

Just when Huo Kun wanted to go along with Wang Jiajia’s words, he saw Su Tao looking at him with a playful smile. Looking at Su Tao’s smile, he couldn’t help having a shiver down his spine and smiled bitterly, “Jiajia, let’s go. There’s no meaning in doing this.”

“Are you a man?! I’m here standing up for you!” Wang Jiajia raged with the brim of her eyes turning red.

“I know that you’re doing this for me. But that was already the past. There’s no need for us to dwell in the past, right? We must learn to look forward.” Huo Kun replied with an awkward smile.

“Of course you can feel at ease! But I’m a petty person. Since you’re my husband, I naturally have to fight for you!” Wang Jiajia snorted.

Huo Kun was placed in a difficult position by her words. He was standing beside Wang Jiajia dazing off into the air.

Just when he was about to speak, Wang Xuan and the rest came up. Throwing her temper, Wang Jiajia complained to Wang Xuan, “Cousin, she’s too much! She’s insulting me!”

Looking at Ni Jingqiu with indifference, Wang Xuan smiled, “Jingqiu, we’re all acquaintances here. Is there a need for you to insult others?”

“I’m not familiar with you guys!” Ni Jingqiu cast a glance at Wang Xuan before she sat down, ignoring him.

Wang Xuan snorted. He was ultimately a public figure. He was trying to converse with Ni Jingqiu nicely but only to be given the cold shoulder.

At this moment, Shu Haonan came and mediated, “We’re all here to enjoy ourselves. So there’s no need to make it unpleasant for everyone.”

Standing behind him, Gu Yang suggested with a smile, “Since we’re here to play squash, why don’t we settle this on a game of squash instead?”

Her words made Shu Haonan stunned before he sighed inwardly. It was totally a shitty idea. They couldn’t even sit down and have a nice chat. So how are they going to play a game of squash?

There was a 5’8” man standing beside Gu Yang. He looked grand with a chiselled face. Wearing a smile on his face, he nodded his head, “Competitive sportsmanship can often dispel disputes. I think that Big Sister Gu Yang’s idea is pretty good.”

Gu Yang was satisfied with the reply as she glanced at him. At the very least, she had not doted him for nought.

If Ni Jingqiu were paying attention, she would notice that the man was the one with Gu Yang in the washroom back at the restaurant.

“Ning Yi’s suggestion sounds good. Why don’t we have a friendly match? Why don’t we set up a bet between us? What do you guys think of ¥3,000,000?” Wang Xuan had a smug on his face. He knew that Ning Yi’s standard in squash and wanted to make Ni Jingqiu feel the pressure.

“I don’t think they have the guts to compete.” Wang Jiajia mocked.

“Isn’t it just ¥3,000,000? I believe it’s nothing for someone like Ms. Ni, right?” Gu Yang spoke in an unusual tone.

As Shu Haonan wanted to forge a good relationship with Su Tao, he persuaded, “Let’s just play by ourselves. What’s the point of competing?”

Gu Yang turned to stare daggers at Shu Haonan. She was wondering why was her man so fond of helping others instead of her.

“Shut up!” She growled.

When Ye Ling and Ye Sheng noticed that something was amiss outside the court, the twins came out.

When Ye Ling saw her cousin, her face became grim. As for Ye Sheng, he was fuming in anger and sneered, “What’s the matter? You guys want to cause trouble?”

Wang Xuan knew that Ye Sheng was well-known for being hotheaded in Beijing circle. He smiled, “It’s just a competition; there’s no need to get so tense about it.”

“Fuck off! Who doesn’t know that Ning Yi is a champion in squash? Are you guys not trying to bully us?” Ye Sheng immediately recognized Ning Yi. The Ning Family could be considered an influential figure, and Ning Yi was incredibly talented in squash. He obtained many championships as a professional player, but it was a pity that squash wasn’t a popular sport and wasn’t listed in Olympics. Otherwise, Ning Yi would definitely have an Olympic medal under his belt.

“Haha! At least you guys are sensible!” Gu Yang smiled. She had a smug on her face and continued, “Well, we won’t force you guys since you guys don’t have the guts since we have Ning Yi on our side.”

As she spoke, she gave a fearless wink at Ning Yi, which Ning Yi immediately avoided. He wasn’t as daring as Gu Yang to flirt when there were so many people around, not to mention that her fiancee was also here.

Although Gu Yang wasn’t particularly outstanding in her appearance, she had this slutty air around her that made Ning Yi felt excited. However, he knew that she was merely treating him as a boy toy.

“I’ll consider my loss if you guys can get a single point from me.” Ning Yi smiled.

Ning Yi was confident. He played with Ye Ling in the past, and he had gone easy on her. If he were serious, Ye Ling wouldn’t be able to take a single point for her.

When Ye Ling heard Ning Yi’s words, she knitted her brows together. She was furious about being looked down on and wanted to answer Ning Yi’s challenge.

But just when he was about to speak, Su Tao stood out first, “I’ll come with you!”

However, his words left Ni Jingiqu, Ye Ling, and Ye Sheng shocked in the next second. They knew that Su Tao had no experience in squash!

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